Classroom Tech Can Drive Student Engagement—But Schools Need to Choose Wisely


The district loaded up on engaging tools to help teachers and students connect and collaborate—TVs in classrooms, whiteboarding devices, and wireless HDMI to name a few. Serendipity struck when Vivi , an Australia-based classroom engagement solution, reached out to Rugg offering a demo.

How Smart UX Design Turbocharges Student Engagement


Many of them have been immersed in apps and digital games featuring engaging user experience, or UX, since before they could read. To captivate these students, educational technology has to be more than just a container for instructional content—it has to offer the same level of engagement as the consumer apps they’re used to—in other words, a seamless and enticing UX. As every teacher knows, students are most comfortable when education doesn’t feel like an onerous task.

Want to Boost Reading Scores? Build Silent Reading Stamina.


When the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Golden Grove Elementary School in Palm Beach County, FL pad around the classroom in their (possibly) smelly socks, everyone cheers. It’s not because these students and teachers have a peculiar penchant for fetid footsies.

5 Ways to Create a Culture of Inquiry in Your Classroom Now

The CoolCatTeacher

has 25 years in education as teacher, instructional coach, elementary/secondary principal and K-12 district administrator. Teachers describe her workshops as meaningful and engaging as she models quality instructional methods that can be used in the classroom tomorrow.

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Save Money on Easy, Awesome Science Projects

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Everything comes in the box and you’re ready to engage your students. Additionally, I’ll share information on engaging students in hands-on science learning. We selected some kits to get students excited about matter and also sustainability and water.

Unique Teacher Appreciation Ideas

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Peek into André’s classroom and you will find her students engaged in math conversation, working problems on the vertical whiteboards, or enjoying a Desmos activity. Her daily goal is to make math class an exciting experience for every student who walks through her door.

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10 Keys of Purpose Driven Learning

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If you’re a US public school teacher of grades 6-12, you and your students just need to come up with a STEAM idea that can help your community. They’re action-oriented words because I felt like over the years, just talking to students about grades wasn’t really functional.

How to Engage Students and Find Your Creative Breakthrough

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Hope King from Ron Clark Academy has an inspiring message for teachers about using your creativity to engage students. SMART wants to recognize educators across the globe who inspire greatness in their students, peers or community. Vicki: So we want engagement.

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5 Ways to Improve STEAM Learning at Your School

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Vicki: Yeah, you know, teacher engagement comes before student engagement, doesn’t it? I bet if you think about it, it is likely possible that many passions can be used to engage students. STEAM Idea #2: Find out what students love.

“Whether you’re a teacher in Kenya, Vietnam or the US, we all face similar challenges with student engagement. We may have different connectivity issues or cultures, but the actual process of teaching and learning is very similar.” – Sonja Delafosse, USA 

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Soon, Delafosse noticed that when she used the internet to post her students’ work and assignments, good things happened. Students stayed on track and parents stayed closely connected,” she notes. Students had to work really hard to fail my class.”. Sonja Delafosse.

Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


The change already delivers extraordinary results and 96% of teachers claim that EdTech increases student engagement in learning. With such tools at your disposal, you can not only discuss certain themes but also show them to the students.

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Authentic Learning Experiences

User Generated Education

Authentic learning is learning designed to connect what students are taught in school to real-world issues, problems, and applications; learning experiences should mirror the complexities and ambiguities of real life. ” Because authentic learning involves student voice and choice.

Top Google News, Tips, and Resources from #ISTE19

Teacher Reboot Camp

This year’s conference highlighted so many ways to use Google to engage learners and make grading, assessment, feedback, pbl, gamification, student engagement, collaboration, student choice, and student voice easy to do!

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How Can We Make Edtech More Effective? Focused Content

Digital Promise

As cofounder of Teachley , a small company developing research-based math software for K-6, this question demonstrates a problematic market preference for products that “ cover ” a lot of content, but do not support deeper thinking. Oh, the dreaded question… “What other content do you cover?”

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MIND Partners with 100Kin10 on Foundational Math Brain Trust

MIND Research Institute

At MIND Research Institute, we believe every student has the potential to deeply understand and truly love math. We believe that all students deserve equitable access to high-quality educational content and dynamic learning experiences. Elementary math specialization.

Answering the President’s Call for #CSforAll

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In response to the President’s call for commitments to computer science education for all , 37 school district across the country — from Vermont to Alaska — ­have committed to offering high­ quality computer science (CS) and computational thinking curriculum to over one million students. Throughout the League of Innovative Schools , districts are taking a range of steps to demonstrate this commitment and improve student learning.

School’s Out for Summer. For AT&T’s Latest Edtech Cohort, Classes Have Just Begun


A platform for students to create and run revenue-earning companies. A service for 24-hour tutoring for underserved high-school students. Since its first cohort in 2015, AT&T’s edtech accelerator has graduated 27 companies and nonprofits. million students.

