Meet the New, Self-Appointed MOOC Accreditors: Google and Instagram

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Some of the biggest MOOC producers, including Daphne Koller’s Coursera, may have figured out how to get employers to accept free online courses as credentials: Get big-name companies to help design them. We’re getting to the point where we’ll be profitable as a company.”.


Meet the 83-Year-Old App Developer Who Says Edtech Should Better Support Seniors


But through learning how to code, she believes that experience offers an even more important lesson to today’s education and technology companies: don’t forget about senior citizens. And while there’s a growing industry around serving adult learners in higher education, companies largely neglect to consider the needs of the elderly. I found out that it’s very hard for them to use smartphones and it’s really hard to find any apps that’s appealing to the senior generation.

TCEA 2018: Educators Meet in Austin to Discuss the Future of the Classroom

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TCEA 2018: Educators Meet in Austin to Discuss the Future of the Classroom. 5-9, TCEA 2018 is expected to boast more than 8,000 attendees, 1,000 sessions and 450 exhibitors from a variety of tech companies. meghan.bogardu…. Mon, 01/15/2018 - 10:32.

“If that’s where they are, it’s where I must be, too.”

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” by Dawn Casey-Rowe , Smartphone Owner And User Of Analog Clocks. They’re on social media during meetings and conventions. An education platform that can’t be used on a smartphone? Technology #edtech smartphones

Boosting Digital Literacies for a Purpose

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Community providers, such as the University AME Zion Church (UAMEZ) in Palo Alto, California, understand that digital literacy development, like any learning, starts with building trust in the community and meeting learners where they are.

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A Principal's Reflections

If you were to go back in time and pinpoint when disruption began to take off, I would wager that it correlates with the proliferation of the smartphone. Pause a second and think about companies such as Uber and Airbnb. Times are a changing in case you haven’t noticed.

Can Conversation Really Happen in the 21st Century? First Reflections on “Reclaiming Conversation” by Sherry Turkle

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“No, my insurance company didn’t want me to bother. There was not one smartphone sitting on the table. They concluded their evening with a round of hugs and making informal plans for their next chance to meet. “We’ll have to just keep on talking over the phone until we can meet again,” lamented another. It gets to the point where I actually turn off the wireless while writing, or leaving my smartphone at home when running errands.

Cool Cat Teacher’s 31 Favorite Everyday Tools I’m Using Right Now #edtech

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DJI Phone Camera Gimbal from OSMO Mobile [link] – the price has dropped from $399 to $299 from when I bought it so the price I stated in the podcast is actually lower now – a handheld “tripod” for smartphones.

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4 Steps towards digital wellness for students


According to the Pew Research Center , “Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’”. Otherwise, use email or meetings as an opportunity to talk to parents about the impact of excessive screen time.

Artificial Intelligence, Authentic Impact: How Educational AI is Making the Grade

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As noted by MIT Technology Review , the rapid development and uptake of AI solutions has created an environment where companies may “obfuscate and oversell” AI abilities even as organizations race to implement new solutions and keep up with the competition.

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Here’s Why Teachers Adopt New Tech — and Why They Don’t


When assessing return, teachers look for the following: Will It Help Meet Learning Objectives? A teacher’s primary goal is to get students to meet standards-based learning objectives. If the technology supports this, it meets the primary requirement.

Wonderful World of Wearables in Education

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The Pokemon Go game shows characters, tokens and other parts of the game like they are part of the real world through the screen of the smartphone. You might see information about a person as you meet them the first time.

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How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos


These are now accessible to Course Hero members on the company’s YouTube channel. “We One student may watch a clip on his smartphone at his kid’s soccer practice, and another may log in at 2 a.m. I’ve seen people make videos on their smartphones or using a GoPro.

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Which Apps Are Safe for Kids? Three Tools That Read the Fine Print for You


A recent New York Times investigation found that many companies receive such precise, extensive data on their users that they—and anyone else they share this information with—could easily identify a single individual and pinpoint their location. That user data is often sold to or shared with other companies, such as advertisers who have a vested interest in behavioral data, and it’s not as anonymous as people think. Some apps do more harm than good.

