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5 Home and Smart Phone Filtering Options for Parents

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They were not a Disney company, but Disney purchased them in the last 18 months. Again, I think the way it works — from the technology behind the scenes — I don’t feel like I’ve seen any slowdown whatsoever with any of them.

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Eyeing More Deals, 2U Raises $331 Million From Latest Public Offering


That’s how much the Landham, Maryland-based company raised through its latest public offering of common stock this week. He’s referring to the South Africa-based company that works with universities to build short online courses, which 2U purchased for $103 million in May 2017. He was vague on what the company is eyeing next, only saying that “technologies and services that support our students and improve our core business is critical.”

Helping Teachers Provide a Deeper Reading Experience

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Editor’s note: This is one in a series of profiles about the men and women who are creating today’s EdTech companies. A lightbulb went off in their heads, “We figured out how to use technology to help teachers provide a deeper reading experience to all students. Joins National Digital Learning Day Celebration with Classroom Lessons and Resources


The lessons are available for download at Digital Learning Day is a national celebration that promotes the importance of creating new learning opportunities for students through the use of technology. Digital Learning Day isn’t just about technology.

6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

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Leah, today, we’re going to talk about how to use technology to make science more exciting and more effective. So, Leah, what’s your first idea for using technology to engage kids in science? Is technology a distraction? Can we have a fifth idea for technology and science?

Here’s Why Teachers Adopt New Tech — and Why They Don’t


I can’t count the number of technological tools that were marketed directly to me during my 14-year teaching career. You see, as a high school English teacher working more than 50-hour weeks, I just didn’t have the time to invest in new technology.

Transcription and Accessibility—New Partnerships from Microsoft and Amazon


On the heels of one another, two tech titans recently announced higher-education partnerships that leverage transcription technology to make educational materials more accessible to a broader swath of learners. On April 5, Microsoft announced a partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. The partnership’s primary aim is to support students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The company says its transcription technology is also useful at a broader level.

EdTech and the accessibility paradox

The Christensen Institute

That’s given Cox a front seat to a new movement in education, which calls for recreating classrooms in a manner that supports learning for each child. These efforts, however, may be thwarted by how EdTech companies go about building software tools and by the current compliance-driven attitude that many curriculum providers take toward meeting the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 , which ensures software and website accessibility to people with disabilities.

Half of school leaders expect significant impact from ESSA

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New survey reveals how school leaders feel about policy, tech-supported learning. The survey asked school leaders to rank on a scale of 1-5 their largest challenges when it comes to equitably implementing best practices in technology-supported learning.

Beyond the Test: How Have We Learned This Decade?


This op-ed is part of a series of reflections on the past decade in education technology. The quiz seems deceptively easy: The past decade has seen literally hundreds of technologies and ideas emerge, many aimed at engaging or involving K-12 students and supporting student learning.

Why Solving the Teacher Shortage Is Critical for Edtech


This issue has many implications for student learning, but one that is often overlooked is that a shortage of qualified instructors can have a crippling effect on a school district’s ability to implement technology effectively. While technology can address a variety of education challenges, the misuse of it can be disruptive to learning. Implementing school or district technology programs with fidelity is hard enough with one, consistent group of teachers.

3 Things Great Teachers Do

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Sometimes (it’s) leading from the front, but most of the times, (I’m) supporting from the back, and giving them a platform to showcase and to do things. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

With $14M Fundraise, Noodle Wants Colleges to ‘Pick and Choose’ How They Build Online Programs


As more nonprofit colleges and universities bet their futures on online offerings, many are turning to for-profit companies to help create and advertise their new digital degree programs. Prior to founding Noodle Companies in 2010, the holding company for Noodle Partners and three other organizations, he started 2U, a provider of OPM services for colleges. There, he helped 2U raise nearly $100 million, and left shortly before the company went public.

Classroom Tech Can Drive Student Engagement—But Schools Need to Choose Wisely


When Logan City School District knocked down most of their aging red brick high school, they remodeled and rebuilt their way to a two-story, technology-infused learning center. Wait, TVs to Support Collaboration? TED Talk: Why Technology Can’t Fix Education.

3 Things Great Teachers Do

The CoolCatTeacher

They support single sign-on with Google and Clever. Sometimes (it’s) leading from the front, but most of the times, (I’m) supporting from the back, and giving them a platform to showcase and to do things.

Cengage sees digital outpace textbook sales for first time

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“Fiscal 2016 marks an important milestone for Cengage Learning as we transition from a traditional print publisher to a digital education company,” said Michael Hansen, Chief Executive Officer at Cengage Learning.

3 Questions That Still Boggle Educators, Technologists and Researchers


That was one of many questions posed at CRESST CON , an annual conference for those working at the intersection of education, technology and research. billion in 2014, but the proportion of total dollars allocated to technology reached only $2.9 billion in companies building education products, but this is a far cry below the money invested in other markets like computers and software, $115.7 Will technology replace human engagement in student learning?