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Celebrating ConnectED’s Achievements Toward Transforming Education

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These commitments are connecting 20 million more students to next-generation broadband and wireless. Beginning in fall 2014, the students and teachers at Burbank Elementary School in Hayward, California, embarked on a new and ambitious program to integrate arts across the curriculum.

How can your institution attract students

Linways Technologies

Defining the students’ choices of the 21st century. Portrait of pensive student carrying out test at lesson. Now students wait for their results and plan ahead for what stream or course they want to pursue and which institution they want to join.

Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

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This fun video tool is a great way to engage students at the beginning of school. Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee. With the free version, there’s a limit on how many students can post to a particular grid.

Workbench Education Expands Partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools


Baltimore, MD – July 12, 2018 – Edtech company Workbench Education today announced the expansion of a partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Height Elementary, Forest Park High, Ft. Student engagement ?

If you can’t see it, you can’t be it: Edtech that connects students to role models

The Christensen Institute

As the New York Times UpShot column recently highlighted, there is mounting evidence that students benefit from teachers who hail from a similar background and gender—and yet the teaching profession remains largely white and female. Most teachers don’t look like their students.

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MeTEOR Webinar Alert: The Well Classroom: Increase Student and Teacher Engagement by Design


WHAT: High Impact Learning Environment Webinar – The Well Classroom: Increase Student and Teacher Engagement by Design WHEN: Thursday, October 18, 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST REGISTER: [link] Gainesville, FL, Oct.

A rural Montana district goes all in on makerspaces

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Some students play basketball or volleyball as the clock ticks closer to first period, but for those who don’t like sports, there has been little else to do than sit on the bleachers and wait — until this year.

K-12 Game-a-thon Hall of Fame 2018

MIND Research Institute

The K-12 Game-a-thon challenges students to design, build and share a game that features creative and unusual solution­­s to mathematical problems. Throughout the process, students developed critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration skills and more. Capital Group Companies.

Imagine Learning Acquires Think Through Learning Inc.

Think Through Math

Acquisition of innovative digital math company expands Imagine Learning’s product reach and creates a total language, literacy, and numeracy solution; transaction bolsters Weld North Education’s industry leading profile in K–12 digital education category. PROVO, UT – October 17, 2016 – Imagine Learning, a leader in elementary language and literacy software solutions, announced today its acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Think Through Learning Inc.,

Help students hold themselves accountable

The Christensen Institute

The new report “ How to create higher performing, happier classrooms in seven moves: A playbook for teachers ” tells stories of teachers who improved student engagement and academic results by introducing seven specific, practical moves into their classrooms that replicate the successes of top managers in cutting-edge workplaces. The sixth move for creating a dynamic classroom is to help students hold themselves accountable. Using tools to help students stay organized.

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How Districts Can Unlock Actionable Data

School districts are struggling with the fact that 70% of purchased licenses for edtech programs don’t get used at all within the school year and only 10% of teachers know how often students should use edtech programs to drive learning outcomes.

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How Education Elements Guides Districts in Creating Environments that Personalize Learning


The company got its start in late 2010, spurred by founder Anthony Kim’s work with KIPP Empower , an elementary charter school in Los Angeles. Since its founding, the company has developed a two-part offering for schools and districts: consulting services to help envision, design and create instructional models and professional learning for blended and personalized learning programs, and a technology platform that helps schools transition to blended learning.

Educational gaming expands in Florida district

eSchool News

Broward County child care program supports student learning through educational gaming. DimensionU’s educational gaming platform for math and literacy is expanding across 40 elementary and middle school after care sites in Florida’s Broward County.

Using Augmented Reality for Engaging Learning Experiences

Using this 3D technology can help students significantly whether they’re struggling to learn reading or math, or just to engage. She discussed the benefits of using augmented reality in the classroom in “ Engaging Early Learners with Augmented Reality.”.

Replace teamwork with teaming for more dynamic classrooms

The Christensen Institute

The new report “ How to create higher performing, happier classrooms in seven moves: A playbook for teachers ” tells stories of teachers who improved student engagement and academic results by introducing seven specific, practical moves into their classrooms that replicate the successes of top managers in cutting-edge workplaces. She believes that teaming is not only something that some individuals and companies have to do, but it’s something that they should want to do.

Maryland Educator Ali Schilpp Named 2018 School Librarian of the Year by School Library Journal


In addition to receiving a comprehensive suite of prizes provided by the program’s sponsor, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company Scholastic, Ali Schilpp is currently featured on the cover of the September 2018 issue of SLJ.

How to unlock students’ internal drive for learning

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When Destiny Reyes started elementary school, she felt highly motivated. Destiny, 18, is like most students in the United States. Surveys reveal a steady decline in student engagement throughout middle and high school, a trend that Gallup deemed the “school engagement cliff.”

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As students return to college, a basic question persists: What are they learning?

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Students in a class at Frederick Community College in Maryland. Students are hitting the books again on college campuses this fall, with fresh possibilities ahead of them. The Spellings Commission found evidence that “the quality of student learning at U.S.