4 Ways to make sure the teachers in your school are properly trained


If a regular company would invest in its employees if it would work towards their advancement and education in order to have said employees achieve great results, why would a school be any different? It’s not the same if you’re training a first-grade teacher and an oil rig foreman.

How Can Data Analytics Change the Way Corporates Train?

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We already know that training is critical and data[1] says, companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee and 24% higher profit margin than companies.

The Runaway Train

A Principal's Reflections

Instead, it seems like it has everything to do with money and lining the pockets of companies in the areas of testing, teacher evaluation, and Common Core alignment. My hope is that we can slow down this train before it is too late.

7 Online Training Courses A New Employee Must Go Through

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Online training is an efficient and convenient method for new employees to quickly get up to speed when learning about the company that just hired them, and what they will be expected to do as a.

LMS Comparison: What Learning Solution is the Best Fit for Your Business?

How to evaluate the impact of online employee training?

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Savvy employers would be right to wonder how they can determine the quality of online learning once they have put recruits through the initial phases of onboarding and education about the company.

10 Companies Hiring Teachers Over the Summer

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If you are a teacher looking for a summer gig, or unique ways to make extra money over your break, please find 10 companies hiring now. Varsity Tutors is a nationally recognized company that connects students with personalized tutoring services in both academic and test prep subject areas.

Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

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Her talent won her an internship with a company in Atlanta (she telecommuted as a sophomore and junior in high school.) 5 Ways to Teach Students to Think From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

A Bootcamp Down Under: Trilogy Education Extends University Tech Training Globally


As technology companies from Google to Salesforce plant roots in Australia, government and business leaders down under are trying to figure out ways to train students and workers to keep up with a changing workforce. company thinks it can help prepare the country’s future programmers. Trilogy Education Services announced today that it is expanding its services to help Monash University in Melbourne, Australia launch a bootcamp-style tech training program.

5 Key Ways to Improve Your Franchise Training


John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s believes that the key to the success of his company has been that they have tried to “operate with small business mentality” since they see the business “as one store, repeated 4,800 times.”. Regular training is the most effective.

5 reasons why our employees complete safety training online

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School districts have many requirements to meet, and for each of these requirements, there’s a company (or multiple companies!) Staff safety training is no exception. Online training is more convenient. It increased our access to more diverse training courses.

The history of training in US companies

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The role of education and training in the US correlates to the management practices that have developed over the last century. In the US, the labor movement developed apprenticeships so that the burden of training in a Union shop was carried mostly by the union. There are still these management training type of programs in large multinational companies. However, as manufacturing became more specialized, more specialized training was needed.

As Tech Companies Hire More Liberal Arts Majors, More Students Are Choosing STEM Degrees


Companies specializing in this area focus on connecting talent to opportunity, and startup accelerator LearnLaunch estimates more than 240 such companies have already been funded. But those fragmented solutions and companies haven’t yet solved the challenges they think exist. And major tech companies including Google and Apple recently announced that employees are no longer required to have a degree on their resume.

Schools Can Train the Next Batch of Cybersecurity Pros

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Schools Can Train the Next Batch of Cybersecurity Pros. Nationwide, a company called CodeHS teaches an ethical ­hacking course so that high school ­students can learn the ins and outs of cybersecurity practices. eli.zimmerman_9856. Tue, 09/25/2018 - 12:37.

How do schools train for a workplace that doesn’t exist yet?

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He asks: Not knowing what tasks will be automated or what future jobs will look like, how do schools train for a workplace that does not yet exist? Carnevale says that internships are a great way for companies to offer students a chance to get both a taste of a career and pick up new skills.

LinkedIn spends $1 billion on education company to improve skill training

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LinkedIn to acquire lynda.com to better connect the global workforce, says company. Eventually it hopes to “map the global workforce” by creating profiles for each company, and job within that company, as well as the skill sets required to obtain those jobs.

Should Teachers Take Cash from Edtech Companies?


When she was in the classroom, Jenny Herrera remembers feeling resentful whenever the school principal would email teachers telling them they needed to stay after school to give feedback to edtech companies. The ethics of teachers advising and working with edtech companies received a lot of attention when the New York Times published a piece on the subject last fall. So from a company side, pilots can work, but I think it needs to happen much earlier.”

Not Your Grandfather's Corporate Training: 5 Trends Changing Workforce Learning


The teams usually responsible for corporate learning within companies, human resources, are also undergoing a period of change as they identify areas where they need to come up to speed to deliver the most tangible results for their companies. Learning Professionals Are Now Becoming Specialists The industry has recognised a need for corporate learning professionals to be highly qualified and experienced in their specific area rather than possessing general knowledge on training.

Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated

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Companies Invest in Preparing K–12 Students as Older Sectors Become Tech Integrated. Increased STEM funding from private companies comes as Americans raise concerns over the attention science, technology, engineering and math classes get in the U.S.

Do Tech Companies Need To Step Up Their Accessibility Game?

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Source: Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics Technology was not designed by or for those with disabilities.

Tech Training and Apprenticeship Startup Kenzie Academy Raises $4.2M


But a series of closures have raised questions about whether these short-term skills-training programs are can be financially sustainable—or deliver results for students and investors. Now Kenzie Academy , a tech training and apprenticeship program, wants to usher in a new era of skills training programs—and has raised a $4.2 For starters, thesecond year of the program is an apprenticeship, where students work in Kenzie Studio, the company’s consulting arm.

