How Should Colleges Approach Student Success When Different Definitions Abound?


Because these different definitions of student success abound, Stout says conversations with an academic advisor that “span beyond just building a schedule” are important. Rodrigues adds, the counselors are “pretty well connected” with companies that are hiring. However, she believes that colleges should design in a way that meets their institutional goals. “I

Different Definitions of Personalized Learning Conflict, Cause Confusion


One teacher, many students: It’s basically the definition of school as we know it, going back to the earliest days of the Republic. Think 28 meetings of 15 minutes each — that’s a full day of a teacher’s time, somewhere between once a week and once a month.

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Old Ways Meet New Tech (and New Students) at Meeting of Library and Academic Leaders


Next Wave 2017 was the latest in an annual, invitation-only meeting series run by Ithaka , the nonprofit group behind JSTOR, ArtStor, the PORTICO digital archiving and preservation service, and Ithaka S&R, which conducts research on higher ed and technology. One secret to the partnership’s success: clear boundaries between the for-profit company and the nonprofit educational institution. “We’re With edtech, specialized isn’t always better.

What Every Edtech Company Needs to Know About Schools and Data Privacy


New federal and state laws —and a greater focus on the issue by districts—are giving edtech companies a lot to consider. Specifically, companies may run into roadblocks with legal or data privacy officers if they don’t meet key criteria regarding legal terms, data privacy and security that districts and schools need to see based on local, state and federal legislation. Note that the definition of PII is broad, often including free and reduced lunch status.

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Where Diversity, Inclusion and Education Meet: A Conversation With Black Girls Code Founder, Kimberly Bryant


Gender is just one part of the diversity problem confronting many technology companies today. As diversity reports from companies like Alphabet, Apple and Facebook reveal, the employee headcounts—especially in senior and executive positions—are overwhelmingly male and white. These companies have committed money, mentors and other resources to provide educational opportunities for underserved communities. And I want to run a video game company.”.

Meet the Humans Behind College Chatbots.


Both during recruitment and after enrollment, bots at some campuses prompt students to meet deadlines and submit missing documentation and also offer personalized information about housing assignments and scholarships.

New Social Network Is All College, All the Time

Wired Campus

The service is the creation of two Princeton University undergraduates, Michael Pinsky and Vaidhy Murti, who hope to help facilitate connections among college students who might otherwise never meet. “It’s Company Watch Software Startups

Teaching Online During COVID-19–More from my Inbox

Ask a Tech Teacher

Definitely this means teachers, administrators, parents and students, but I also include the companies and resource providers in the education ecosystem.

Who Does the Edtech Marketplace Benefit, Anyway?

Digital Promise

“There is definitely something wrong, something broken, with the edtech marketplace. People who should really care about research are turning a blind eye to the lack of research supporting product development.” – Ben Grimley, CEO of Speak Agent.

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Some Thoughts on the UNESCO OER Recommendation

Iterating Toward Openness

There’s great news out of the recent UNESCO meeting in Paris, where member states unanimously adopted the draft Recommendation on Open Educational Resources (OER). First, and it will surprise no one that this is the first item on my list, is the definition.

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Why Intern-Powered Startups are a Win-Win

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

It was definitely an eclectic bunch, giving me the opportunity to practice managing people from disparate backgrounds. We’re competing with big companies to recruit the best interns. How different is an internship at a large company versus one at a company with fewer than 10 employees?

a fired employee still wants to attend the office holiday party

The CoolCatTeacher

It for was for minor things such as frequent lateness, too many personal calls and emails on company time, and general friction with other coworkers, to more serious things such as a very sharp decline in his work quality, cursing at other coworkers, and admitting to getting high at work. The person in charge of the party is not aware of any of this, and said the company has a policy to let laid-off workers attend the Christmas party.

Can telemedicine thrive beyond COVID?

The Christensen Institute

In the middle of an extreme circumstance, people see what’s truly enough to meet their needs. Insurance companies are waiving copay and out-of-pocket fees to use their telehealth services during the pandemic.

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Exploring new ideas and skills in the summer


We have definitely experienced a challenging couple of months in the world and in our roles as educators. There are daily live-streamed courses being offered by Cosmourse, a London based company.

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Developing Academic Language Supports Equity

Digital Promise

These “book words” are the academic vocabulary learners need to know and understand to meet their potential in school and beyond. Too often academic language is treated as a list of definitions to be memorized, not as complex concepts to be unpacked.

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EdTech that connects: Learning relationship management systems

The Christensen Institute

Moreover, companies increasingly leverage technology to enhance employee mentoring programs. A consortium of LRM companies is trying to help the field see that integrating relationships into a students’ educational journey ought to play a key role in the design of our education system. Although all five companies offer different products to different customers, they share a common set of features and functionalities that focus on people, purpose, and pathways.

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Research Schools: What are they and how do they work?

