How Khan Academy and Tata Trust’s recent partnership could affect the U.S. EdTech market

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In December, Tata Trusts announced a five-year partnership with Khan Academy to develop tech-enabled, high-quality and localized education resources across India by providing a personalized, mastery-based learning experience. In each case, as the company targeted nonconsumers of the mainstream market, it was able to hone its product while serving individuals that incumbent firms had no incentive to go after.

Khan Academy Buys Children’s App Developer, Duck Duck Moose, For $1


Like many parents, Sal Khan has bought Itsy Bitsy Spider, Park Math and other educational apps created by Duck Duck Moose , a San Mateo, Calif.-based But the Khan Academy founder just scored what looks a bargain: getting the company’s entire product suite, along with its development team, for less than what he paid for those apps. 25, Duck Duck Moose announced that it has “donated” its intellectual property and become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Khan Academy.

K-12 Dealmaking: Khan Academy Acquires App Developer; GradeSlam Raises $1.6 Million

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In this week’s dealmaking news, early childhood education app donated itself to Khan Academy while Canadian online tutoring platform GradeSlam raised $1.6 Khan Academy Acquires Duck Duck Moose: Nonprofit educational content provider Khan Academy has acquired Duck Duck Moose , a developer of educational apps for preschool children, according to a statement from Khan Academy.

10 Top Companies That Love To Hire Teachers

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Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a nonprofit that believes online education should be excellent, accessible, and free to use for anyone in the world. Khan Academy is in Mountain View, California and so are most of their positions.

Only Schools Can End Schools

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It was more of a refusal of Blockbuster to move forward than it was a willingness for a different company to do something different, and more importantly, better.

Sal Khan: Test Prep Is ‘the Last Thing We Want to Be’


Ten years ago, Sal Khan set out to change that with his Khan Academy videos, which let kids replay lessons as many times as they want. Here in education, Khan doesn’t need much introduction. A lot has changed for Khan in the last decade.

What a New College Board President Means for Students


What that means: expanding partnerships with organizations like Khan Academy and the Coalition for College Access; simplifying the multi-step college application process and easing the financial burden of applying to colleges. Under his leadership, the organization partnered with Khan Academy , a provider of free, online educational materials, to make its official SAT practice tools available to all students , at no cost. “We Change is afoot at the College Board.

Building Education Technology for the Developing World


During her time there, the company tripled in size and she earned a promotion. Edtech companies entering low-income countries are noticing some of these challenges and are working towards solutions. At Khan Academy, employees have been focusing their efforts on mobile devices in order to achieve one-to-one for students. The company also reduced the size of the app and redesigned math exercises to work better on phones.

In the News: Educational Android Apps Improperly Track Children

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” Which companies have apps that are flagged for privacy invasions by the study authors? Khan Academy. As quoted in: Herold, Benjamin. Thousands of Android Mobile Apps Improperly Track Children, Study Says.” Education Week. 13 April 2018. “This [“ ‘Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?’

TenMarks Shutdown Leaves Teachers Wanting, Competitors Circling


School and district users had ample warning about the demise of the adaptive K-12 math and writing software—the company issued a notice on its site 15 months ago—and yet many say that the off-boarding process was not a smooth one. The final days are drawing near for TenMarks.

10 Ways to Personalize Learning for Students

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If you’re struggling with a concept, Khan Academy has some excellent math tutorials. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to include a reference to their product.

How to Use Tech to Help Graduating Students Find Jobs

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If for example, you’re a math teacher, you may refer students struggling to grasp the Pythagorean Theorem to view Khan Academy videos so that they can catch up with the rest of the class. Companies are just as likely to examine social media to learn about you.”.

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Blended isn’t just about online learning—it’s making space for real-world relationships

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To provide some context, a VAP model, like that practiced by a manufacturing company, brings inputs of materials into one end of the premises, transform them by “adding value,” and then delivers higher-value products to customers at the other end. Jenny White contributed to this piece.

?Learning Equality Scores $5M From Google To Bring Edtech Offline


Among the nine groups selected for’s big give—which also includes War Child Holland ($2 million), Khan Academy ($5 million), StoryWeaver ($3.6 Kolibri is the next iteration of KA Lite , an offline version of Khan Academy that Learning Equality Executive Director Jamie Alexandre debuted in 2012 while interning at the organization. In the conversation around digital learning, there’s a sobering statistic that often goes overlooked: 74.

