Learning to learn: A skill set for the 21st century student


Officially, any school’s purpose is to prepare its students for becoming highly accomplished members of the workforce. How do schools know how to do that, exactly? How could we know whether or not schools reach their purpose successfully? The 21st century student and learning to learn. Fast Company collected a few jobs of the future that might have a plausible existence, but who knows how the world will look like in 2036?

The history of training in US companies

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The role of education and training in the US correlates to the management practices that have developed over the last century. Knowledge of work practices were passed down from expert to novice through the apprenticeship. After WWII, however, college education through the GI bill made university affordable to those who would not have been able to attend college before. There are still these management training type of programs in large multinational companies.

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Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

The CoolCatTeacher

5 Ways to Teach Students to Think From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Next week, my tenth graders will have to invent a new way to access the Internet. It doesn’t have to work , mind you, but it does have to include plausible technology. The first time I saw the “tile” product that we now use to locate keys and phones, it was my student’s invention. Now, it seems to be on finding.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Childhood Educator and Social Warrior


It requires educators to deeply understand how institutional racism comes to be and manifests in environments where young students learn. The reality is that instructional practices and policies tend to emerge from an inherently racist foundation. For early childhood educators to become equity advocates, they must fully explore racism’s deep roots to eradicate it. How does the work I do connect to the larger system and programming?

What Makes Professional Development Work?


There are a vast plethora of people who could be the best teachers ever, yet they don’t want to be in the profession. It is not easy for teachers to thrive and to grow when teacher professional development is irrelevant, generic, and unsustainable. This approach can enable administrators to differentiate to meet the needs of all their teachers. “Don’t call it professional development—call it professional learning.” ” Jill Abbott Sr.

Clippy and the History of the Future of Educational Chatbots

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Earlier this year, Microsoft made headlines when it debuted Tay, a new chatbot modeled to speak like a teenage girl, which rather dramatically turned into “ a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours ” of its release, as The Telegraph put it. Tay soon began responding with increasingly incendiary commentary, denying the Holocaust and linking feminism to cancer, for starters. of households had computers, a figure that had grown to 42.1% Templated knowledge.

An Education ‘Intrapreneur’ on the Difficulties Innovating in a Conservative Industry


Larry Singer is a CEO, but not the smug type, who’s likely to engage you in a long-winded conversation about himself, while you sip on your drink and wait for someone more interesting to come along. He, like many of our podcast listeners, is a person who wants to do well, but also do good. I mean, I was so peeved at the publishers who come out there and talk about being education companies, but shareholder value trumps all. That's what I wanted to study.

Creating the felt for the velcro to stick

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In other words, schooling should prepare students to be receptacle to learning from new environments, interactions, information, and experience. Like felt, new ideas will "stick" best to younger learners who have more room in their developing brains. However, as we age, the felt becomes crowded with knowledge we have accumulated. Older learners may need to change their thinking (lift the velcro from the felt) which can be difficult. project based learning).

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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There were a few higher education professors in the discussion that gave a bit of insight into how slowly changes in curriculum often happen in higher Ed courses. At the end of the chat I shared the following tweet: "I know I'm biased but I think teacher prep students should be aware of blended learning, value of PLN and recent buzzwords to explore." Technology allows for teachers to have more small group and one on one instruction, something all teachers find value in.

A traditional model of organizational knowledge creation

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Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to include my word graphics into blogger and since I don't have a lot of time to figure it out, it will just have to be left out of this post. The Traditional Model The traditional model used by organizational learning theorists begins with the depth of knowledge. This can further be linked to depth of knowledge being greater as it is internalized (Yaklief, 2010), as exhibit 2 illustrates.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. Via Politico : “ National Teacher of the Year Mandy Manning delivered dozens of letters to President Donald Trump from her students on Wednesday afternoon, with one of the letters urging the president to ‘take care’ with his language about immigrant and refugee communities.” high school’s track turned out to be superintendent, cops say.”


The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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I think it is worthwhile, as the decade draws to a close, to review those stories and to see how much (or how little) things have changed. But as the ed-tech sector is never willing to let a bad idea die, the report will live on. They want to choose a school.