How Do We Get More Girls Into STEM? Build Confidence (and Robots)


With careers of the future heavily concentrated in STEM fields, it’s unacceptable for women to be left out of the space. Not only do employers need to have the largest possible pool of qualified STEM workers to succeed, business outcomes improve with a diverse workforce.

A Student Improved a Classroom Tech Solution—So the Company Hired Him


Tom Sargent, the information technology administrator at the King David School outside of Melbourne, had seen students try to tweak the school’s technology systems before. Students will try nearly anything to get around the systems,” says Sargent. “I

How Humor and Storytelling Help Foster STEM Engagement

While these types of projects can be fun in their own right, adding a story and humor to the lesson increases overall student engagement. This storytelling pathway to a lesson creates a more reliable connection between the student and the subject.


How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos


Today’s students generally want deeper or more nuanced information from their professors,” he says. Today’s students generally want deeper or more nuanced information from their professors. These are now accessible to Course Hero members on the company’s YouTube channel. “We

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This Teacher Makes Financial Literacy Personal for Students


Fast forward two decades and Prester is a popular business and technology teacher at Mansfield High School in Massachusetts, working to give students real-life financial skills. Her Personal Finance classes always reach their 28 student capacity.) There's a company called W!se

How to Boost Classroom Engagement With the Tech Tool That 'Always Works'


She tried several options before jumping on a free trial of the wireless video streaming and screen mirroring technology by Vivi, an education-focused company founded in Australia. Teachers now can actually sit with their students for instruction.” Where they used to sit in the back corner and just kind of talk at their students, now they can sit with their students. Teachers and students are now completely interacting through the instruction.

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New Research Proves Game-Based Learning Works—Here's Why That Matters


students who played edgames outperformed their peers on standardized tests. Now a soon-to-be released study from Vanderbilt University demonstrates the impact of rigorous, peer reviewed research into curricular tools, in this case showing that students who played edgames outperformed their peers on standardized tests. There are a lot of opinions and fads in education, and they are not serving students well. “In Founding a company based on research results.

Three Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Educators and Learning Scientists


As technology use has increased in schools, so has the breadth of innovations aimed at improving learning—for example, by personalizing to the needs of each student. In order to fully leverage research to improve learning outcomes for all students, we must fundamentally shift the relationship between learning research and educational practice. We are learning how affect and social engagement are integral to the learning process.

Global STEM Alliance is Encouraging Students to be a New Kind of Billionaire


In order to combat this issue the NYAS’ Global STEM Alliance (GSA), in partnership with the Aspen Institute , created the Social Impact Challenge to encourage the brightest STEM students around the world to become billionaires—but not in the traditional understanding of the word. If each student engages in a social impact action pledge and touches ten to a thousand people each, we will soon be at 1 billion people that we can influence for social good.”.

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Boxlight to Host Third Annual “Boxlight STEM Day” on November 8


– Between 2005 and 2015, STEM employment grew by 24.4 percent, over five times more than non-STEM employment over the same period. This means the majority of new jobs will be in STEM fields, and educators have to prepare students for a workforce that will be vastly different from today.


Save Money on Easy, Awesome Science Projects

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Everything comes in the box and you’re ready to engage your students. Additionally, I’ll share information on engaging students in hands-on science learning. We selected some kits to get students excited about matter and also sustainability and water.

Visual Math Brightens the Future of the STEM Workforce

MIND Research Institute

As a father who’s watched three daughters grow and learn, I’ve realized that qualities like rigor and perseverance are not only for preparing students to take tests. This neuroscience and social benefit organization is transforming the way students engage with mathematics and support their interests in other STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields — the industries that are building a brighter future for us all.


Texas’ Richardson Independent School District Selects Discovery Education to Support New STEM Education Initiative


- Unique Digital Content Combined with Sustained Professional Development to Help Create Vibrant Culture of STEM in Participating Schools - Silver Spring, Md. Through the “Future Ready: STEM for All” initiative, RISD seeks to transform the Berkner Feeder Pattern’s culture and pedagogy.


Florida’s Franklin County School District and Discovery Education Team Up on New Effort to Engage Students in STEM Education


- Discovery Education’s Award-Winning Digital Resources and Innovative Professional Learning System to Support the Creation of a Culture of STEM Teaching and Learning Districtwide- Silver Spring, Md. Inspired by the global media company Discovery Inc.,


California’s Beaumont Unified School District Selects Discovery Education to Support STEM Teaching and Learning in District Elementary School


- Discovery Education´s Digital Resources and Comprehensive Professional Development System to Create Authentic STEM Teaching and Learning Environments for Elementary Students- Silver Spring, Md. The Science Techbooks series also includes valuable STEM/STEAM resources.

New Content Added to Discovery Education’s Award-Winning Digital Services Boost Teachers’ Ability to Engage Students in Science, STEM, Social Studies, and More


–Immersive New Content Empowers Educators to Create Dynamic Digital Learning Environments for All Students – Silver Spring, Md. With these resources, students will learn about biofuels, electric vehicles, cool roofs, energy efficient data centers, clean energy manufacturing, and more.