Men behaving badly

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When I write critically about Khan Academy or Apple, I know I’ll hear an earful — and it isn’t simply an earful of disagreement. Lindy West reports : . the anti-free-speech charge, applied broadly to cultural criticism and especially to feminist discourse, has proliferated.

Could on-demand online tutoring be the gateway to personalizing learning for colleges?

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A few years ago, the ReWired Group and Bob Moesta , my coauthor on my next book, Choosing College , undertook a project for the tutoring marketplace company, Wyzant.

Top 15 Sites and Apps for Flipped Learning

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Khan Academy - Flipped Learning and Khan Academy go hand-in-hand where learning takes place outside the classroom. Also, they have an excellent free mobile app for kids, Khan Academy Kids. Math File Folder Games - A great site/company for educational iOS Math games that can be used to create 21st Century "Math Centers".

App of the Week: Kiddom

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Create standards-based assignments (with an option to use CASEL’s social and emotional learning competencies), and draw lessons and resources from one of many sites, including Listenwise, IXL, TedEd, and Khan Academy.

Access TONS of Free Digital Content via @EDpuzzle and Personalize It for Your Class!


EDpuzzle offers multiple sources of educational videos like YouTube, Khan Academy, Learnzillion, etc. As any other Imagine K12 company, they built this product listening to teachers like you. Access TONS of Content & Remix It to Fit Your Class! -

Meet the Platform That 'Gets to Know You'—and Cuts Test Prep Time in Half


In the year since it launched, the platform has cut in half the time students have to study to obtain the same results, according to company metrics. In the world of college test prep materials and tools, Don Phan considers himself a connoisseur.

Long Live the '90s: ‘Edtech’ Crazes Every Teacher (and Student) Secretly Wishes Were Still Around


Today, it seems every edtech company out there wants to gamify learning. 2017 Equivalent: Most adaptative math programs (IXL Math, Khan Academy, DreamBox) have some gamification element. If you’ve ever been tempted to click on one of those ‘90s-nostalgia posts, we really can’t blame you—I mean, who doesn’t want to skim through pictures of Dunkaroos and Capri Suns to find out if they really were a ‘90s kid?

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Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


If students missed class or needed additional help, they could go to my website and access the day’s lesson as well as videos and digital exercises from YouTube and Khan Academy. Now, in addition to importing data from IXL, Khan Academy, and an adaptive learning program called Carnegie Learning , I had to transfer the achievement data from my gradebook into another system. Learn more about Kiddom Academy.

How We Should be Teaching Math in Classrooms Today

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Our students right now have the opportunity to learn virtually every aspect of mathematics — on their own, sitting behind the computer screen, going to YouTube, going to Khan Academy, going to other resources, going to online courses from Ivy League schools.

Unlocking stackable global credentials

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As the demand for higher education dramatically accelerates, so also the supply of modular educational resources is increasing through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like Coursera and EdX, open educational resources (OER) like Khan Academy, and massive adaptive apps like Duolingo.

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Teaching isn’t Rocket Science – It’s Way More Complex

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Sponsor: The STLinATL Conference will be at Woodward Academy in Atlanta July 26-27, 2018. You know, if I taught math, I’d be harvesting videos from the Khan Academy or places like that, rather than creating my own. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

Pixar In A Box Teaches Math Through Real Animation Challenges


To do this he developed an algorithm using weighted averages that won him a Scientific and Technical Academy Award in 2006. ’ Khan Academy is best known for its modular videos explaining various curriculum topics that students can use to better understand and practice a concept.

6 EdTech Tools for the Future Classroom

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For an education-focused 3D printing company, check out Printrbot, which wants to bring an affordable 3D printer to every school. There are a lot of companies working on bringing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to K12 schools.

A Supreme Court Justice’s Legacy in Edtech


The nonprofit Khan Academy is launching a video-based civics series for students “interested in how government works in the United States,” according to a press release. And Flocabulary, the company that makes educational hip-hop songs and videos for K-12, offers seven units on civics and added an eighth, focused on voting , ahead of the midterms on Tuesday, Nov.

