A Shakeout Coming for Online Program Management Companies


With so many online program management companies offering similar services, many market observers agree: something’s got to give. Ten years ago, just three or four companies existed to help universities start online programs.

Purdue Buys For-Profit Kaplan University for $1 to Create New Kind of Public University


Purdue University agreed today to buy one of the largest for-profit universities, Kaplan University, and turn it into a public, non-profit university in the Purdue system. The sale price for Kaplan University’s 15 campuses was $1 , though with one important catch: The new nonprofit university operated by Purdue promised to give a percentage of its revenue back to its former owner, Kaplan, Inc., Before the sale, Kaplan University was not exactly thriving.

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Why Donald Graham Sold Kaplan University to Purdue for $1


There are many unanswered questions about the unprecedented sale of Kaplan University, a for-profit institution with several online programs but falling enrollments, to Purdue University, one of the top public universities in the nation. To try to get some answers, EdSurge recently sat down with Donald Graham, chairman of Graham Holdings Company, the group that sold the 15-campus Kaplan University to Purdue (for just $1). What are the functions that Kaplan will be providing?

A Welder of Digital Curriculum Companies Buys Its Latest


Little did they know then that the first word in its name would become a fitting pun for the private equity firm’s consolidation of education companies. Last week, the firm announced what will be its 14th deal: Glynlyon , a digital curriculum company based in Chandler, Ariz. He ran Kaplan as its CEO from 1994 to 2008, during which he oversaw 67 acquisitions and more than doubled the company’s revenue—to nearly $2 billion —by the time he left.

K-12 Dealmaking: Kaplan Launches New Practice in U.S.; BoomStartup Taking Ed Tech Accelerator Applications

Marketplace K-12

million to Ellevation , a company focused on building the skills of English-language learners. In addition, BoomStartup announced it will be applications for its ed-tech accelerator program, and Kaplan launched a new global leadership and professional development practice. million in competitive grants to ed-tech companies focused on high-quality math products for middle and high school students. Kaplan Launches U.S.

How Boundaries Between Colleges and Companies Will Continue to Blur


EdSurge sat down with Gallagher during the ASU+GSV Summit in May to learn about why he predicts that when it comes to education, the line between colleges and companies will continue to blur. And I think it will be 5, 10 or 15 years until aspects of this ecosystem are sorted out, but it makes for a really exciting time now to get the IBMs and healthcare companies and hotels and others at the table with college and university leaders, technology leaders, and so on.

Yes There’s ‘Disruption’ in College Market, But the Bigger Trend Is Growth of ‘Enabler’ Companies


While it is something of an outlier, the r ecent purchase of for-profit Kaplan University by Purdue University is one of the clearest examples of the ascendance of service-oriented enablement businesses. And, on the Kaplan side of the equation, the deal appears to be an assessment that the long-term future of building profitable businesses in education is more about servicing universities than in owning and operating them.

Unable to ‘Reach a Sustainable Business Model,’ Dev Bootcamp Will Shut Down in December


In an email, the company stated that “we’ve determined that we simply cannot reach a sustainable business model without compromising our mission of delivering a high-quality coding education that remains accessible to a diverse population of students.”. The company was founded in 2012, and had bootstrapped its growth until its. acquisition by Kaplan in 2014. It appears that the Kaplan ownership did not stave off the financial concerns for long.

U. of New Haven and Upstart Coding School Team Up on Master’s Program

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When the company started gSchool, an unaccredited program, in January 2013, Mr. Deters said he realized there were many challenges he hadn’t expected, and so he saw the benefit of forming a partnership with a traditional college. “I Kaplan. They function in a much more rational and effective manner than most colleges and universities, most not-for-profits, clearly because they’re profit-driven,” Mr. Kaplan said. ” Company Watch Startups Teaching

What Happens When A Public University Buys a For-Profit Online One?


And here’s the most surprising part: that online school it bought, Kaplan University, was a for-profit business—part of a sector that’s been criticized for high costs and poor outcomes for students. Purdue leaders, meanwhile, say that Kaplan has better outcomes than other for-profits and that it serves an important audience of adult students who aren’t able to go to a traditional campus. EdSurge: Purdue made news last year when it purchased the for-profit Kaplan University.

Mark Cuban, ECMC Lead $1.8M Round for Cluster to Develop Industrial Tech Talent


The new roles require new digital skills—with design tools like Siemens NX and CATIA, and companies struggle to find qualified candidates, according to Cluster’s founder and CEO, Kim Taylor. The company is based in Los Angeles, home to many of these companies. In the future, Cluster aims to expand its services to help companies train and upskill their employees. “If Backing Cluster is serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who invested in Taylor’s last company, Ranku.

Admissions Scandal, Painful Pivots and Other Themes From ASU GSV


And the presence of executives from companies outside of the industry reinforced that point. Several employers praised companies like Guild Education for connecting them with schools to offer their employees access to college courses and degrees as a benefit. “It’s

As Online Learning Grows, So Will Proctors. Case in Point: Examity’s $90M Deal


Historically that involves bringing some form physical identification, but increasingly companies and institutions are turning to face recognition, fingerprinting and voice biometrics. As a result of the transaction, Great Hill will own a majority stake in the company.

