5 Ways in which educational videos enhance online learning


Education experts have been talking about the rise of remote learning for years and years. However, it’s only recently that it has become not only widespread but nearly compulsory, as the COVID-19 pandemic has turned it into the only possible way for safe learning. E-learning

A Shakeout Coming for Online Program Management Companies


With so many online program management companies offering similar services, many market observers agree: something’s got to give. Ten years ago, just three or four companies existed to help universities start online programs. The latter has spawned even more competition, from a new set of companies charging fees for specific services, rather than the bundles that the OPMs have historically used.


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Online learning displays many new guises, in the wake of the coronoavirus

The Hechinger Report

The Hechinger Report is collaborating with The New York Times to produce Bulletin Board, page 2 of the Times ’ s education supplement, Learning. And with so many people turning online, he said, “There’s a high demand” for people with knowledge like his.

Research Finds Online Service Providers Boost Program Enrollment


Universities that contract with an online program management company tend to outperform those that go it on their own. OPM providers may offer end-to-end services for online programs, including marketing, recruitment, course design, enrollment and retention ; examples include Pearson Embanet, 2U and Academic Partnerships. Traditionally, the report noted, OPM companies have signed long-term contracts with schools, incorporating investments in new online programs.

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion


One teacher, many students: It’s basically the definition of school as we know it, going back to the earliest days of the Republic. It’s called personalized learning: What if each student had something like a private tutor, and more power over what and how they learned? It found that schools using some form of personalized learning were, on average, performing better ( there were some wrinkles we’ll talk about later on). Learn what you want.

How should traditional universities deliver wholly online learning?

Mark Smithers

I’ve worked with several traditional higher education institutions over the last few years that have been in the process of developing a capability for delivering wholly online course delivery. I see three broad approaches to design, development and delivery of wholly online courses. This involves creating a distinct grouping within the HEI that is normally tied to the teaching and learning governance function. Courses are designed and developed by the learning designer.

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How much will it take to reopen, catch up kids, and save public schooling long term?

The Hechinger Report

For those that closed buildings or turned to a hybrid of in-person and remote learning, it meant buying one-to-one remote learning technology so that every student had a laptop or learning device. Schools are now tasked with making up for those kinds of learning losses.

Will this semester forever alter college? No, but some virtual tools will stick around

The Hechinger Report

A PhD candidate at Harvard University tilts his screen while teaching an online class from his dorm. But while all of this is widely being referred to as online higher education, most of it isn’t. Online education is using digital technologies to transform the learning experience.

Is blended learning really “the best of both worlds”?

The Christensen Institute

You’ve likely heard the declaration that blended learning combines the best of online learning and face-to-face instruction, or simply, is “the best of both worlds.” A quick Google search of the phrase pulls up numerous examples, including “[b]lended learning programs truly are the best of both worlds for students, instructors and the institution” and “[b]lended learning combines the best of traditional, face-to-face teaching with online instruction.”.

Rethink funding for quality learning

The Christensen Institute

In 2008, in the book Disrupting Class, Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn, and Curtis Johnson made the bold prediction that by 2019, 50 percent of all high school courses in America would be online. It’s not surprising, then, that we’ve likewise seen dramatic growth in private investment in EdTech as demand for online and blended learning solutions grows: in 2014 alone, U.S. By definition, these disruptive markets are small and harder to estimate at the outset.

Canceled research, sports, recitals — college students are coping with more than closed campuses

The Hechinger Report

Moving his education online because of the coronavirus presents a much bigger problem for Cameron Pelton than it does for many of his Indiana University classmates. Pelton hoped to graduate next spring and get a job with a ballet company.

Making positive educational moves during the pandemic

The Hechinger Report

The Hechinger Report is collaborating with The New York Times to produce Bulletin Board, page 2 of the Times ’ s education supplement, Learning. Sophia Joffe, a high school senior who launched a database for enriched remote learning, at her family’s home in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

Subscribing to college and other visions of higher education’s future

The Hechinger Report

Rensselaer Polytech language students learn Mandarin Chinese by conversing with AI avatars. The learner, the learning provider and the employer all are speaking different languages that don’t interconnect.”. The way these kinds of learning get documented is also about to change.

