How to Build a High-Functioning Remote Team for Your Edtech Company


Employees report higher productivity , greater efficiency and less stress , while companies can benefit from lower real estate costs and an expanded talent pool. My former company, Big Universe ( now acquired ) was a fully-virtual operation.

Free Common Core Professional Development from @TenMarks


This movement was really very teacher driven, with wikis and google spaces and chats such as the New Teacher Chat popping up, followed by a number of educational companies entering the mix. In these trying economic times, we''ve seen many schools going through difficult budget issues.

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4 Ways to make sure the teachers in your school are properly trained


If a regular company would invest in its employees if it would work towards their advancement and education in order to have said employees achieve great results, why would a school be any different? You can’t just throw it various seminars and educational summits without an afterthought.

An Onboarding Course to Help Your New Edtech Hires Empathize With Educators


So how do companies hire and develop standout talent who may be new to the sector? Engage Edtech Employees in Extended Learning We call the program Freshman Seminar. Then, we ask Seminar participants put their entrepreneurial hats on and pitch ideas for a business.

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Students Size Up Edtech’s Dark Side


This semester I’m teaching a graduate seminar on education and technology for Georgetown University. When students in my graduate seminar on education technology were given the chance to select a topic for a class session, they wanted to devote time to the digital world’s dark side.

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Amazon Taps Stanford Professor, Candace Thille to Lead Internal Professional Learning


One of the most prominent researchers and critics of how learning technologies are built and used in higher education is joining, temporarily, one of the biggest tech companies in the world. As first reported by Inside Higher Ed, Candace Thille, an assistant professor of education at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, will be working for Amazon as the company’s Director of Learning Science and Engineering.

4 Major Reasons To Attend Edu Events


At many stages during my life, seminars and workshops gave me awesome opportunities to write articles in journals, edit books, host events etc. I cannot remember the exact number of applications I filled in after attending seminars.

Alternative credentials are reshuffling the higher education deck

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The world of work involves learning too, and while much of this learning is experiential or “on the job”, companies have built a range of solutions to help their employees develop and learn new skills, ranging from internal training sessions, external seminars, corporate universities. Companies can recruit college-educated workers from a variety of different institutions and students can bring their degrees to bear in a variety of professions.

6 Tips for making the most of ed tech exhibitions


Just when you are starting to get excited about all the sessions and seminars and… there are hundreds of them and only a time machine could help at this point. A simple way to tackle this task is to divide products or companies into lists, according to what is more relevant.

Could on-demand online tutoring be the gateway to personalizing learning for colleges?

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A few years ago, the ReWired Group and Bob Moesta , my coauthor on my next book, Choosing College , undertook a project for the tutoring marketplace company, Wyzant.

Spotlight on Altus Schools and an antidote to online credit recovery

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But the company has also come under scrutiny over the past year and a half as the media spotlight has shone unfavorably on districts’ credit recovery practices in boosting graduation rates.

Five Great Summer Jobs For Teachers That Involve Education

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Between enrichment to summer seminars to watching kids who are out of school, there isn’t a free moment. Children’s museums, test prep companies, and adult education classes are also great places to check for employment.

7 Can’t-Miss Office Manager Conferences in 2018

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Like the central nervous system of the office, you keep your company’s critical day-to-day operations running… and running well. Conference Organizer: Fred Pryor Seminars. The Complete Two-day Seminar on Communicating With Tact and Professionalism.

Ditch the Clips in Kindergarten (And Here’s What to Do Instead) #ditchtheclips

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Elizabeth: Amazingly, the #1 thing I hear from any seminar or any semester I do, for a course, is always the paradigm shift. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

Live Online Video Classes Are ‘The New Face-to-Face.’ So How Many Students Can They Handle at a Time?


In some ways, the San Francisco-based company is arguing that high-quality education can be done cheaper thanks to technology in ways that have been elusive in the past. So the company spent the last year trying to retool its system to allow an engaging experience on a larger scale.

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Make your LMS a social learning platform

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Seminars held online, are called webinars. Vivek Singh is a Content Specialist at WizIQ, an EdTech company that offers an LMS and Virtual Classroom platform to educators. .

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Edtech Bootstrapping 101: A Survival Story


On the other hand, there is a paucity of coverage about edtech companies that grow their businesses with little or no venture capital or outside investment. Bootstrapped companies rarely have “unicorn” potential and most aren’t nearly as sexy as their venture-backed counterparts.

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As In-Person Bootcamps Falter, Codecademy Introduces Paid Online Options


Meanwhile, a major provider of free online educational resources for those learning to code announced new paid options that company leaders hope will make its business sustainable. The company claims 45 million people have registered to use its free materials. But they hadn’t solved the revenue part of the equation, says Zachary Sims, the company’s CEO. The company has raised $42.5 The company says all of the free resources will remain free.