A Professional Development Alternative

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There was a limited amount of follow-up support, and that support had to be initiated by the teacher’s request. It is a great business education conference, rather than educators, it is made up of people representing the companies within the education technology publishers’ community. They provide the technology, systems, applications, programs, and consulting that schools purchase throughout the year. Supports collaboration, typically in job-embedded contexts.

Activate Instruction migrates content to Gooru

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As the public education system evolves toward supporting students’ personalized needs, online learning tools have emerged that allow teachers to customize instruction. Free, personalized online tool makes high-quality content available to all users.

We Asked Teachers What They Want From Edtech. Here’s What They Said.


From IBM’s test scoring machines in the 1930s to the Speak & Spells of the 70s, innovators and educators have been trying to improve education with technology for decades. When districts invest in new instructional technology, many teachers find that at first their students are quiet and focused, clicking away on activities aligned to their instructional needs. It’s no wonder that only 58% of teachers are comfortable using technology in class.

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Ambient learning

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Companies that ignore it do so at their peril. Ambient learning also relates to people adapting their technologies and environments to suit their working practices.

Panasonic expands SOLID SHINE projector series

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Laser technology holds tremendous promise for projection technology, improving efficiency, performance and delivering costs savings through maintenance-free operation. Vice President, Visual & Imaging Business Operations, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. “In

Learning Technologies and Creativity in the Classroom


If newer technologies can foster creativity in students then educators must seriously think about how they can incorporate them into their classroom teaching strategies. Introducing technology into classrooms will not suddenly produce a hive of creative activity all by itself.

What is digital learning?

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Over the next two weeks I''m in New Zealand, doing a series of keynote presentations to teachers on the future of education and technology supported learning. We live in unprecedented times where everything technology touches grows exponentially.

Cook up your Communication with Parents using Google!


The fluency of Google even allows you to easily connect other core applications with minimal clicks here so it becomes a great platform to showcase student work or connect valuable resources for parent support. An inserted comment here and there in a child’s Google Doc can go a long way to tightening the connections between home and school and expanding the community of support and encouragement for a child. We all know that palette feels better with good company!

Can Foreign Language Immersion Be Taught Effectively Online?


As a brand-new program in just 10 pilot schools, the curriculum has been developed in tandem with Middlebury’s online content, so that two teachers can move between the 10 schools supporting students who are doing much of their learning online.

9 Ways To Help Students Learn Through Their Mistakes

TeachThought - Learn better.

Ed note: This post is promoted by bettermarks, a company looking for teachers to beta test their adaptive Math software. This root cause analysis in connection with targeted individual support is the best way to change thought patterns and prevent students from making the same mistake again.

The 2 Biggest Barriers To Learning in Modern Schools - Consideration 7

The Innovative Educator

It used to be that 1:1 technology access was a novelty. Furthermore with companies like Neverware which can turn most any old device into a high-speed Chromebook, cost and tech support are no longer the barriers they once were.

Migrating to Cloud-Based Online Tool Suites Is a No-Brainer for School Districts

The 21st Century Principal

Would your school district like to save money and cut down on technology-related and technology support costs? However, if the truth be known, companies like Google have much better resources for maintaining the security of data than school districts. It just makes sense to allow a larger company who make it their business to keep data secure and store it.

The future is a big place

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On this occasion the economy, science and innovation, technology supported education and training, healthcare, globalisation, technology enhanced humans, world population trends, gender and race issues all came under scrutiny. A lot of soul searching is going on inside companies.

Are we more intelligent?

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This is part 2 of the series on technological futures. When discussing the future, especially the future of technology, there are some writers who almost always seem to be quoted. So the future of technology supported learning is uncertain and contested.

We Asked Teachers What They Want From Edtech. Here’s What They Said.


From IBM’s test scoring machines in the 1930s to the Speak & Spells of the 70s, innovators and educators have been trying to improve education with technology for decades. When districts invest in new instructional technology,f many teachers find that at first their students are quiet and focused, clicking away on activities aligned to their instructional needs. It’s no wonder that only 58% of teachers are comfortable using technology in class.

It’s About the Learning, Not the Technology … Until It Breaks

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Providing technical support for a large fleet of devices that travel between school and home is no simple task. Management and support of technology is a lot like managing and caring for people. Technology is much the same. The advantage with technology is that it’s easier to uninstall/reinstall or swap out parts! So, how do we deal with the challenge of managing the “health” of our school’s or district’s technology?

#40years of educational technology: The moving image

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When I first started working in educational technology 40 years ago , the discipline was very new and none of us really knew where we were headed with it, but it was advancing rapidly. You could say we were pioneers in the field of technology supported learning.