How two CEOs created a shared language for innovation

The Christensen Institute

But one of Waters’ key breakthroughs has been learning how to not go it alone—a collaboration lesson for leaders across all industries to innovate successfully. Over the course of their partnership, they learned a number of key lessons about how to successfully collaborate: Identify shared values. Prior to meeting Ram, Waters was generally skeptical of working with edtech companies. Louise Waters, the CEO of the Leadership Public Schools (LPS), is no stranger to innovation.

The next-gen high school to watch

The Christensen Institute

Last month, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) in New Hampshire launched a new set of pathways for students. Although proponents of personalized learning often talk about affording students more choice regarding how they learn, few schools have managed to figure out a coherent architecture to get there. These allow students to move through learning at a more flexible pace, on an as-needed basis.

The Issues Parents Have Been Facing With Virtual Learning

Georgia Test Prep

School districts have done their best to plan learning contingencies due to the COVID situation. The idea of virtual learning is new and possibly intimidating for many parents. There is no easy way to overcome the issues that parents are facing with virtual learning.

What the closure of 2 bootcamps means for the industry’s future

The Christensen Institute

We also believe we are in the very early innings of the era of renewable learning. A lot of these companies were capitalizing on a short-term market opportunity without a broader vision. Schwartz: If you define the “industry” as “coding bootcamps,” then yes, the explosive growth in demand for that specific program has definitely slowed. Horn: Many have speculated that online learning could be a powerful factor in helping scale bootcamp programs and lowering costs.

The massive experiment in New Orleans schools that few have noticed

The Hechinger Report

NEW ORLEANS — A few years ago, with little fanfare or announcement, the New Orleans education system began a massive experiment that’s reshaping how kids learn across the city. Many charter networks here, including Crescent City Schools, Firstline, ReNEW, and KIPP, have embraced an educational philosophy known as “personalized learning.”. Supporters in New Orleans say that, so far, personalized learning has been transformative. Future of Learning. Mississippi Learning.

Bids to bring fiber internet to schools are denied funding seven times more often than other projects

The Hechinger Report

Online work has become a classroom staple for students around the country, but hundreds of thousands are still locked out because of inadequate internet connections. Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Future of Learning newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes every Tuesday with trends and top stories about education innovation. They can’t access online encyclopedias. They basically can’t access online anything.

Going Back to School to Learn About Blended Learning

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

public schools to attend an Apple Distinguished Schools Day where Natick shared its blended learning approach with other schools and districts. As an online learning tool, Listen Current fits well into blended learning, but I wanted to learn more about how schools are adopting it and how we as a company can be more attractive to schools using blended learning. What attracted Natick to blended learning was the personalized approach.

Codecademy, an Early (and Now Profitable) Pioneer of Coding Education, Raises $40M in New Funding


Founded in 2011, the New York-based company has built a hugely popular training platform that has helped millions of students learn to code over the last decade. But the New York-based company had already served 45 million students in more than 190 countries before the pandemic hit. “We

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Surveys Find Districts Are Using More Edtech Tools — and Teachers Are Bearing the Costs


“Virtual” learning may be on the upswing—corporate VR learning, that is. A new survey on corporate skills training forecasts that a lot more companies will try doing it using virtual reality environments in the next two years. and definitely increases costs for districts.”

Survey 145

Want to Help Schools Closed by COVID-19? Don’t Pitch Them Right Now.


News that schools and districts across the country are closing campuses and preparing to transition their staff and students to online learning have led to a flurry of questions and, subsequently, people lending support. Still, she appreciates the sentiment from company officials. “I

Report: One of the Biggest Obstacles to Remote Learning? Finding a Quiet Place to Work


With school plans for the fall focused less on reopening and more on resuming remote learning, the mixed experience with online instruction from the spring offers many lessons for how district leaders can better prepare for this next go around.

