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Reducing Friction in OER Adoption

Iterating Toward Openness

Last week I promised I would write a few posts about reducing friction with regard to OER. In last week’s post I talked about how we’re making it ridiculously easy for students, faculty, and others to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of OER.

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As OER Grows Up, Advocates Stress More Than Just Low Cost


But fans of OER are increasingly facing a problem. While OER started off as free online textbooks, it still costs money to produce these materials, and professors often need guidance finding which ones are high quality. So OER advocates are realizing they need to change their pitch. This week on the EdSurge On Air podcast, we're diving into how the OER movement is changing, and we'll check in with a couple of people on the front lines of the movement to hear from them.

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From here to there: Musings about the path to having good OER for every course on campus

Iterating Toward Openness

I spend most of my time doing fairly tactical thinking and working focused on moving OER adoption forward in the US higher education space. I made what was probably the clearest statement of my vision for the future of learning materials in my Shuttleworth Fellowship application several years ago: My long-term goal is to create a world where OER are used pervasively throughout primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools. Now, make no mistake – OER is a means, not an end.

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OERwashing: Beyond the Elephant Test

Doug Levin

I said my piece in the updated article that spurred my original comment (including that the service the company in question provides looks “interesting and valuable,” especially in the context of the K-12 assessment market). The Pro-OER Elephant Test.

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The CARE Framework

Iterating Toward Openness

As the title of the document makes explicit, the framework aims to contribute to the conversation about the sustainability of OER: “Toward a Sustainable OER Ecosystem: The Case for OER Stewardship” It’s a valuable contribution to that conversation. Issues of sustainability are absolutely critical to the future of OER and education more broadly, and we spend far too little time talking about them. OER, on the other hand, are non-rivalrous resources.

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Reflections on 20 Years of Open Content: Lessons from Open Source

Iterating Toward Openness

In late 1997 and early 1998, the free software movement had two problems that were impeding its growth. First, the way its proponents talked about free software came across as incredibly judgmental and holier-than-thou. ‘Free software is about freedom, perhaps humanity’s grandest ideal, and if you don’t support free software it’s because you don’t sufficiently love and appreciate freedom.’

Open, Value-Added Services, Interaction, and Learning

Iterating Toward Openness

There was a lot of discussion at OpenEd17 about the relationship between OER and value-added services like platforms. Reclaim Hosting offers for-fee, value-added services around open source web hosting and publishing software like Cpanel, Installatron, Apache, WordPress, Known, and Omeka.

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The Pin that Popped the Textbook Bubble: Open (Notes for my 2015 #sxswedu talk)

Iterating Toward Openness

The major publishers are publicly traded companies with growth and earnings expectations they have to meet. And when the number of units you sell is dropping, the only way to meet revenue goals is to raise prices on the few units you do sell. However, should it turn out that some of this company’s products are effective (or more effective than their competitors’ offerings), what do you suppose will happen to pricing?

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Looking Back on Three Years of the ConnectED Initiative: Did It Deliver?


As EdSurge reported, to be part of the initiative, companies “had to commit to providing goods or services worth at least $100 million.” But as Betsy Corcoran outlined in her July 2014 article , some companies had yet to deliver on their promise of clearly outlining how educators could apply for those products and services. “If Did companies fully deliver on their ConnectED promises?

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Why ‘Personalized Learning’ Can Feel So Impersonal


Personalized learning, in its broadest application, suggests tailoring instruction to meet the needs, strengths and interests of each learner. Technology companies—in all industries—make users anxious when they describe their work with the vagueness of a magician. Rather than answering the question, lazy entrepreneurs too frequently offer vacuous references to companies like Amazon and Netflix. Why does personalized learning, ironically, feel so impersonal?

The Consensus Around “Open”

Iterating Toward Openness

Defining the “Open” in Open Content here on states: The term “open content” describes any copyrightable work (traditionally excluding software, which is described by other terms like “open source”) that is licensed in a manner that provides users with free and perpetual permission to engage in the 5R activities: Retain – the right to make, own, and control copies of the content (e.g., License Must Not Restrict Other Software.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 10 Edition)

Doug Levin

" Tagged on: March 10, 2017 Shaping a digital marketplace that puts consumers first | Ford Foundation → The 'Digital Standard' aims to help consumers understand how a range of digital products measure up when it comes to security and privacy, so they can make educated choices about what to buy and use—and to help guide companies in building and designing products that take consumer privacy and security seriously.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

Without revenue the company will go away. Or the company will have to start charging for the software. Or it will raise a bunch of venture capital to support its “free” offering for a while, and then the company will get acquired and the product will go away. (It’s

Can US Higher Education Publishers Leverage a Subscription Model

Kitaboo on EdTech

But how do they compete with resources like MOOCs and OERs that have made high quality course content from respected university professors available for free? Companies that provide subscription-based services, offer monthly, quarterly, yearly, two-yearly subscriptions.

