Drinking, Smoking and Sugar: How Unsavory Ads Wound Up on Edmodo


Beth Freeman logs in to her son’s Edmodo account from time to time to check on his homework assignments. Most of the ads seem innocuous—a virtual charter school or a set of digital worksheets, for example—and don’t bother her much. The advertisement appeared on Edmodo’s mobile app, which Freeman’s son uses daily for updates about homework, quizzes and other school assignments. That the ad ever showed up on a student’s account was a mistake, Edmodo officials say.

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Edmodo’s Tracking of Students and Teachers Revives Skepticism Surrounding ‘Free’ Edtech Tools


Edmodo’s investigation into. its alleged massive data breach , in conjunction with reports from bloggers that the company has been tracking student and teacher users for advertising purposes, is more than a public relations nightmare. Edmodo , an education technology company founded 2008 as a K-12 social network, allows educators to communicate with students and parents through their digital platform.

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Practical Strategies for Flipping Our Classrooms this Fall

The CoolCatTeacher

and MAIT, is the Senior Community Engagement Manager at Edmodo, a former high school English teacher with 20+ years of classroom experience, board member of the Flipped Learning Network, & contributing ?author This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

Open Education – Where do I begin?

Tom Murray

Blog Amazon Andy Marcinek Edmodo future ready GoOpen OER OER Commons Office of Edtech Open Education US Department of EducationThis blog was originally posted on the Future Ready website at [link].

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Mindful Tracking Cookie Policies Improve K—12 Data Security

EdTech Magazine

We talk about this in terms of URLs and tracking, but what we are tracking is bits and pieces of people’s lives being sent off into black boxes to be used in ways that we don’t know,” Bill Fitzgerald, a blogger who discovered tracking cookies hidden in an education product from Edmodo, told EdSurge.

Twelve Years Later: How the K-12 Industry and Investment Landscape Has Shifted (Part 2)


Twelve years ago, Amplify CEO Larry Berger and I wrote about the “ pareto distribution ” of companies in the K-12 sector. Most revenue was generated by a few winner-take-all companies, then there was a long tail of subscale operators. Supply of new companies has reached a fever pitch.

How to Protect Education Data When No Systems Are Secure


As schools and districts increasingly rely on digital tools, what have companies and districts learned about safeguarding sensitive information? Survivors from high-profile breaches at two education technology companiesEdmodo and Schoolzilla—shared what they learned at the SF Edtech Meetup on Sept. The conversation focused on how companies and schools can create the protocols and culture to keep everyone smart and alert.

Autonomy Breeds Change

A Principal's Reflections

The inspiration for this idea came from Google’s 80/20 Innovation Model where engineers are encouraged to take 20 percent of their time to work on something company-related that interests them personally.

Summer Learning Series-It's All About The Hashtag

The Web20Classroom

The first in the series was Collaborative Learning With Edmodo. For example, lets say you are watching the Super Bowl. Many TV shows, events, companies, and more are creating hashtags to monitor conversations and just generally engage with other followers.

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All Invited to Global Collaboration Day - September 17th!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

We are encouraging students, teachers, organizations and companies to host virtual events involving technology on September 17, 2015. We would like invite you to join Global Collaboration Day , our first annual demonstration of global collaboration for educators.

Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

Hack Education

At the time, I wrote about the importance of APIs; the issues surrounding data security and privacy; the appeal of platforms for users and businesses; and the education and tech companies who were well-positioned (or at least wanting) to become education platforms. Remember Edmodo?

The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'

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When I first started working as a tech reporter, I assumed – naively – that venture capitalists were smart people who did thorough research before funding a company. I assumed that they looked to see if the company could do what it promised – financially, technologically. Its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, dropped out of Stanford to start the company when she was just 19. The companies that raised the most money this year: BYJU’s (tutoring): $540 million.

Sikorsky STEM Challenge - real world engineering for high school students

Educational Technology Guy

I was an Aerospace engineer and worked for companies like Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft. It''s similar to Edmodo in many ways, but bigger and used by corporations. It''s a great example of industry and education working together to support our students. I was an engineer for 10 years before deciding to become an educator and work to help other students become engineers and scientists.