5 Reasons to Try a Whole Novel Approach in Your Classroom

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It’s not a Socratic seminar where I sit back and just watch it unfold. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

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Real-time Collaboration Through Online Platforms - 6 Advantages and Disadvantages

ViewSonic Education

If your livelihood, as well as that of the class, company or school, relies on a given project, imagine how devastating a technical or digital breakdown might be. Nothing leads to better results than working together.

NYC Keeps Its Edtech Accelerator Revving With New Funders and Markets


The twelve companies aim to tackle a broad range of issues, from kindergarten readiness to helping employers learn about the compliance rules relevant to their work. Roughly 500 companies applied, claims Jonathan Harber, a managing director at StartEd. Something that’s fundamentally shifted in the last decade are the private equity firms and their interest in edtech companies. Dervan will serve as a mentor to the companies throughout the program.

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A Report on the BETT Show in London


They find dozens of free seminars and keynote talks, several hundred exhibitors, and many special events outside of the official program, including seminars run by Microsoft and Google and debates hosted by Smart. WHAT’S THAT?

Alternative credentials are proliferating—why aren’t colleges being disrupted?

The Christensen Institute

The world of work involves learning too, and while much of this learning is experiential or “on the job”, companies have built a range of solutions to help their employees develop and learn new skills, ranging from internal training sessions, external seminars, corporate universities. Modular architectures favor flexibility, because the pieces can be put together in different ways—just like companies can recruit from a variety of colleges.

Pathways to jobs of the future opening via summer STEM programs

The Hechinger Report

All that changed this summer, when Davis found herself sequencing numbers, learning about graduate programs and visiting companies that benefit from the research she and 19 other students have been doing at Muhlenberg College. “It


What Does Innovation Mean in Higher Education?


You can’t walk around any college campus, school district or company without hearing the word “innovation.” higher education seminar. ASU President Michael Crow keynotes a dinner reception at EWA's higher education seminar hosted in Tempe, Ariz. Yet innovation is not always an idea problem, writes David Burkus , author of “The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies Generate Great Ideas.”.

?Are We Recreating Segregated Education Online?


However, as more online learning companies raise their Series D funding rounds , and players from Duolingo to Coursera try to figure out sustainable business models, we’ve reached a juncture where we need to think about the issues of equity that come with chasing paying customers. These tend to be small seminar-style workshop classes hosted online—or customized certificate options built into larger online courses.

Coursera’s New Strategy Takes Inspiration From Netflix—and LinkedIn


That never happened, and since then companies like Coursera have been trying to find their niche—and a sustainable business model. But the company recently added a feature that asks users: “What’s your main goal?” And it signals that the company has now assembled a pretty full slate of offerings. “We The groundwork for the change was set when the company started adding subscription options in October.

What’s school without grade levels?

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Two teachers, known as “academic advisors,” were on call to field questions and ensure everybody stayed on task (the teachers also lead weekly seminars or labs to bolster the computer work). Still, it has been hard enough to schedule just one weekly seminar, he said.

Digital Learning in Organizations

Learning with 'e's

Packed with insights from leading L and D practitioners, this an essential read for all L and D practitioners needing to improve employee and company performance in a digital world. Cover design by Kogan Page My new book will be published on April 3 by Kogan Page.

New Higher-Ed ‘Matchmaking’ Event Aims to Bridge Education Technology Silos


A pair of consultants who run a popular edtech blog plan to start offering events—in hopes of getting people at colleges and companies who don’t usually talk to each other to join forces on innovative teaching efforts. The first event is scheduled to take place from February 28 to March 1 at Stanford University, with a group of about 50 people from colleges and companies who have committed to attend.

Innovators Worth Watching: Minerva

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Minerva Schools at KGI , a degree program in collaboration with the Keck Graduate Institute, designed its curriculum so that all class time is entirely online, consisting of live, flipped classroom seminars, supplemented by location-based assignments in whichever city the cohort is based that semester. This entity could build a sustainable business model if it is successful in its endeavors to license out different elements of the company’s IP.

An Ode To STEM? What poets can teach academic scientists

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Related: Some surprising reasons companies are rushing to help their workers get degrees. Next fall, in an upper class seminar on the neuroscience of animal behavior, students will begin each class with a short writing exercise, encouraged to ponder a scientific question or a finding.


How to balance work and study as a teacher

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According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93 per cent of employees would stay at a company longer if their employers invested in their careers. CPD opportunities for teachers might include: : Workshops, seminars and conferences.

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7 Days of Education Conference Fever Across the Pond


23-26): the companies who supply the tools, and the educators who use them; The Education Show (Jan. Bett is primarily about the business of education; this means that outside the keynotes, presentations and seminars (of which there are many), most of what goes on are meetings and events for vendors and their distribution partner ecosystems. One teacher described The Education Show as “a ghost town for companies who can’t afford Bett.” (A

Vernier releases free back-to-school resources

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Hands-on workshops: These free educator-led seminars provide teachers with innovative ways to integrate probeware into their curricula. The company also monitors its social media channels to quickly respond to customers when they have questions.