Friday 5 — 11.20.2015

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While the long term programs have to be in place, the article explains the value in short-term, pragmatic moves to meet customer expectations. Even in companies where digital innovation has transformed lines of business, certain ingrained set pieces like HR processes remain the same.

Generation Z’s Are Starting College, But Are Universities Ready For Them?

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If institutions hope to evolve to meet Gen Zers’ demands, it will require more than updating the computer lab — it’ll take a keen understanding of how they think. And on one hand, it’s true: Gen Zers are on their smartphones for about three hours every day.

Innovators Worth Watching: OurPath

The Christensen Institute

Its six week program, delivered via smartphone app, aims to help people at risk of type 2 diabetes adopt healthier habits. In a study conducted by the company, participants for whom data was available after six months experienced a mean body weight loss of over 8%. Venture capitalists have invested £500,000 in the company.

Education Looks Eastward: Snapshots from Beijing's Global Education Technology Summit


Whereas earlier tech companies sought to directly mimic—Baidu is the ‘Google of China,” and RenRen is ‘the Facebook of China,’ for instance—these days China has been swept away with a homegrown creation called WeChat, which allows an app ecosystem within its app, and connects with bank accounts to let users pay for just about anything by putting their smartphone screen up to a scanner. It’s also a place where companies are racing into technologies that raise tough ethical issues.

End of Year Maintenance: Update Your Online Presence

Ask a Tech Teacher

For most teachers I know, life zooms by, filled with lesson planning, meetings, classes, collaborations with their grade-level team, parent meetings, and thinking.

Hoping to Spur 'Learning Engineering,' Carnegie Mellon Will Open-Source Its Digital-Learning Software


In 1998, for instance, researchers from the university formed a spin-off company called Carnegie Learning that popularized the math tutor software developed at the university. More recently, in 2013, a company called Acrobatiq was formed to try to bring lessons learned from the Open Learning Initiative to the market. That group says it plans to announce more details about the partnership at its upcoming meeting in early May. "We

From here to there: Musings about the path to having good OER for every course on campus

iterating toward openness

To offset all this double counting, there is the separate issue of the many “whole course” OER that OTL refuses to index because they don’t meet the OTL’s definition of “textbook.” As of 2017, the Linux operating system: ran 82 percent of the world’s smartphones, had 99 percent of the supercomputer market share, ran 90 percent of the public cloud workload, and. These are huge companies that compete directly with each other in many ways.

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Remind Taps Former Bleacher Report CEO to Take Reins


Not even this summer’s NBA Finals, featuring the Golden State Warriors, could distract Bay Area sports fan Brian Grey from taking this meeting. Yet he was struck by Remind’s mission, along with the “immense capability and market positioning that the company has carved in the education ecosystem.” What I truly believe the company needs is a strong voice that understands what teachers, parents and principals need. The company also aims to expand its footprint in U.S.

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Generation Z Is Starting College, But Are Universities Ready For Them?

EdNews Daily

If institutions hope to evolve to meet Gen Zers’ demands, it will require more than updating the computer lab — it’ll take a keen understanding of how they think. And on one hand, it’s true: Gen Zers are on their smartphones for about three hours every day.

Learning Upgrade Debuts GED® Math and HiSET® Math Test Prep Courses


Learners can complete lessons on their own smartphones using the Learning Upgrade App, or use tablets and computers. We’re honored and excited to offer the tools they need to meet their goals with these new courses.” (SAN DIEGO, CA) Sept.

PASCO Motion Sensor–A Must for Science Classes

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can of soda, and smart enough to automatically sync with your desktop, smartphone, or iPad. They meet NGSS standards and work within Google Classroom and most LMSs. Know that I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. . Data collection and analysis are cornerstones for many STEM and STEAM programs but they’re not just about math.

