Classroom Tech Can Drive Student Engagement—But Schools Need to Choose Wisely


The district loaded up on engaging tools to help teachers and students connect and collaborate—TVs in classrooms, whiteboarding devices, and wireless HDMI to name a few. Serendipity struck when Vivi , an Australia-based classroom engagement solution, reached out to Rugg offering a demo.

How Smart UX Design Turbocharges Student Engagement


Many of them have been immersed in apps and digital games featuring engaging user experience, or UX, since before they could read. To captivate these students, educational technology has to be more than just a container for instructional content—it has to offer the same level of engagement as the consumer apps they’re used to—in other words, a seamless and enticing UX. As every teacher knows, students are most comfortable when education doesn’t feel like an onerous task.

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A Student Improved a Classroom Tech Solution—So the Company Hired Him


Tom Sargent, the information technology administrator at the King David School outside of Melbourne, had seen students try to tweak the school’s technology systems before. Students will try nearly anything to get around the systems,” says Sargent. “I

A Siri for Higher Ed Aims to Boost Student Engagement


When third-year students in strategy classes at BI Norwegian Business School have a question about their assignments next semester, odds are a robot will provide their answer. A chatbot—a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation—will respond to routine student inquiries and prompt students to complete assignments, mimicking some of the tasks of a teaching assistant. Students have a lot of the same questions over and over again.

15 ways to use Snapchat in classes and schools

Ditch That Textbook

Companies are starting to flock to Snapchat. Ed Tech digital citizenship edtech educational technology snapchat social media student engagementMcDonald’s and Taco Bell are using it to get Snapchatters interested in their products.

Student Engagement Platform ClearScholar Raises $1.25M in Seed Round


How do you engage university students, hear their concerns, and give them both the information that they need and want? But one company thinks it has figured it out, and it’s been rewarded with a few extra dollar signs to prove it. ClearScholar , a student engagement platform where students can receive notifications, store information and virtually interact with their university, today announced it has received $1.25

Coronavirus FAQ: Everything Schools and Companies Need and Want to Know


Over the past weeks, readers have asked us many questions about the impact of the coronavirus on education in many different areas, from admissions to advice for young children, from salaries to student privacy and whether school closures actually work.

5 Tips for Integrating Ed-Tech Into Students’ Daily Lives

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Although I personally believe the most effective solutions can draw on both approaches, it’s clear to me that software intended for students must be evolutionary as we consider the logistics of integrating technology in students’ daily lives. What hardware do students use?

Want to Boost Reading Scores? Build Silent Reading Stamina.


It’s not because these students and teachers have a peculiar penchant for fetid footsies. Rather, Stinky Feet Day is the students’ hard-earned reward for reaching new benchmarks in silent reading. In 2018, Golden Grove’s Hispanic students’ PYG average was 1.17; for ESE (i.e.,

This Tool Helps Teachers Integrate Digital Content Into Their Curriculum


Teachers know what it takes to guide students toward success. But it takes hefty behind-the-scenes work to find high-quality content and adapt it to multiple ability levels and learning styles while also piquing student interest. What’s the key benefit to students?

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How a Focus on Daily Improvement Helped This District Surpass Its Growth Goals


For example, just 27 percent of Paragould’s middle school students scored proficient in math, compared with a statewide average higher than 40 percent. Aiming to hit that target, district leaders established a clear plan: Identify the learning gaps for each student.

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Vetting Social Studies Resources Is Important. And Hard. Here’s How to Do It Well.


Multiple-choice assessments still drive a great deal of what schools teach in social studies, and unfortunately many students become disillusioned with a subject in which accumulating knowledge and memorizing information is emphasized because that’s what counts on standardized tests.

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This Teacher Makes Financial Literacy Personal for Students


Fast forward two decades and Prester is a popular business and technology teacher at Mansfield High School in Massachusetts, working to give students real-life financial skills. Her Personal Finance classes always reach their 28 student capacity.) There's a company called W!se

How This Teacher Brings Census Data to Life in the Classroom


Steve Kahlfeldt wants his students to grasp how the census impacts them right now, not in some far-off future. That money also impacts staffing and resources for at-risk and special needs students. EdSurge: Why is it essential for educators to talk about the census with students?

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Why Podcasting Is #Trending Since 'Serial' and Why Your Class Should Be Doing It


As the CEO of Listenwise , a listening skill-building company, and the host of the Student Podcast PODCAST , I am seeing the podcasting landscape in education explode. Over six thousand classes submitted podcast entries to the 2018 NPR Student Podcast Challenge.

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Serving Mixed Ages Is Hard. Here’s How One Child Care Provider Makes it Work.


As she puts it, she was “leaving a cushion”—a steady job she’d held for 10 years at an e-commerce company in New York—“for a question mark”—running a child care program out of her home. Education Technology Student Engagement Workforce Training Professional Development

How to Engage Your Students With the 12-Minute Rule and Quizzes They’re Meant to Fail


So are most of the students taking the cultural competency quiz Professor John Branch gives out near the beginning of his MBA-level International Marketing class at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. The average student gets just two of the ten questions right.

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How to Boost Classroom Engagement With the Tech Tool That 'Always Works'


She tried several options before jumping on a free trial of the wireless video streaming and screen mirroring technology by Vivi, an education-focused company founded in Australia. Teachers now can actually sit with their students for instruction.” Where they used to sit in the back corner and just kind of talk at their students, now they can sit with their students. Teachers and students are now completely interacting through the instruction.

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Free Range Teaching and the Technology Teachers ‘Beg For’


Australian educator Lauren Sayer has been thrilled to see it move her class in a new, student-driven direction. “As I can ask that student to bring it up on the screen, and everybody can see it straight away and we can have a discussion,” she explains.