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Cash Awards Honor Faculty and Institutions for Innovative Use of Digital Tools


While students were going through the math remediation courseware, they were also meeting with their peer mentor on a weekly basis using video conferencing.”. So he struck up a partnership with Cengage Learning, a Boston-based education technology and information company. He rolled out the course software and it provided quick feedback for the students in his courses, who were able to complete those courses at a much higher rate than when Willem was teaching everyone individually.”

‘Prohibition Will Get You Nowhere’: Writer and Activist Cory Doctorow’s Message to Schools and Educators


Allowing cable operators and phone companies to act as gatekeepers means that all the things that we rely on pluralism or competition to promote, are endangered. I wanted to ask you about OERs. I always meet students. When I go and do young adult tours, and I go to secondary schools, I meet students who've read Little Brother, and they're like, "How do I hack my school's censorware?" Present it at the board meeting.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” “Who’s Meeting With DeVos ? News from the most well-funded ed-tech company, student loan provider SoFi : SoFi settles w/ FTC over allegations it misrepresented how much borrowers save by refinancing. ” My most favorite lines simply must be these: “One of the early adopters of Imbellus was McKinsey & Company , the management consulting firm, which uses the scenario assessments to find job candidates.

PanOpen Launches Platform as ‘Open’ Education Market Evolves

Marketplace K-12

The company’s founder, Brian Jacobs, said in an interview that his organization has been fielding requests from potential pre-college clients and is likely to begin moving into that market “within the next year or two.” He mentioned Lumen Learning and OER Commons as just two examples. The value of panOpen, Jacobs argues, is its ability to reshape and supercharge open resources into forms that meet student and faculty needs.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

The move comes after criticism from government watchdogs who warned of financial entanglements with private companies vying for millions in GI Bill tuition.” Also via Edsurge : “ MIT Moves Beyond the MOOC to Court Companies, Professional Learners.” This story from Buzzfeed’s Molly Hensley-Clancy is… something : “Meet The ‘Young Saints’ Of Bethel Who Go To College To Perform Miracles.” The company has raised $2.88


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via Education Week : “ Iowa schools to stop using $14M testing software after audit.” Worth noting: the website promotes private student loan companies SkillsFund and Climb to students looking for tuition assistance.). Via Techcrunch : “ SoFi co-founder Dan Macklin is leaving the company.” Via MinnPost : “Almost 50 years ago, Oregon Trail revolutionized educational software. The software: Nestor, creatored by LCA Learning.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

the Virginia company at the heart of the operation.” Here’s the EdWeek headline: “ Company Exec. for Ed-Tech Company Testifies in Ala. ” The details: “Michael Humphrey, executive vice president at Edgenuity , testified in the ethics trial of state House Speaker Mike Hubbard, who is accused in a 23-count indictment of using his clout to attract business for companies he leads. The video learning company has previously raised $1.57


Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Via WaPo’s Valerie Strauss : “ Trump ’s rather weird meeting with the 2017 Teachers of the Year.” The NAACP endorses OER. ” I’m more interested in hearing about segregation and state laws in Mississippi than the adaptive learning software a school is using. Greiff has previously been a partner at the 1776 venture fund and he was also a co-founder of the test prep company Grockit. Education Politics.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via Politico : “A complex legal battle involving dozens of debt collection companies fighting over contracts with the Education Department has essentially suspended the government’s ability to collect defaulted student loans , the Trump administration disclosed in a court filing on Monday night.” “ OER-Enabled Pedagogy ” by Lumen Learning’s David Wiley. ” Edsurge gets the company’s take on criticisms of its business model.

OER will evolve to address the problems we hire it to solve

The Christensen Institute

Today, open educational resources (OER) are an increasingly common feature in the K–12 education ecosystem. Department of Education (DOE) has a project, called the Learning Registry , which helps make OER content easier for teachers to find.