How Tech Companies Are Selling Colleges on Mass Data Collection


Versions of that sales pitch echoed through the cavernous exhibit hall this week at one of the largest trade shows for tech companies selling to colleges. We walked the exhibit hall here looking for new ways that companies are offering this Big-Data-driven transformation.

This software turns old laptops into new Chromebooks

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Using device-agnostic software called Neverware, districts are breathing new life into old laptops. When Waller Independent School District of Waller, Texas, decided to start upgrading its laptops and desktops to Windows 7 in 2014, the district had one big concern: time.

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Strategy Shift Leads to Layoffs (and a Rogue Ex-Employee) at Coding Kit Company Pi-Top


A London-based company in the crowded market of do-it-yourself programmable hardware for students seeks to shake off negative headlines as it restructures and changes focus to the U.S. The company first announced its strategic shift with a capital injection of about 3.3

Where Diversity, Inclusion and Education Meet: A Conversation With Black Girls Code Founder, Kimberly Bryant


Gender is just one part of the diversity problem confronting many technology companies today. As diversity reports from companies like Alphabet, Apple and Facebook reveal, the employee headcounts—especially in senior and executive positions—are overwhelmingly male and white. These companies have committed money, mentors and other resources to provide educational opportunities for underserved communities. And I want to run a video game company.”.

6 Reasons the Intel 2 in 1 is the Perfect Fit for Effectively Designed Blended Learning Spaces #intelEdu2in1


Today’s classrooms are increasing in size, and there is an increasing need to personalize instruction for the special needs of all learners along with meeting the learning styles of the entire class. Wouldn’t it be nice if a company valued to support education beyond the physical device?

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4: First Impressions on the Tablets That May Replace Your Laptop

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My interest in this technology stems from the promise both companies make: This is the tablet that will replace your laptop. I could see either of these devices sliding easily into my laptop bag. This is a really nice feature for taking notes during meetings.

10 Tips for teachers to make the most of ISTE


Besides packing your bags, laptops, agendas and passports, you should do what you’re always expecting your students to do — your pre conference homework: 1. Make sure you have your devices charged, whether it is your phone, tablet, laptop or all of them. Meet NEO at ISTE 2019!

Tablets and disruptive innovation

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When technologies are new, they often underperform at meeting customers’ needs. In these circumstances, the systems that come closest to meeting customers’ performance expectations are those with proprietary architectures that are integrated across all of the performance-defining subcomponents of the system. Sustaining innovations are innovations that improve an established technology to meet the needs of its established customer base.

Technology Is Helping Prison Education Programs Scale. What’s the Catch?


Several have started their own companies. Students enrolled through the Pell Grant use tablets and laptops to receive instruction and complete assignments, though they are never given access to the “open internet,” he says.

How K–12 Schools Can Start an Esports Program

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The kids will say, ‘ We need to communicate better, let’s meet to talk about our strategy ,’” Tiffany Bui, faculty adviser for the Mission Viejo esports team, told EdTech. How K–12 Schools Can Start an Esports Program. eli.zimmerman_9856. Wed, 05/08/2019 - 10:57.

Mentor Collective Raises $3 Million to Connect College Students and Advisers


The student might miss classes on account of a broken laptop. This brings the company’s total funding to date to $4.73 The company focuses on serving three audiences: adult and online learners, first-year students and those seeking career development.

Shattering Perfect Teacher Myths

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What am I going to do to take care of them and to meet their needs? And he said, “No, I watch your laptop.”. Well, I took the laptop and just pointed it at him and just kind of nodded. and you just turned your laptop so I can see it better.

Here’s Why Teachers Adopt New Tech — and Why They Don’t


When assessing return, teachers look for the following: Will It Help Meet Learning Objectives? A teacher’s primary goal is to get students to meet standards-based learning objectives. If the technology supports this, it meets the primary requirement.

K–12's Digital Transformation Is Giving Libraries a Modern Makeover

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The space was outfitted with modern furniture, laptops and audiovisual equipment. . Besides expanding internet use, districts can outfit makerspaces with the proper tools and technology — laptops, 3D printing, coding kits — for students to get started. With so many school districts going one-to-one with tablets or laptops , libraries are the new meeting space for tech-enabled teamwork. K–12's Digital Transformation Is Giving Libraries a Modern Makeover.

The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


” The 1:1 initiative aimed for districts to issue each student a laptop for use in-school and at home. Billion has been invested in US K-12 education technology companies since 2010. The proposal must meet Florida Department of Education criteria.

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3 Resources to Help Connect Students and Families

Digital Promise

When Howard-Suamico School District went digital, giving every student in grades 3 and up tablets or laptops, the change was immediate and dramatic. In December, the district won a $15,000 grant from Cellcom, a local cellphone company. Families must meet other criteria as well, such as no outstanding bills or existing Internet service.

Why collaboration is a bad idea for developing personalized learning teachers

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No one company had enough scale across PC components to make a complete touch screen device, so companies like HP and Lenovo worked on the overall hardware architecture; Microsoft made the operating system; and a host of other companies supplied the central processors, hard drives, etc. As can be seen in this example, the supplier partnerships that worked well for building laptops actually held back efforts to create great tablets.

6 Tips for making the most of ed tech exhibitions


So besides packing their bags, laptops, agendas and passports, teachers can do a little extra something: their pre conference homework. Does the conference meet your school’s ed tech goals? The NEO team will be happy to meet you there!