In These Divisive Times, Program Pairs Students with Refugees Around the World


In Jill Armstrong’s social studies classes, when students learn about other countries, they don’t just learn from textbooks and news articles, which she says can seem abstract and elusive to teenagers. Case in point: About once a week for the last several months, Armstrong’s humanities students have participated in an hour-long conversation with Ghenwah Kharbeet, a 28-year-old Syrian refugee—only, the students are in class in the tiny town of Greenup, Ky.,

This Company Wants to Gather Student Brainwave Data to Measure ‘Engagement’


Students sit at desks wearing electronic headbands that report EEG data back to a teacher’s dashboard, and that information purports to measure students’ attention levels. The video’s narrator explains: “School administrators can use big data analysis to determine when students are better able to concentrate.” The company says it has a working prototype and is in conversations with a Long Island school to pilot the headset. students.

Library 2.0 Sponsored Webinar - "Student Engagement Through Library-led Gamification" with Tasha Squires

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Presents: "Student Engagement Through Library-led Gamification" With: Tasha Squires Learning Resource Center Teacher at O’Neill Middle School Library Date + Time: Wednesday, August 17th 10am EST for one hour (Click on the time link to see the event time in your own time zone.)

How Do We Get More Girls Into STEM? Build Confidence (and Robots)


In fact, a recent study found that investors may even prefer companies with more women in the workforce. Although many organizations and companies are making strides toward solutions for this society-wide concern, improvements just aren’t coming fast enough.

What’s It Like Tutoring for VIPKID, the Chinese Company That Just Raised $200 Million?


Mabry is one of the 20,000 educators working for VIPKID , China’s largest online English tutoring company. The Beijing-based company has now raised a total of $325 million.). Founded in 2013, VIPKID can best be described as a sort of Yelp for Chinese students seeking North American English teachers. At the scheduled time, the teacher and student engage in a live video chat for the lesson, after which the teacher can give parents feedback on their child’s progress.

New Research Proves Game-Based Learning Works—Here's Why That Matters


students who played edgames outperformed their peers on standardized tests. Now a soon-to-be released study from Vanderbilt University demonstrates the impact of rigorous, peer reviewed research into curricular tools, in this case showing that students who played edgames outperformed their peers on standardized tests. There are a lot of opinions and fads in education, and they are not serving students well. “In Founding a company based on research results.

How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos


Today’s students generally want deeper or more nuanced information from their professors,” he says. Today’s students generally want deeper or more nuanced information from their professors. These are now accessible to Course Hero members on the company’s YouTube channel. “We

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What Schools Can Learn from Google About Nurturing Creativity


In Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, author Daniel Pink writes about radical practices implemented by Australian software company Atlassian and search engine giant Google that have taught us a lot about what really motivates […]. Edudemic Favorites Trends creative development Google Classroom project-based learning student engagementWhat motivates people to work? Most people would say money, and those people would only be partially correct.

Three Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Educators and Learning Scientists


As technology use has increased in schools, so has the breadth of innovations aimed at improving learning—for example, by personalizing to the needs of each student. In order to fully leverage research to improve learning outcomes for all students, we must fundamentally shift the relationship between learning research and educational practice. We are learning how affect and social engagement are integral to the learning process.

How Digital Textbooks, Tech-Friendly Furniture, and Better Data Are Boosting Engagement at Community Colleges


When Jenny Billings piloted a digital textbook class and saw an immediate increase in engagement and retention after just one semester, she thought it must be a fluke. In many cases, the use of digital tools, platforms, and applications has helped to boost student engagement, grow pass rates, and increase retention. RCCC’s e-Text initiative has saved students up to 50 percent on the cost of their course materials, and has increased classroom engagement and retention.

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To Boost Engagement, Give Tech Savvy Students Interactive Content


As students’ digital literacy grows, schools must match or surpass the level of technology students use outside of the classroom. Offering these multimedia learning environments aren’t just add-on services for colleges; they’re now a necessity to meet students’ expectations—and keep them engaged. Hinds Community College , has observed a shift in the learning needs of students over the last decade as their technology competency has exponentially increased.

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“Whether you’re a teacher in Kenya, Vietnam or the US, we all face similar challenges with student engagement. We may have different connectivity issues or cultures, but the actual process of teaching and learning is very similar.” – Sonja Delafosse, USA 

Daily Edventures

Soon, Delafosse noticed that when she used the internet to post her students’ work and assignments, good things happened. Students stayed on track and parents stayed closely connected,” she notes. Students had to work really hard to fail my class.”. Sonja Delafosse.

Personalized learning: Enabling student voice and choice through projects

FETC Converge

Addressing four teenagers standing at the front of the classroom, Gary Hook, a history teacher at Nashville Big Picture High School, told them, “I’m going to give you $100,000 for 20 percent equity in the company. ” A panel of four additional 11th-grade teachers sat beside Hook, and each of them took turns making different investment offers based on the product, potential revenue, and investment request that the students initially pitched.

Using LinkedIn in the Classroom

Saving Socrates

We tell our students that life is one large resume. Even with all this explaining, rarely do our students internalize this because they have trouble really seeing it. How do we get students to see their actions have consequences without creating a system that discourages creativity and encourages students to do things for those immediate rewards instead of an intrinsic motivation? That every action they perform has consequences.

Research Finds Online Service Providers Boost Program Enrollment


Universities that contract with an online program management company tend to outperform those that go it on their own. Traditionally, the report noted, OPM companies have signed long-term contracts with schools, incorporating investments in new online programs.

Course 311

What Really Engages Students

The CoolCatTeacher

Heather Wolpert-Gawron talks about current research From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Heather Wolpert-Gawron surveyed over two thousand students from every US state and type of school to find out what engages them in learning.