An investor’s take: seeing the patterns of potential in bootcamps

The Christensen Institute

Rich Flynn: The noteworthy closures in 2017 (DevBootcamp/Kaplan and Iron Yard/Apollo) were very parent company-specific in nature and revolved around strategy, execution, and focus challenges—they were not a reflection on the bootcamp model’s significant potential.

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Philadelphia Principal Tells Publishers How They Can Help Schools

Marketplace K-12

Publishers and education companies can come to the aid of struggling schools in a number of ways that would support both students and teachers, a nationally recognized principal told a room full of business executives gathered here on Wednesday. Philadelphia.

Why I’m Optimistic About the Next Wave of Education Technology


Although the pessimists correctly observe that many questionable edtech startups have been over-funded and over-hyped these past few years (and some of the biggest are likely to crash to Earth in the near future), it’s simultaneously true that the next decade is likely to see the birth and growth of some of the most transformative education companies of this century. Kaplan thrived during the decade, growing to more than $2.8

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Working Together to Expand Research Use in Education and Ed-Tech

Digital Promise

…[Educators are] much more willing to accept it than any company or university coming in and saying, ‘here’s what we’re seeing.’”.

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EdTech Pioneer Flocabulary Taps Seasoned Leader


The company is tapping into districts' need for culturally relevant offerings in an unrivaled fashion, enabling teachers to reach students in ways that will have a profound impact both on learning outcomes and on school climate," said Heiman.

What a New College Board President Means for Students


Jeremy Singer, the new president of the College Board Expanding access Following stints at the nonprofit Partners in School Innovation and the publisher McGraw-Hill Education , Singer served as president at Kaplan , a test-prep company, before joining the College Board about six years ago. From my background at Kaplan and McGraw-Hill, [I learned] that larger companies can acquire companies and then lose what made them special and more entrepreneurial.

New Markets Venture Partners Adds $30 Million, Former Gates Foundation Executive to Edtech Fund


His career also includes stops at Microsoft, Schoolnet and Kaplan. New Markets has supported 43 companies since its launch in 2003; edtech startups make more than 90 percent of its deals in the past five years, Palmer adds. Part of the new fund will also be used for what Palmer calls “recapitalization,” a scenario that companies want to avoid. He adds that New Markets has funded “a handful” of companies in this situation. (He

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In Move Towards Nonprofit, Grand Canyon University Sells for $875M


Grand Canyon Education, a publicly-traded education company, announced today it has sold Grand Canyon University for $875 million to form a nonprofit. In 2014 officials at the company announced plans to turn the university back to a nonprofit. As a result, company officials told IHE, “the university no longer needs outside investment capital.” The deal translated to Purdue acquiring Kaplan’s 32,000 online and campus-based students and nearly 3,000 employees.

Using Augmented Reality for Engaging Learning Experiences


This broadcast was hosted by edWeb.net and sponsored by Kaplan Early Learning. Cynthia was honored as a leader of one of the Top 15 Fastest Growing Ed-Tech Woman-Led Companies in North America.

Ranku Acquired By Wiley to Help Colleges Market Online Degrees


Seattle-based software company Ranku announced today its acquisition by academic publishing company John Wiley & Sons. In 2013, co-founders and childhood friends Kim Taylor and Cecilia Retelle started Ranku out of the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, raising $500,000 in seed funding led by Mark Cuban, GSV and Microsoft Ventures. Taylor says selling Ranku will allow her to focus less on fundraising and growing the company.

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Many Online Education Marketplaces Have Sputtered. Will Quizlet’s Pass the Test?


Last summer, the San Francisco-based company invited several dozen educational publishers and organizations to create and sell materials to Quizlet users, as part of a closed beta program. Today, the company announced it is inviting any content creator, including individual educators, to apply for its Premium Content program. And the company regularly ranks in the Top 10 lists for downloads in the educational category in Apple’s and Google’s app stores. Content may be king.

Coding Startup Treehouse Trims Staff to ‘Cross the Chasm to Profitability’


based company laid off 22 of its 104 employees, amounting to 21 percent of its team. The company offers online courses in business, design and web and mobile programming. The company has raised more than $12 million in venture capital. It last raised $7 million in a Series B round led by Kaplan Ventures. Every venture-funded company has to cross the chasm to profitability, and we decided the time was now,” Carson wrote in an email to EdSurge.

edWeb attends the 2015 NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo


Many of the edWeb learning community sponsors also contributed to the conference this year, including Gryphon House , Kaplan Early Learning Company , Crayola , and Music Together – who was featured as a bronze level sponsor of the conference this year!

New Markets Venture Partner’s Latest Edtech Fund Closes at $68 Million


The firm plans to invest up to $5 million into Series A, Series B and recapitalization rounds for education companies serving pre-kindergarten to professional learners, with a focus on digital learning, learning sciences, analytics and workforce development services. Already, roughly 15 percent, or about $10 million of the fund’s $68 million total, have been invested across seven companies: Credly, LearnPlatform, Motimatic, Noodle Partners, Pairin, Practice and Signal Vine.

