Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Flip Your Meetings

Turning Learning On Its Head

We were talking about how too many corporate meetings turn into death by PowerPoint. This was followed up by several meetings with key scientists to ascertain the threat that the incident posed for the mission. But the flipped class model does not just apply to classroom settings.

How Academic Publishers Can Push the Boundaries of Digital Learning


A recent Deloitte study found that digital content in a blended or flipped classroom allows for improved class management, more personalized learning for struggling students, and an increase in student engagement and grades. These small chunks of information are concise and targeted to meet any learning objective imaginable. Some companies have elected to offer new subscription options much like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify.

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How to Enhance Any Curriculum With Short, Engaging, Accurate Videos


Today, as an associate teaching professor of economics at Penn State in University Park, Pennsylvania, Wooten is on the flip side of the camera; he creates his own short educational videos to enhance traditional reading materials and lectures.

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This Accelerator Empowers Low-Income Students to Jump the College-to-Career Divide


Certain invisible privileges often come to students from more affluent backgrounds—from parents who can help their children put together compelling resumes, to a sibling who’s gone through the interview process just a few years before, to a family friend who works at a thriving company and will make a connection. Flip the Classroom Aimee Eubanks Davis’s favorite resources on developing and spotting talent Whistling Vivaldi , by Claude M.

Cash Awards Honor Faculty and Institutions for Innovative Use of Digital Tools


While students were going through the math remediation courseware, they were also meeting with their peer mentor on a weekly basis using video conferencing.”. So he struck up a partnership with Cengage Learning, a Boston-based education technology and information company. For introducing a flipped-classroom chemistry curriculum that has cut student costs and boosted student success with online instruction and homework Oregon State University.

20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

The CoolCatTeacher

Blended Learning In my opinion, the best 21st-century classrooms are “bricks” and “clicks,” blending together the best of face-to-face and online. Blended Learning Classrooms are made of “bricks’ and “clicks” and every teacher should be ready.

Bring Experts to Your Class Easily with Nepris

Ask a Tech Teacher

Set up your class (optional, but this allows you to share out archived Nepris sessions with students, say, for a flipped classroom activity). Set up a virtual meeting by answering a series of questions designed to find the right expert for your needs.

Flipping Awesome Physics with an Asynchronous Flipped Gameful Mastery Learning Classroom

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Flipping Awesome Physics with an Asynchronous Flipped Gameful Mastery Learning Classroom. Now, Jon, you have recently implemented an asynchronous, flipped, gameful, mastery learning classroom. What is asynchronous, flipped, gameful, mastery learning?

6 EdTech Tools for the Future Classroom

Gaggle Speaks

It’s becoming increasingly clear that 3D printing is not just a passing fad, but already is making a huge impact inside the classroom. For an education-focused 3D printing company, check out Printrbot, which wants to bring an affordable 3D printer to every school.

How This Everyman Bootcamp Tackles the Impacts of Automation


Last year, major companies like Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and even JPMorgan Chase started saying, “We no longer require degrees in our hiring.” Our learning is all project-based and flipped classroom, instead of lecture-based.

Classroom Videos: How-to Tips and Tricks

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Today’s Sponsor: Edpuzzle is my new favorite flipped classroom tool. Classroom Videos: How-to Tips and Tricks. Introduction: Meet the Viral Video History Teacher – Mr. Betts! Sometimes a catchy chorus, your mind just flips those words in.

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Resources For Teaching and Learning During This Period of Social Distancing


Online learning can feel isolating and lacks the warmth of a busy classroom; however, teachers who transition from face-to-face classes have the advantage of having established relationships with their students.

Inside Google’s NYC Teacher’s Lounge


Teachers want to have a space to socialize, hang out and build a network just like any other working professional,” said Kyle Liao, manager of strategic partnerships at Educate LLC, a small education technology professional development company based out of New York City. We wanted to give teachers an opportunity to meet other teachers and then do meaningful work,” says Becca Garrison, an instructional technology coach at Educate LLC.

Being ‘The Guide on the Side’ is not Enough. Become The COO.


Since Alice Johnson though, these terms have found their way into the mouths of almost every “educational thought leader” and administrator as a way to describe the role of the teacher in the 21st century classroom. I didn’t start out being the COO of the classroom full time.

Unleashing the Potential of Every Child #MondayMotivation

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Now, Tom is a 10-year classroom veteran who is working to make his classroom (and help others) connect with kids in new ways. Today’s Sponsor: Edpuzzle is my new favorite flipped classroom tool. And I’ve been in the classroom now for ten years.