Dear Liberal Arts Major: STEM Companies Need Your Skills to Grow


But instead of a classroom, Wolochow now works on the Silicon Valley campus of a company that’s using technology to make learning more accessible to people throughout the world. More companies in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—or STEM—fields are hiring workers with liberal arts backgrounds, according to a recent report. “It’s Wong worked at several fintech firms before joining the mobile payments company.

3 Ways a Company Can Personalize Its Support for Teachers


But what does it mean for a company to personalize its support for the teachers who use its product? School leader, Jordan Silvestri and Kiddom representative, Melissa Giroux, describe what it takes for an edtech company to deliver the kind of personalized experience to its customers that teachers give to their students. Companies, too, need to build that kind of inquiry into every step of their work with educators. Education is awash with efforts to personalize learning.

G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension

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G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension Awhile back Google bought a company, Synergyse, that integrates G Suite training into the Google Apps. The post G Suite Google Apps Training Chrome Extension appeared first on Teacher Tech. Using Gmail, Google Drive, etc… tutorials will pop up directing you through how to use the product. This is really important so we can allow teachers to be more knowledgeable of using […].

Tech Needs More Than Coders. This Bootcamp Will Train Sales Chops (and Even Pay For It)


Yet just as vital to a tech company’s growth is the ability to sell. “It Building out a high-performing sales team—from the top executive to the sales reps at the frontlines—is a priority for any early-stage company looking to grow. Two years ago, he raised a $600,000 seed round and launched Sales Bootcamp , a three-month program that aims to prepare people with little or no sales experience for entry-level jobs at tech companies.

Unemployment, training, and education

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I watched an episode of Moyers & Company yesterday in which the Conservative Expert divided the US into three types of people, those with a university education who were successful, those that were poor and dependent upon the "welfare state", and the "middle class" with a high school diploma who were loosing ground in our economy. He repeated the often heard call to education in Science and Technology as we had openings in the US for these jobs that companies could not fill.

Does Your Company Really Need AI? Stanford Executive Course Aims to Demystify the Hype


Artificial intelligence has become a ubiquitous buzzword for tech companies these days, but even though all kinds of founders and CEOs say their product is infused with AI, the meaning of the term varies from advanced machine learning to a smart spreadsheet.

MIT Moves Beyond the MOOC to Court Companies, Professional Learners


Providing courses to companies, and adults not enrolled in a full-time degree program, has long been a way for universities to extend their reach (and pockets) beyond the physical lecture hall. Now, as MOOCs have evolved to court professional audiences , so too have MIT’s efforts to harness companies and organizations. We have always worked with corporations and companies, it’s part of the DNA here at MIT in terms of our research and innovation,” says Piloto.


As US Tech Companies Look to Mexico, Coding Bootcamps Follow


companies to plant roots in Mexico, where lower wages and loose regulations have allured manufacturers for years. the Washington Post reported on the tech boom south of the border, with major global companies like IBM, Oracle and Intel setting up shop in Guadalajara, also known as country’s “Digital Creative City.”. Where technology jobs go, tech training seems to follow. 95 course providers —was largely driven to fill openings at tech companies.

?How Edtech Companies Are Getting a Foothold in the Classroom


An answer to that lies in the partnerships between companies and the schools they sell to. companies ranging from robotics to assessment tools showed up to share how they plan to bridge this gap. Here are some of the ways edtech companies say they are working with educators to create—and sell—products that succeed in the marketplace and the classroom. PioNears are educators and edtech leaders who represent Nearpod at conferences, trainings and other events across the country.

Sales Tips: How Staying on Top of the News Can Help You Close Sales


Sales Tips: How Staying on Top of the News Can Help You Close Sales. By Drew Steigerwald, Co-Founder of 1440 daily news digest. Creative Commons photo: Source.

How Boundaries Between Colleges and Companies Will Continue to Blur


EdSurge sat down with Gallagher during the ASU+GSV Summit in May to learn about why he predicts that when it comes to education, the line between colleges and companies will continue to blur. EdSurge: You recently tweeted that you’re interested in blurring the boundaries between traditional higher education and trainings that happen in the workplace. But then there’s also this segment that’s always been adjacent that used to be called corporate training.

?5 Things Community College Administrators Wish Edtech Companies Would Do


Des Moines Area Community College in Iowa echoes Teti’s wish, but says edtech companies need to look beyond traditional higher-ed models and think about what kinds of problems two-year institutions and trade schools face. Community College Research Center assistant director Melinda Karp, edtech companies will try to make schools fit their products, rather than helping schools find the right tools or programs that meet their exact needs.

This Company Wants to Gather Student Brainwave Data to Measure ‘Engagement’


The company says it has a working prototype and is in conversations with a Long Island school to pilot the headset. The company’s CEO has said that BrainCo aims to develop a tool that can translate thoughts directly into text, or “brain typing.” To support that work, the company plans to use data collected from students using its headsets to compile “the world’s largest brainwave database.” But the company has also faced less enthusiastic reviews.

High school program trains the next generation of IT leaders

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Tucked away in a corner of Laurel High School in a couple of storage rooms turned into computer labs, Michael Hines is training the next generation of information technology workers.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools Partners with PublicSchoolWORKS to Provide Employees with Online Staff Safety Training


The Five Star District is not new to online staff training, however. The district chose PublicSchoolWORKS because of its increased offerings and its outstanding customer service after having access to free online staff safety training when it was a member of the Adams County BOCES.

Partnership Pairs Chromebooks with Teacher Training


The two education companies recently partnered to deliver competitively priced technology and opportunities for professional development to educators across North America. EdTechTeam offers a catalogue of 182 one-day workshops and customized training plans.