Report 171

Lumen Learning, a Proponent of OER, Makes First Acquisition to Offer Faculty Coaching


Lumen Learning, a company that sells low-cost OER textbooks and courseware, plans to start offering professional development services for faculty that can be bundled with its titles. based company, which did not disclose details of the deal.

OER 109

Exploring new ideas and skills in the summer


We have definitely experienced a challenging couple of months in the world and in our roles as educators. It is also the time for us to engage in learning experiences for ourselves as well as provide some options for our students. Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL).

Course 311

Skype Part 2 Online Workspace

Nik Peachey

In this posting I'd like to have a look at an online collaboration tool called Yugma which allows you to share files, share your desktop, make live presentations and have a shared online whiteboard all running along side your Skype application. How to use this with ELT / EFL students Well I think this is definitely a distance learning support tool rather than some thing to use in the classroom / multi media lab with students.

Reflections on an Online Master's Degree - The Stuff That Could Have Been Better


In early February I wrote about the positive aspects of obtaining a master''s degree online , and although I feel very accomplished in my studies and I''m very glad that I completed my master''s degree, I think it is only fair to also write about the parts of the experience that I wish had been different. My purpose is neither to recommend nor to critique a specific program, but rather to share my own expeirences and perceptions of obtaining a degree online.

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Spotlight on Altus Schools and an antidote to online credit recovery

The Christensen Institute

The educators in the school, I learned, have a strong commitment to personalizing learning for each student, as the children who arrive at its doorstep each arrive with a unique story and set of needs. Students do the work through a mixture of textbooks and online learning, and, similar to college, complete roughly 80% of their work at home and 20% inside the resource center.

Online Higher Education in India Comes Full Circle


That meant using online learning to serve people who would otherwise have no access to higher education. And India did initially leverage online learning by allowing its universities and colleges to launch a wide range of online programs. Second, the initial online programs were of widely varying quality. Some reports suggested students didn’t learn much of anything, and were certainly not prepared to tackle real-world problems.

23 Gsuite Ideas to Excite Your Kids About Learning #iste19 #notatiste19

The CoolCatTeacher

Learn more! You’d definitely want to check the transcript and show notes for all of these ideas. You’ll definitely want to go to Eric’s website Control Alt Achieve and his YouTube channel. See Eric’s blog post on emojis in Google docs to learn how to do this. And when they then published that to the web you’ve got an online animated comic strip, whether it’s to explain a vocab term or science concept or retell part of a story.

5 Lies I Used to Believe About Teaching But I Don’t Anymore

The CoolCatTeacher

Lie #1: Tests Measure Learning. Well, the first one is that tests actually measure learning. That was until a week or two later, when I started asking questions about what we tested on, and realized that they did not have any deep learning. And we went to Project Based Learning. Well, I realized that the learning doesn’t really stop now. But still, through projects, through invention, through creativity, through learning. But kids don’t learn like we do.

5 Googley Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month

The CoolCatTeacher

From blackout poetry to rhymefinding extensions, learn about some tools you can use all year long in your language arts classes. Advancement Courses has more than 200 graduate level online PD courses for K-12 teachers. Eric: You could definitely use these with your elementary students without a doubt. You could definitely use this with your lower elementary students. So it definitely scales up for upper elementary and for middle school kids as well.

Innovators Worth Watching: Minerva

The Christensen Institute

Slowly but surely, traditional higher education is wading into the waters of online learning. The proportion of faculty that believe online courses can achieve outcomes as good as those in face-to-face courses also increased considerably—but is still only 33%. Many still view online courses as “not as good”—pretty typical for disruptive technologies. While the industry sorts out its feelings about online courses, one institution has gone all-in.

The Value of the Online Program Management Industry


The Online Program Management (OPM) industry has emerged over the last decade as a key part of the online higher education marketplace, with $1.1 Over the last decade, online education has become mainstream. Online is especially effective in reaching the more than 30 million adult learners who have started but have not completed their degree. Not only are there more students going online, but there are more schools offering online programs and courses.