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It gets easier to be green. How certain projectors become a smart environmental choice.


Shop Smart Although it can be tricky to determine how truly green your choices are, a quick scan of awards can offer a handful of options that will meet not only your school’s needs, but the earths.

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Why Our Obsession With Edtech and Workforce Prep Concerns Parents and Public Educators


Leith offered another way of describing it: a “series of little jobs” people in the future will have to work “enough to make ends meet.” He added that directory information could be sold to data brokers and marketing companies, and once the school releases this data, it’s public information beyond the parent’s or student’s control. An upcoming webinar titled “The Future of Work and What It Means For K-12 Schools” has Carolyn Leith concerned about career-readiness.

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Impero Education Pro, SMART partner on classroom management

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Students are learning on iPads, Chromebooks, SMART Boards, smartphones – whatever device is available and fits the activity,” said Greg Estell, president, Education Solutions, SMART Technologies. “As Partnership brings added functionality and platform support to SMART Sync customers.

Higher Ed Has Become ‘An Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Wild West’


Stevens: I would say there are three major things to think about over the last five to seven years: One is the dramatic decline in the cost of computational capacity and computer memory—your smartphone’s ability to exist.

Learning Upgrade Adds 60 New Algebra Lessons to its App


Lobo added, “We know a majority of low-literate adults own smartphones, which is why the Learning Upgrade app is a great option for students looking to enhance their math skills.

Best of Infocomm Winners


The newest member of the company’s classroom-based recording family provides the automation and high-quality capture Mediasite is known for in a compact, affordable device, ensuring even more students never miss a lecture.

ABCmouse launches school-centered platform for K-2

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Age of Learning has launched ABCmouse for Schools , a scalable solution to meet the pre-K through 2nd grade needs of school districts and school groups in the U.S. ABCmouse for Schools builds on the company’s Early Learning Academy, a digital education resource for early learners.

New Cybersecurity Course Teaches Teens the ABCs of (Ethical) Hacking


Keeshin’s company is perhaps best known for a series of introductory coding courses it offers on programming languages such as Javascript and Python. To that end, the company offers comprehensive curriculum, training for inexperienced teachers and the online platform where students practice their exercises. Students should have at least a semester’s worth of programming knowledge, according to the company.

TONS of #RightDevice Tech Resources from @IntelEDU 's New Learning Community to Support Teachers!


I was recently contacted by Intel, a technology company that hopes to assist educators all over the world with their newest technological advancements and devices. This is done by printing out a Reading passage and then having the student read while following along on a tablet or smartphone.

ClassLink Announces OneSync, Next-Generation Account Provisioning


The award-winning technology is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, making ClassLink the ideal solution for 1:1 and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives.

This STEM-focused district hands out paychecks along with report cards

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And career preparation here isn’t just a buzzword but more like a guiding principle: When the end-of-day bell sounds, some children transition from students to employees of the district, and earn $10 an hour for working on a variety of projects for local technology companies.


Class Dojo real-time behavior feedback platform Apps get updates

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This new feature meets one of teachers’ biggest needs: to be able to use ClassDojo in settings outside of the classroom - for example, in lunchrooms, the playground, on field trips, and even just in classrooms with poor Wi-Fi connections.

How This Business Simulation Prepared My Students for 21st-Century Careers


They’ve designed shoes to discreetly carry EpiPens and invented a smartphone app that let you scan clothes and purchase outfits seamlessly (pun intended). Starting salaries for IS majors prove to be 21 percent higher than general business school graduates, and SAP remains at the forefront of this market—91 percent of Forbes Global 2,000 companies are customers of SAP , making it a leader in business software.

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

It’s also looking at the potential changes, said Dr. Gabe Soumakian, CEO and Founder, Sup Du Jour Consulting Group, like what happens when a software or hardware company goes out of business.



The newest member of the company’s classroom-based recording family provides the automation and high-quality capture Mediasite is known for in a compact, affordable device, ensuring even more students never miss a lecture. Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Best of InfoComm!