The CoolCatTeacher

How a “Kids Deserve It T-Shirt” at ISTE 2017 caused a chance meeting. Vicki: Today we’re talking with Aaron Marvel @AaronMarvelEDU , and this is an example of an awesome meeting. Aaron: Oh, most definitely. Meet the “Educational Engineer”.

Months After Raising $27M, Education Startup Yogome Shuts Down Amid Fraud Allegations


In mid-September this year, Yogome , an educational startup founded in Mexico that also operates in San Francisco, held a multi-day bash of team meetings and parties for its all employees in Mexico City. Then a couple weeks later came the hangover: the company board said it had uncovered evidence of financial misconduct and would abruptly shut down the company. A video obtained by Forbes shows what appears to be a team meeting in which employees were informed of the news.

Recognizing Human Trafficking and What To Do About It in Schools

The CoolCatTeacher

Some states now include human trafficking in their definition of child abuse. As educators, please advocate to local representatives for a comprehensive definition of human trafficking that includes both sexual exploitation and forced labor to be added to the state definition of child abuse.

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Debunking the ‘Gold Standard’ Myths in Edtech Efficacy


But when it comes to demonstrating that products “work,” too many companies fall back on testimonials. In fact, we’d argue that the best way to ramp and grow a company is to create a compelling portfolio of efficacy. A logic-model literally captures the DNA of a company.

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Let’s Teach in Pajamas Forever

The Jose Vilson

I relish the notion that billion-dollar entities would so willingly enhance platforms they usually offer for thousands of dollars to Fortune 500 companies for children as young as five years old.

6 Tips for making the most of ed tech exhibitions


Does the conference meet your school’s ed tech goals? The same principle applies to the exhibition area, where thousands of companies, NGOs and other institutions will be competing for your attention. The NEO team will be happy to meet you there!

Hyperdocs Literacy Task Boards and Flipgrid Reading Circles

The CoolCatTeacher

Laura: So I used to do literacy task boards on paper, which is basically — while I meet quickly a group for guided reading, this is what the rest of the students are doing — so there a lot of different choices on the choice board.

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The Value of the Online Program Management Industry


OPM providers are organizations (typically for-profit companies) that help non-profit schools, both public and private, develop online programs. The old saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” definitely plays out in the OPM model.

Spotlight on Altus Schools and an antidote to online credit recovery

The Christensen Institute

But the company has also come under scrutiny over the past year and a half as the media spotlight has shone unfavorably on districts’ credit recovery practices in boosting graduation rates.

4 Signs that Disruption is Accelerating in Health Care Delivery

The Christensen Institute

In fact, it actually has a very specific definition. These are just some of the companies with origins outside health care delivery who’ve very recently entered, or “re-upped,” their strategic commitment to the market.

5 Lies I Used to Believe About Teaching But I Don’t Anymore

The CoolCatTeacher

In marketing or advertising meetings, people would say, “Well, I wouldn’t be interested in that.” So I’ve kind of changed — I’ve definitely changed my view on that. ” This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

11 Leadership Principles for an Amazing School Year

The CoolCatTeacher

So we have opportunities and experiences that are not available to all kids, then that’s definitely some work that we have to do. Sanée: This is where the rubber meets the road.

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Wonderful World of Wearables in Education

The CoolCatTeacher

Imagine putting a high definition 3D television set inside cool goggles. You might see information about a person as you meet them the first time. The company who sponsored it compensated me via cash payment, gift, or something else of value to edit and post it.

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How to Unleash the Potential of Every Child

The CoolCatTeacher

The quote was by Charles “Tremendous” Jones , and the quote said, “The difference between who we are as a person today, and who we will be in five years is determined by the books we read and the people we meet.”

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K-6 Educational Music Videos: Selecting the Right Videos for Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

And at the end of the day, sometimes I really can’t find things that meet our needs. So I feel like music has a place in the classroom and it is definitely underutilized. But it definitely confuses them. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

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FETC Was Great(er) Again This Year

EdNews Daily

Brunell founded the company in 2012 with his partner and wife, Brittany Brunell, who is responsible for all clinical content within Everyday Speech therapy materials. . When I think of her company, I think of a large technology vendor. He is definitely a rising star now in America.

Building a Classroom Community by Having Parent Parties

The CoolCatTeacher

Tisha: I would say that the secret to building effective relationships is to start before you even meet them. Tisha: Most definitely. Tisha: Most definitely. I think you definitely do. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

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What To Do When Students Come to You Unprepared and Other Reflections

The CoolCatTeacher

As a teacher, I think when we have those expectations I think we kind of fail a little bit, because if you’re not willing to meet the students where they are, and you become frustrated because they meet what your curriculum asks, then you’ve put yourself in a really rough spot.

Biggest gap year ever? Sixteen percent of high school seniors say they’ll take a gap year

The Hechinger Report

If classes are online, I would definitely want to take a gap year,” Fang says. If she can’t go to classes in person, she said, “I would definitely want to take a gap year. If she can’t go to classes in person, “I would definitely want to take a gap year.

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