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150+ Digital Activities for the K-2 Classroom Inside One Simple App

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Digital Learning Collection has over 150 apps for kindergarten to second-grade classrooms. Unboxing Demo: Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection. Digital Learning Collection. Well, the Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection makes all of this simple for you.

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This Standing-Room-Only Class Features Music Videos, a Gaming App and. Breathalyzers


He has been named a Master Educator by Course Hero , an education technology company that produced a short film on Garg, who is now one of three finalists for the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching bestowed by Baylor University. Watch Challenge Your Perceptions, Garg's TEDxUCLA talk, in which he demos the everyday relevance (and fun!) EdSurge talks to Garg about his new game, his favorite music videos, and how to make chemistry fun. What makes the game a success?

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Classroom Gaming Should Be Engaging, Tied to Curriculum—and Not Require Teachers to Code


It’s one thing when master teachers successfully implement learning games in a carefully controlled research study. But engaging students through game-based learning (GBL) means little unless the games are easy to implement and effective where they matter most—in the classroom. Games, like any other tool, should be put into place to support the learning of curriculum and the mastery of standards by our students. Learning Objective.

?Meet Intel Education Accelerator’s Newest Cohort of EdTech Visionaries


It was an edtech entrepreneur’s dream on Wednesday at Intel’s Education Accelerator Demo Day. This year’s cohort, whose products range from game-based learning to AI-generated flashcards, has a lot to be excited about. The program announced that last year, participants like tutoring app company GotIt! Big and small, patent and beta—here’s a round-up of Intel Education Accelerator’s latest protégés: PrepFlash : Based in College Station, Tex.,