Plagiarism search tools comparison


To show the difference between the three options, we have put up a comparison list to spotlight the main differences. The biggest concern here is the automation of an assessment process and integration of similarity scan in your educational environment. We often hear from teachers who are exploring possibilities of using PlagiarismCheck for their schools, that they are currently searching for plagiarism manually or use some free software that is available online.

A great comparison of Chromebooks vs Windows

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I''m a huge believer and user of Chromebooks in education. Related: Chromebooks - definitely awesome for education Google Apps and Chromebooks resources for Education. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

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Growth Mindset Comparison for Educators

Think Through Math

Most educators have heard the cliché, “look before you leap.” Take a guided tour and see why educators everywhere love Think Through Math.

Comparison of Teachers vs. Students

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Are we as educators respecting our students concerns? But I'll be honest, as an educator, when I look at the following bullets I see the conformity needed for students to varied teacher whims being much harder than the teachers expectations.

Interactive whiteboards: A Comparison + Some Alternatives

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Many educators believe this interactive whiteboard technology enhances classroom learning with increased student engagement and focus. Guest Post By Matt Shufro Editor's Note: Too many schools are not smart when it comes to interactive whiteboards and other projection devices.

U.S. Adults Outperformed by Rest of Developed World in Numeracy, New Comparison Finds

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adults at each of the three recorded levels of education attainment had lower results than averages for the rest of the developed world. By comparison, the international averages at each level of education attainment were 237, 268, and 296 points, respectively.

Your classroom does not have to be Pinterest-worthy: Stay reflective on the WHY & avoid comparison

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I did it already, but mine looks amateurish in comparison. Oh hey, I have a set-up similar to that…but my handwriting is atrocious, and it’s not colorful, and basically my version looks like total crap in comparison. It was one of their few opportunities to see how other educators were doing things. So we hand wrote and handmade everything and it all looked pretty awful in comparison to today’s standards. Can I make a confession?

How To Effectively Use Educational Assessment Tools

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Quick Take: Overview of educational assessment tools focusing on Summative assessment and Formative assessment. A comparison of summative assessment and formative assessment. The main components of being an educator are preparation, teaching, and assessment.

Great collection of charts comparing EdTech tools

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This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. charts comparison free resources free technology for teachers

EdTech 165

Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

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My Own Chapter: M oving From Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0. Self-determined learning or heutagogy is fast gaining interest from educators around the world interested in an evidence-based approach to learning. Moving From Education 1.0

5 big ideas for education innovation in 2018

The Christensen Institute

Last year saw a flurry of activity in support of personalized learning, new school designs, and new approaches to K-12 education policy. Looking ahead, education innovators have their work cut out for them in 2018. Here are five ways I’m hoping the K-12 education innovation agenda moves forward in 2018: (1) Unpack “just-in-time supports.”. And when should educators scaffold them in? 5) Look internationally for disruptive plays in education.

The Digital Transformation of Literacy Education

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It has been exciting to see the focus shift to getting educators trained in the methodologies behind the science of reading. Once educators have the know-how, they can give students the skills, the rules and the ability to decode and understand the structure of language. By Tyson Smith.

Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom: A Guide for Educators


While it can be hard to keep up with every trend in educational technology, the mindset you have when it comes to classroom tech matters just as much as which ones you use. Read on to discover the impact of technology in education and how to get the most from its unique benefits.

The Failure of Fast Education


Over the last decade, as a rejection to a tired model of traditional higher education, new educational programs and structures have emerged. The new models of education take many forms. This failing is a direct result of fast education.

14 Education Advancements in a Year

Ask a Tech Teacher

The past decade saw significant improvements in the application of technology to learning and 2017 became a tipping point where embedding technology into education finally moved from fringe to mainstream, remaking classrooms in the image of the future. Education reform

Designing a Network of Education Innovation Clusters

Digital Promise

He is currently Practitioner in Residence at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Department of Education hosted the first national gathering of Education Innovation Clusters (“EICs”). Center on Reinventing Public Education.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Education Projector

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Considering an education projector for your classrooms or lecture hall? This useful tech has a long history of helping educators present content. There’s an abundance of education projector options to choose from. The use of TV-like displays for education is a recent trend.

Social Media in Education Resources and Guides

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Social Media is an incredible resource for education. Educators can learn, share, connect and more with educators from around the world. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy. facebook Google for Educators google plus social media twitter

Why we should leave behind the cookie-cutter education


So my comparison is somewhat invalid. Schools are supposed to offer all their students the best education. Leaving behind the cookie-cutter education… Learning is an organic process. It’s high time we should leave behind this cookie-cutter education.