3 Ways Big Data Can Soften the Campus Dropout Crisis

EdNews Daily

To be sure, not all university personnel are eschewing social platforms’ value; Kaplan’s study in 2015 suggested that 40 percent of surveyed institutions based potential freshman acceptance rates partially on candidates’ web social interactions. Guest Article Written By: Bob La Loggia.

Marketplace trend update: 4 ed-tech developments

eSchool News

Kaplan Test Prep is launching a free, live PSAT preparation program beginning October 1, with lessons that cover every section of the exam. Free for all students, Kaplan’s PSAT Prep Live will give the 3.8

The ‘O’ in ‘OPM’ Could Stand for ‘Outsourcing’


They started off by telling an origin story of sorts, tracing the OPM (as it is known) back to the enrollment management companies of the 1970s. More recently, we’ve seen the opposite, when Kaplan University sold its daily operations to Purdue University, with the remaining portion of the original company essentially becoming a one-customer OPM for Purdue’s Kaplan-based operation. Randy Best and his company, Academic Partnerships, were among the pioneers in this space.

Early Learning Educators Lead the Way with Professional Learning Webinars


Transition Activities that Build Young Brains, Manage Behavior presented by Ellen Booth Church, Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University, sponsored by Kaplan Early Learning. The 2016 results are in. Who is participating the most in professional learning webinars?

Purdue on Track to Expand Workforce Development

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Their recent acquisition of Kaplan (details still being worked out) and their strategic alliance with Infosys, an India-based tech services company, will position Purdue as a leader in workforce development, utilizing online course delivery as a large part of that equation.

Education Technology, Betsy DeVos, and the Innovation Gospel

Hack Education

Wayne Johnson , the head of a student loan refinancing company, was chosen to run the department’s student loan division; Robert Eitel , a former executive at the for-profit Bridgepoint Education, was pegged as senior counselor to the secretary; and Stanley Buchesky , a venture capitalist with The EdTechFund, was selected as the department’s interim CFO, for example. Theranos, the troubled blood-testing company. The for-profit college company Sextant Education.

Consolidation, collaboration or closure? How colleges stay alive in 2018

The Christensen Institute

Purdue and Kaplan University stunned the higher education world. Paul Freedman: The innovation for 2018 will be “partnerships,” including partnerships between institutions (like the University Innovation Alliance or the active learning consortium) and partnerships between higher education institutions and for-profit companies (like Lyft and Guild Education). The last year certainly turned in its share of surprises. Prominent full-time MBA and law programs folded.

Why Are Coding Bootcamps Going Out of Business?

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Within the past week, two well-known and well-established coding bootcamps have announced they’ll be closing their doors: Dev Bootcamp, owned by Kaplan Inc., and The Iron Yard, owned by the Apollo Education Group (parent company of the University of Phoenix). ” The article contended that many companies have found coding bootcamp grads unprepared for technical work: “These tech bootcamps are a freaking joke,” one tech recruiter told the publication.

Would You Like Higher Ed With That? Guild Education's Playbook to Educating Employees


Numbers say the company’s strategy is working: Since January 2017, Guild has helped more than 500 front-of-the-line employees go back to school, and claims to have coached more than 7,000 students since its inception in 2015. Carlson explains, “The university gets paid the tuition price, but in most cases the company picks up the majority of the bill.” Guild’s services are also comparable to the recent deal Purdue University made to purchase Kaplan University for $1.

Don't hide your online self when applying for college or career

The Innovative Educator

According to a study by Internet se curity company AVG , two thirds of HR managers will browse social media profiles of candidates. When it comes to college about 24% of admission officers admit to tracking applicants on various social media sites to check an applicant’s digital footprint, according to a 2011 Kaplan Test Prep survey.

Fueled by Big Rounds, Edtech Funding Surges to $887M in First Half of 2017


edtech companies last year, the dollars returned with a fury during the first six months of 2017. Company. Several private-equity-backed companies have invested heavily in the “platform” approach. PowerSchool, owned by Vista Equity Partners, has acquired eight companies since June 2015. The strategy has worked for a few older companies: Kaplan, for instance, began in the test-prep business and has since moved into higher education, corporate training (and a.

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Edgenuity Acquires Compass Learning to Expand Online, Blended Learning Reach

Marketplace K-12

Edgenuity today announced its acquisition of Compass Learning, bringing together two well-known ed-tech companies whose digital offerings will now span kindergarten through 12th grade. Terms of the sale were not disclosed, but Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity , said the combined companies will have about 500 employees between Edgenuity’s Scottsdale, Ariz., In an interview, Factor said the controversy had no bearing on the company or its goals. Company Exec.

?Another Major Coding Bootcamp, Iron Yard, Announces Closure


Dev Bootcamp, a Kaplan-owned coding bootcamp pioneer, announced last week that it will be closing its doors in December. Its website states that since 2012, the firm has invested in more than 62 companies that have together raised more than $100 million. The Iron Yard, a Greenville, S.C.-based based coding bootcamp, is closing up shop. The school wrote in a blog post today that it will be ceasing operations at all of its 15 campuses around the U.S.