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7 Ways to Spark Innovation and Collaboration In Your School


And over at Nearpod, the company recently launched Nearpod VR. Here are some examples. Here’s a big question: how can educators create learning experiences that foster collaboration, and problem solving, but also nurture imagination and curiosity during the school day?

Looking Back At 2010 And Looking Forward To 2011.

The Web20Classroom

Here is an example I use a lot where I asked people to give me their thoughts on what a PLN (Personal Learning Network) means to them. So education related companies are going to have to be innovative in the apps they create for these devices.

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Computer science and middle schoolers: a perfect combination – Greg Mittleider, USA

Daily Edventures

I worked in private industry for many years prior to entering the world of education and had worked my way through management for every company where I had held a position. For example, Edmodo is a great collaborative tool.

The Long Life of a Data Trail

Graphite Blog

Within educational technology, tech companies can acquire data via multiple routes. BetterLesson is an example of a site like this - a teacher creates an account, and only teacher data gets collected. Examples of applications like this include most educational apps sold in the Apple and Google app stores, and some online learning sites. A very incomplete list of examples here include Knewton, Infinite Campus, eScholar, Schoolnet, Learnsprout, or Clever.

Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation


Bloxels : This new game creation app is made by the same company that makes Pixel Floor Press and the two products are compatible. I’ve always loved using Kidblog and Edmodo , but this is spot-on the easiest things I’ve seen, especially for younger learners,” Miller said.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

That being said, if you’re using a piece of technology that’s free, it’s likely that your personal data is being sold to advertisers or at the very least hoarded as a potential asset (and used, for example, to develop some sort of feature or algorithm).

Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer.


Tumblr is an example of a blogging site which is extremely popular with teens. Studies over the last year have shown that four out of five college admissions officers use Facebook to recruit students and more and more companies are looking at Facebook to find potential employees.

Newsletter: Privacy Con, OZeLive, GlobalEd.TV, Homeschooling, Making Chromebooks, Student Inquiry, & More

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

In Part II of this series, participants will examine powerful examples and methods for applying global education in learning environments. Some great upcoming (and all free) Learning Revolution events are below.

The Top Ed-Tech Trends (Aren't 'Tech')

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And more importantly, to ascertain where some folks – those who issue press releases, for example – want the puck to head. It ignores what happens in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for example: the site of Harvard and MIT.

Pick Your Battles: Edtech Leaders Share Strategies for Engaging in Political Discourse


diplomat, and Vibhu Mittal, the CEO of Edmodo and a former Google employee. The letter said that you all stand with dreamers, that they're vital to the future of your companies and our economy and that you believe that they're part of why we continue to hold a global competitive advantage. Collins: So for our company, After School, we think DACA is really representative of our values as both individuals and a company. Jeffrey Collins Our company is small.

'The Ed-Tech Mafia'

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Why, for example, would Microsoft famously put out a study in 2015 saying that humans’ attention spans are shorter than goldfish’s? A company that really drives the ideology that underpins how we talk about the future of school and tech. Over the companies that get funded.

The Weaponization of Education Data

Hack Education

In education, there were breaches at colleges and universities, breaches at K–12 schools, breaches at the Department of Education, breaches at education technology companies, and breaches with software schools commonly use. 77 million users accounts stolen from Edmodo.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

“Technology companies can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of one of their largest investors.” When the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman toured the US recently, he hung out with Mark Zuckerberg , Jeff Bezos , and Sergey Brin , for example. And there’s a blog post on Medium , because I guess someone thinks it’s a good idea for the Office of Ed Tech to outsource its website to a for-profit company.


Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - Reinventing the Classroom - Library 2.014 - The Real 1:1 - Reclaim Learning

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Geo-educators can join the community through a variety of online platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and the secure educator site, Edmodo ( www.geo-educatorcommunity.org ). The article outlines important questions that you should answer before jumping into the design process, and then gives you examples of how to map course activities onto your proposed learning objectives.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Testing, Testing… Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “These days, everyone’s talking about ‘equity,’ and now a testing company has affixed the word to a new effort. The company behind the ACT on Wednesday announced plans for a Center for Equity in Learning, which will focus on helping underserved students succeed in college and the work force.” “ Can Edmodo Turn Virality into Profitability? The company has raised $2.15