No Kidding: This Pre-Revenue Edtech Startup Just Raised $15M in Series B Funding


But the company has kept mum on specifics to everyone else, only sharing that it’s seen “viral growth across hundreds of thousands” of U.S. It took some time for the company to build all these tools. Last year, the company followed up with the aforementioned features that gave teachers more controls over assigning and grading students’ work. But that could change as the company rolls out its newest product, Kiddom Academy.

The Beginner’s Guide to the Hour of Code

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Khan Academy tutorial: Learn how to draw with code (Javascript and ProcessingJS). Keep in mind–most of these curriculums are tied in with the tools of the companies that created them!). Khan Academy Curriculum.

EdSurge’s 2017 Year in Review: The Top 10 K-12 Stories, as Chosen by You


Khan Academy’s New ‘Teacher Aid’ Tool Goes for a Test Drive in Southern California Khan Academy videos have long been used in K-12 classrooms of all grade levels, even though it was never expressly marketed to them. This April, the company released its first tool built for school: a teacher’s aid that allows users to create lesson plans corresponding to Khan videos and track student progress via a data dashboard.

What’s the Next Step For AltSchool? Paid Partnerships with Public Schools


Devin Vodicka Devin Vodicka, AltSchool’s chief impact and academic officer, says he expects the shift away from micro-schools toward working with public schools to be a “challenging journey,” pointing to the company’s expectations for frequent iteration of their product. After the first year, the price is around $2,500 for the use of the platform and ongoing support from the company. The company also ran a chain of micro-schools that they used as labs to test their platform.

Hack Education Weekly News

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Edsurge writes about e-scooters , one of the “hot new trends” out of Silicon Valley, and how these companies are defying the rules of college campuses in order to build up a new customer base there. ” From the Khan Academy blog : “School district reports test scores rise with mastery learning on Khan Academy.” The company has raised $251.6 The educational robotics company has raised $79.9

BETT Latin America


Los temas fueron muy variados, hablamos de formularios, hojas de cálculo, expeditions, Khan Academy, Text Help y por supuesto de Chromebooks. The topics were varied, we presented forms, spreadsheets, Khan Academy , TextHelp and of course Chromebooks. El pasado 18 y 19 de octubre tuvo lugar el evento de Bett Latin America en Ciudad de México.

The Omidyar Network and the (Neoliberal) Future of Education

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” The grant is just one of a slew of recent investments by the Omidyar Network in companies and organizations that work in and around education technology, including Khan Academy,, and Edsurge. Where the dollars have gone: African Leadership Academy (leadership training) – $1.5 Bridge International Academies (private school chain in Africa) – investment amount unknown. Khan Academy (video-based instruction) – $3 million.

ACT Bets Big on Analytics, Adaptive Learning With $7.5M Investment in Smart Sparrow


million investment in Smart Sparrow , a company that offers a platform used by many higher-ed faculty members and instructors to develop online, adaptive courses and simulations. The company claims its course development platform has been used by more than 10,000 faculty members across the globe to create over 20,000 digital simulations, lessons and interactive courses. The company has raised more than $23.5

Here Are the 10 Michelson Runway Startups Vying For Future Funders


But the latest cohort at Michelson Runway, an startup accelerator geared towards higher-ed companies, highlights a broader approach to innovation in education. Now in its third year, MIchelson Runway offers early-stage education companies $25,000-100,000 in investment, along with legal advice, product feedback and opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and potential funders. The company is asking for $10 million by October 2018.

Why Flipped Learning Is Still Going Strong 10 Years Later


A few years later, the concept lit up like rocket fuel thanks in part to the catchy name, along with fast-growing home internet connectivity and a shout-out in Sal Khan’s popular TED Talk. And Bergmann, Sams and Khan turned it into a bonafide career path. But to hear Khan tell it, that association was little more than a coincidence of timing. I kind of fell into this a little bit,” says Khan, in an interview with EdSurge.

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion


Two examples are McGraw Hill’s ALEKS and Khan Academy. Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, defines personalization by pace. With Khan Academy, you can show “mastery” by getting a certain number of questions right in a row.

The Stories That Shaped Edtech in 2016


Sesame Workshop has launched a venture arm—Sesame Ventures—that will invest in companies focused on providing educational, health and social welfare services for children. Imagine K12, the company that sparked both edtech startups and other similar programs, merging with that granddaddy of tech accelerators, Y Combinator. How Khan Academy is Shaking Up the SAT. The company’s Classroom platform is increasingly catching teachers’ eyes.