PASCO Motion Sensor–A Must for Science Classes

Ask a Tech Teacher

In fact, it took me less than five minutes to unbox, setup, find the power button, and sync to the free app/software on my laptop and my iPhone. While you’re waiting, download the free software to your phone or laptop (or iPad). They meet NGSS standards and work within Google Classroom and most LMSs. Know that I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. .

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Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

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She also uses this for professional development for teachers when she’s preparing to meet them on-site. You could then turn and go on to respond and say, “Teryl, it’s so nice to meet you.

Why collective action is the wrong approach for developing personalized learning teachers

The Christensen Institute

No one company had enough scale across PC components to make a complete touch screen device, so companies like HP and Lenovo worked on the overall hardware architecture; Microsoft made the operating system; and a host of other companies supplied the central processors, hard drives, etc. As can be seen in this example, the supplier partnerships that worked well for building laptops actually held back efforts to create great tablets.

IT Coaches Leading Change in the Classroom

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I really do build classroom cohort so that we meet outside of the classroom as groups where we can really collaborate together and plan together. Deb has appeared as a guest on the Meet Education Project Podcast and in a segment for PBS RI Classrooms.

Innovative School District Seeks Middle School Science and Social Studies Apps

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Through its mPower Piedmont initiative , which began in 2009, all students in grades 4-12 receive a Macbook Air laptop with home Internet access. Compatible with MacBook Air laptops. Piedmont City School District is located in a small rural town in northeast Alabama.

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School districts are going into debt to keep up with technology

The Hechinger Report

Rolling cabinets stocked with dozens of the laptops sit in classrooms where teachers assign them to students for everything from researching hereditary DNA to writing essays. What’s unusual about James Lick’s Chromebook program isn’t the laptops themselves, but how they were paid for.

When Students Design Their School: If You Give a Kid a LEGO, He's Going to Ask For.


The company partnered with the Smithsonian to provide resources and guides to help facilitate the activities. when I think of myself as a learner, one of the first things I do to get ready as I set up my laptop is to grab a cup of coffee and turn on Pandora.

Classroom Tech Can Drive Student Engagement—But Schools Need to Choose Wisely


Reluctant to replace the existing tool after just two years, but well aware it wasn't meeting classroom needs, Rugg agreed. And to avoid any surprises down the road, Rugg also wanted to understand how the company handled training, support and upgrades.

Don’t Rely on Cute Apps and Games to Teach Coding. Turn to Your Students Instead.


So, having no idea where to begin a curriculum, they turn to so-called experts: companies that sell them products to meet new coding or STEM requirements. And many former campers are now professional coders at top technology companies.

Virtual Technology: A Solution to Rural Isolation

Digital Promise

SPICE was meeting all of their learners’ needs except one, rural isolation, and this drove their focus on using technology to strengthen their program. They incorporated pre-made courses into their programs, and they provided laptops to their learners. (A The IT department partnered with Reaction Grid, a company specializing in virtual world projects, to create the first level in the Center.

Education Looks Eastward: Snapshots from Beijing's Global Education Technology Summit


Whereas earlier tech companies sought to directly mimic—Baidu is the ‘Google of China,” and RenRen is ‘the Facebook of China,’ for instance—these days China has been swept away with a homegrown creation called WeChat, which allows an app ecosystem within its app, and connects with bank accounts to let users pay for just about anything by putting their smartphone screen up to a scanner. It’s also a place where companies are racing into technologies that raise tough ethical issues.

Bankers, Buyers and Warriors: Reporter’s Notebook From the 2017 ASU+GSV Summit


Nearly a dozen entrepreneurs we talked to said they each received upwards of 20 emails from investment banking groups, inviting them to meetings in private suites. Almost all of the PreK to 12 programming clustered in the Little America hotel, while the post-secondary, workforce training and company suites clustered in the more opulent Grand America across the street. Take Blackboard , which has bought 15 companies since 2014. Bankers, lawyers, researchers and policymakers.

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Learning to learn: A skill set for the 21st century student


Fast Company collected a few jobs of the future that might have a plausible existence, but who knows how the world will look like in 2036? Companies expect all their employees to know how to communicate well and are sometimes surprised at the number of young people who prove the contrary.

School data is messy, but it doesn’t have to be

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And here’s why it’s a problem: When Providence’s teachers meet in teams to discuss student progress, they sit around tables with their laptops, logging into various systems, looking at PDF reports that show student performance data.

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School’s Out for the Latest Y Combinator Batch, and Here’s What Its Edtech Graduates Are Up to


Seven of the 134 companies in this batch provide education services—which is a similar percentage from the last cohort. In this latest cohort of edtech companies, only one is aimed at being used in classrooms. Here’s what that one classroom-facing company is offering, and what the other six edtech startups hope to accomplish off the school campus. The husband-and-wife duo behind the company, Aparna and Deepak Ramanathan, come from different backgrounds.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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Without revenue the company will go away. Or the company will have to start charging for the software. Or it will raise a bunch of venture capital to support its “free” offering for a while, and then the company will get acquired and the product will go away. (It’s

The Best Edtech for Students Is Backed by Research. Here’s What to Look For.


At the same time, educators face difficulty identifying edtech products that meet their needs and improve student learning. Studies paid for by the organization or company that produced the program or resources tested are typically less reliable than studies that are externally funded.