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Discovery Education Chosen by New Mexico’s Hobbs Municipal School District to Accelerate STEM Education in District Middle School


- Discovery Education´s Digital Resources and STEM-focused Professional Development System to Create Authentic Learning Experiences for Middle School Students - Silver Spring, Md. Discovery Education’s STEM Connect enhances core curriculum and brings STEM to life in classrooms.

Maker Monday: Start the Week with Creativity and Purpose

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John Spencer saw test scores and engagement ride when he implemented Maker Mondays. John: Well, my first thought is, you know, getting the buy-in from students on Monday is really important. They want to know that students engagement is high.

5 Ways to Improve STEAM Learning at Your School

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STEM Idea #1: Teach with Passion. Vicki: Yeah, you know, teacher engagement comes before student engagement, doesn’t it? I bet if you think about it, it is likely possible that many passions can be used to engage students.

Redesigning the Learning Experience

Tom Murray

Quite often, a student’s hard metal desk is separated by a packet of worksheets on one side, with a dynamic learning tool on the other. Today’s students must be able to: Problem solve. This post is sponsored by Samsung. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

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Classrooms are dynamically impacted by the dual forces of technological evolution and student expectation. McKinsey & Company notes that Gen Z is composed of digital natives who prioritize unique identity and are rooted in the “search for the truth.” .

Bringing Literature to Life in Open Sim

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Mary Howard’s students build and learn in Open Sim , a virtual world like Second Life. Visit for more information and remember to tweet out your pics about how you teach your students using #PowerofEcon. We bring these students into a virtual world.

Web Platform Seeks to Give Students an Alternative to the ‘Wall of Text’

Wired Campus

It’s difficult to keep students engaged — and awake — when assigning them readings from long and often dull textbooks. The idea is that professors can use zyBooks instead of traditional textbooks in order to help students engage with the material and perform better. Every time students see a wall of text, they skip it,” said Mr. Vahid. Bakshi wanted to improve, for students and professors. Professors can also track students’ progress.


Game-Based Learning Gains Steam in Higher Education: Triseum Raises $1.43 Million to Transform Educational Experiences for Students

EdNews Daily

New investment into Triseum continues to provide growth opportunities for a company already breaking barriers with over 40 percent of its staff being female. The company’s leading experts in gaming and instructional design are creating rich digital experiences for students. .

106K free teacher-created digital textbooks hit the web

eSchool News

The move to digital textbooks and resources is spreading as more companies partner with open education efforts. More than 100,000 teacher-created digital textbooks are now available online through the CK-12 Foundation’s free STEM content and tools platform.

5 Ways Video Games Transform Learning and Prepare Students for Tomorrow's Jobs


Working in tech and media for the past 20 years, I’ve seen some of these changes firsthand, and one thing has proven consistently true: Engagement is critical when learning new information and mastering new skills. We know that dips in student engagement have dramatic effects on the metrics we care about: academic performance, social emotional learning (SEL), school climate, and attendance. These are critical skills our students need to thrive long-term.

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Boxlight’s MimioSpace Collaborative System Wins Tech & Learning “Best of Show” at ISTE 2018


Students work together in an area almost 11 ft wide and over 4 ft. The company aims to improve learning and engagement in classrooms and to help educators enhance student outcomes, by developing the products they need. The Wire Touch Technology Collaboration STEM

The Resurgence of 3D Printers in Modern Learning Environments

EdTech Magazine

3D Printing Engages Students. A study by Macquarie University in Australia and educational technology company Makers Empire confirms what’s easy for educators to observe — 3D lessons engage students , enabling them to learn advanced concepts and skills.

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New computer science curriculum includes Javascript and drone programming

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The new 2016 curriculum adds 3 new Javascript courses, 12 STEM programming courses, and a course on drone programming in partnership with Parrot, one of the world’s leading civil drone companies. “To STEM Courses and Project-Based Learning. ISTE News STEM

3 Emerging Technologies That Will Reshape Education in 2019


The goal is to merge engineering and design research happening at the city’s universities with resources and opportunities from the media and technology industry—to develop new prototypes, explore applied R&D projects, launch new companies and encourage the latest thinking.

New York’s Yonkers Public Schools Joins Forces with Discovery Education to Create Culture of Student Inquiry Districtwide


August 8, 2018) – New York’s Yonkers Public Schools (YPS) today announced it has engaged Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms, to support its efforts to build a culture of student inquiry in classrooms districtwide.

Virtual island destination aims to prevent the summer math slide

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An early stage education technology company, Cignition, is attempting to break that trend through a summer program that keeps students engaged in mathematics through their online virtual world Fog Stone Isle. In one district, a culminating celebration for students was offered.

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HQPBL Releases Framework on PBL.

Leadership Lounge

High Quality Project Based Learning releases framework from student perspective. An interactive education: Laurel Park students use technology to learn history. Atlanta tech company gives $1M for STEM education at APS School.

MIND Partners with 100Kin10 on Foundational Math Brain Trust

MIND Research Institute

At MIND Research Institute, we believe every student has the potential to deeply understand and truly love math. We believe that all students deserve equitable access to high-quality educational content and dynamic learning experiences.

How can teachers use VR in the classroom?


These days, using multimedia tools is a foregone conclusion for the well-resourced teacher; technology is enabling greater interactivity and engagement between students as well as with the information they are required to learn.