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29 Sessions to Watch During This Year's SXSW EDU


Every year in March the edtech world descends on Austin for SXSW EDU, a conference that’s become as much about classroom practice and implementation as entrepreneurship and tech innovation. Stories of Schooling & Getting Schooled (Keynote): In concert with live radio and podcast platform The Moth, three teachers talk about their lives both inside and out of the classroom. A Flipped Future? Hear how companies can be smarter about engaging with school leaders.


Not Just Numbers: How Educators Are Using Data in the Classroom


And what types of data can best offer insights into whether students are learning in your classroom? Diablo Unified fifth grade teacher Craig Yen favors “getting data from observation of students,” live and in the classroom. “I I use Pear Deck in the classroom, most often as a warm-up activity, to gauge how students are thinking about bigger picture questions.”. says that she loves using EDpuzzle ’s data analytics features for her flipped classroom.

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Taking Student Voice Beyond The Classroom: Student Perspective


At ISTE this year, beyond attending sessions and trading ideas with other educators, I’ll be meeting with Ross Smith and other members of the Skype in the Classroom team. They think we can’t help and I think more companies should do this. App Classroom Skype TL Advisor Blog

Taking Student Voice Beyond The Classroom


I started that school year with one goal: to take what students loved and incorporate it into the classroom. Slack , the massive communication company, had seen pictures of the stuff students were creating on Twitter.

Before going one-to-one, this district is helping every kid get home wi-fi

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Add concepts like blended and flipped learning to the equation and you come up with yet another to-do list item: Make sure students can actually use their devices when they aren’t physically on campus and within wi-fi range.

Not Another Dashboard: K-12 Interoperability Efforts Aim to Inform (Not Just Report)


Schools and districts needed a way to standardize data about their students’ backgrounds and achievement levels to meet state and federal reporting requirements. If products can’t be flexible and meet districts where they are, they won’t survive.”. As the demand for interoperability increases among schools, some companies are taking notice and working with their product development teams to make change — but the actions are small and the changes come slowly.

What if MOOCs Revolutionize Education After All?


But I am beginning to notice more and more when I first did a flipped classroom model, where I had some of the lectures in videos, and then we worked materials in class. For example, at San Jose State University, they had an experiment where low-cost MOOCs allowed people to take courses that they simply couldn't get into because there weren't enough seats in the classrooms, and it was really causing problems. They enhance the classroom.

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Connected Educator Month Kickoff Details! PLUS Library 2.013 Proposals Deadline

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The other part of my job is hosting a nightly CEM "cafe" all month so you can personally meet lots of special "connected" guests--stay tuned!). From Twitter to Facebook and Pinterest to Vine (hey--what about Classroom 2.0 ?!),



Start Up Bus is a hackathon where people meet for the first time on a bus that is headed to a pitchfest. My favorite company to come out of Start Up Bus was Course Align. She writes tons about practical things you can do in your classroom to make a difference.



Learning with 'e's

He warns that sometimes companies innovate too quickly, and end up trying to ship products that nobody is interested in. Retailing high cost products to meet the demands of the most affluent customers may not be enough to sustain a business. There are two kinds of disruption.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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Without revenue the company will go away. Or the company will have to start charging for the software. Or it will raise a bunch of venture capital to support its “free” offering for a while, and then the company will get acquired and the product will go away. (It’s

5 Ed-Tech Ideas Face The Chronicle’s Version of ‘Shark Tank’

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In the TV series Shark Tank, entrepreneurs with budding companies pitch their ideas to a panel of investors who ask probing questions and then decide whether to back the proposals. Our sharks were Goldie Blumenstyk, a senior writer at The Chronicle; Jason Jones, a co-editor of the ProfHacker blog and director of educational technology at Trinity College, in Connecticut; and Paul Freedman, founder of Entangled Ventures, an education-technology company. We do hybrid classrooms.

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Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - Reinventing the Classroom - Library 2.014 - The Real 1:1 - Reclaim Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Updates Partner Spotlight Calendar of Events Deadlines Highlighted Recordings NMC Navigator Top Ten Conversations Submit a Video or Quote Kudos Updates Reinventing the Classroom. Ever since I started Classroom 2.0 I''ve looked forward to holding an event specifically about Ed Tech in the classroom. we''re pleased to announce and issue the call for proposals for Reinventing the Classroom. Classroom 2.0 Classroom 2.0 One of our very favorite Classroom 2.0

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Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - ISTE Unplugged - Homework - Emperor's New Clothes

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Over the last two months we worked with an email list company in an attempt to avoid this duplication, but unfortunately, we were reported as a spammer (ugh!) Attendees will have the chance to meet educators, business people and other professionals from across the education industry while engaging in authentic discussion about leadership and career development. Classroom 2.0 Comic Workshop Tools for Your Library or Classroom.