The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation

The Hechinger Report

of Education, 2018. Education Department suddenly had a big pot of money to give away to “innovations” in education. a research and consulting firm that was hired to analyze the results of the Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund for the Department of Education.

The Education of an Android Teacher


Educating an android happens one conversation at a time. Such circumstances, he writes, will require that “education be considered a lifelong activity.” Barry did offer, however, that his tech partners hoped he would use Maria Bot to test his theories on philosophy and education.

Teachers grading students hinders education

The Christensen Institute

By way of comparison, the arrangement of having teachers act as both instructors and assessors is akin to asking the judges in a gymnastics competition to also coach the gymnasts leading up to the event, or asking a restaurant manager to conduct official food handling inspections at his restaurant. Yet, in education it is the norm to ask teachers to both coach their students and rate their students’ academic achievements.

Governor Christie’s Guide to Destroying a Great Education System #NJED

A Principal's Reflections

Both of my parents were public educators; my father an elementary principal in Hackettstown and my mother an elementary teacher in Flemington. They both touched lives and impacted kids like countless other NJ educators. NJED Chris Christie education reform NJDOE

System 312

Go compare

Learning with 'e's

My intention is to work through the alphabet of psychologists and provide a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. In my last post I examined Hermann Ebbinghaus work on memory and forgetting and its applications to education.

Social Media Guide and Resources for Educators

Educational Technology Guy

Social Media is an incredible resource for education. Educators can learn, share, connect and more with educators from around the world. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

West Meets East: Expert Teachers’ Best Practices


Despite some organizational problems, says reviewer Susan Schwartz, "West Meets East" offers many insights into the comparative teaching practices of Chinese and US teachers recognized for excellence and shows that educators have much they can learn from each other, wherever they may practice their profession.

What Can the “Simpsons” Teach Us about Educational Technology?

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Audrey Armitage at EdWeek draws a comparison between an episode of the Simpsons where the elementary school disastrously implements educational technology and Education Week’s recent Technology Counts 2015 report. A massive power surge destroys the new devices and leaves Springfield’s educators at a loss for effective instruction ideas.

Platzi Raises $6 Million to Bring More Online Education to Latin America


Gonzalez’s firm last invested in student services provider Chegg, but hadn’t found another education company that piqued his interest until his firm started talks with Platzi. and European Union, by comparison, that applies to about 60 percent of each area’s workforce.

Chegg 170

Higher education in India is moving ahead on the global stage.

Linways Technologies

Nation is in the initial stages of “higher education-massification” according to recent reports. India is closer than ever in reaching a Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 30% in higher education. GER is the proportion of 16- to 23-year-olds enrolled in higher education.

The dark side of education research: widespread bias

The Hechinger Report

Now, scholars are detecting the same type of biases in the education product industry — even in a federally curated collection of research that’s supposed to be of the highest quality. Higher Education. Related: The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation.

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Digital Citizenship: The Critical Call To Educate and Prepare 21st-Century Learners

EdNews Daily

As a society, it is our responsibility to ensure youth are fully aware as well as educated about digital citizenship. By comparison, teens who don’t access the Internet via mobile devices tend to go online less frequently. By: Robyn Shulman, M.Ed.

How ‘Reality-Based Education’ Could Transform Learning


The call for higher education innovation at SXSW EDU took the spotlight on the second day as entrepreneurs, school leaders and even Education Secretary Betsy DeVos made speeches throughout the day demanding changes to the system. Kicking off day two of the Austin-based education conference, keynote speaker Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College in Dallas, announced that he was starting a national network of urban work colleges where students must work to go to classes.

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A great lesson, exploring how websites have changed over time


I have made a simple comparison sheet for you: To extend the children, ask them WHY it has changed. education change edtech Internet Space Jam teaching tech technology time websitesWho remembers the film Space Jam?

What is G Suite for Education? | What You Need to Know! (FREE Download)

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The post What is G Suite for Education? What is G Suite for Education? Whether you are brand new to Google or a seasoned user, there are probably a few things you don’t know about G Suite for Education. What is G Suite for Education? What is G Suite for Education?

Virtual Reality: The Future of Classroom Education


Virtual reality is a versatile technology that has a broad range of applications, education being one of them. Virtual reality is transforming the textbook into a real-world scenario, and speeding up the learning process with proper implementation of 3D tools and virtual reality technology across educationally advancing schools and learning labs throughout the world. Game based education is another relevant technology which is more fun and engaging. Trending VR in Education