What I Learned On My ‘Secret Sabbatical’ As a Scholar-in-Residence at a Private Company


Last fall I started my first day on the job as an embedded faculty member with a corporation—as a scholar-in-residence at Steelcase Education. Actually intern is probably the best lens through which to look at what I’ve been doing at Steelcase for the last eight months. While I was an embedded academic with the company, I played amateur anthropologist to learn all I could about corporate practices. In a great company, everybody assumes responsibility for everything.

Coronavirus Triple Duty: Working, Parenting And Teaching From Home


Having things like a schedule is very important,” says Hertirch, an account manager for office furnishings company Steelcase. ” In other words, as parents learn to remote work, their children will also learn — by example.

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Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution


As an introvert, for example, after attending several sessions at an academic conference and interacting with lots of people, I’m likely to head off to my hotel room for some quiet time before meeting up with a couple of friends for dinner.

To Get More Students to Office Hours, Colleges Rethink the Faculty Office


One of the most dramatic examples of rethinking the faculty office can be found at Cornell Tech, a new university under construction on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan, a joint venture between Cornell University and Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. Selingo, a former editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, who wrote a white paper on innovative faculty office designs for the furniture company Steelcase.