Defend, but Closely Scrutinize, Test Policies, Fed Official Urges State and Local Leaders

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Department of Education, said amid a growing anti-testing backlash, state and local officials need to evaluate how their assessments are used. Assessment Common Core E-rate Ed-tech Online Learning ltlf assessment testing Deborah S. Delisle, a top official at the U.S.

The Edtech Revolution: 2010 – 2017


In December 2010, The Journal –“t he leading Technology based education publication for K-12 and higher education”– published an article with a 5-prong prediction for the following year. ” 2010 was also the year that the Common Core Standards Initiative was enacted in response to numerous indicators of low student academic performance. Billion has been invested in US K-12 education technology companies since 2010. ” 1:1 + Common Core = $$$$$.

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Digital Citizenship: From Compliance to Moral Imperative

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The June 1 deadline is rapidly approaching for school districts to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) so they can receive E-rate funding. The federal government's E-rate program provides discounts to school districts on services including Internet based on their percentage of students with low socio-economic backgrounds. School districts that receive E-rate funding must meet two important stipulations: Filtered Internet.

Discover Ways to Drive Safe Google Apps Adoption in Your School

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The launch of Google Classroom along with changes to E-Rate funding have led school districts, perhaps more than ever, to consider a move to Google Apps for Education. The Gaggle webcast also reminded attendees of the importance of creating a safe online learning environment for students when using Google Apps for Education.

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CoSN 2018: Broadband and Cybersecurity Are Top IT Concerns

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More than half of women come to their IT role with an academic background in education and instruction , compared with a third of men, who come from a background in technology,” says Steve Langford, CoSN Board member and CIO of Beaverton School District in Oregon. To assess those filling current IT leadership roles, the survey also delved into the respondents’ professional backgrounds, education and years of experience. CoSN 2018: Broadband and Cybersecurity Are Top IT Concerns.

New Year, New Look for Our Scope and Sequence

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Let’s say you’re a 6th grade teacher, just click on the 6-8 tab: Get Trained: First, if you’re new to Common Sense, take our professional development training, for which you can receive a one-hour certificate. All of our lessons tie to Common Core, AASL, and ISTE standards. Students can take the assessment and then share their table of results with you -- an easy way to document your efforts in regards to E-rate funding.

The Politics of Education Technology

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The business of education technology overlaps with the politics of ed-tech. One of the flaws, I think, of much of the reporting on education technology is that it treats “ed-tech” as a product without a politics and without a practice. Already a key part of many people’s information consumption, Facebook explicitly wants to become an education company, working with a charter school chain to develop education software. The Common Core.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Education Politics. Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the Secretary of Education – the first time that a Vice President has had to break a tie in the Senate for this sort of vote. See also, via Market Watch : “ K12 ’s stock rallies after DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education.” Via NPR : “ Betsy DeVos ’ Graduation Rate Mistake.” Via WaPo : “ Federal website for special education is down. Education in the Courts.


A guest post from AASL’s Banned Websites Awareness Day Committee


While banning books is commonly recognized by librarians as detrimental to the student educational experience, restricted website access isn’t on everyone’s radar. Its purpose is to raise awareness of how overly restrictive Internet filtering can impede student learning by blocking access to legitimate educational websites and participatory learning tools (including social media). Educate students: Teach a lesson in your classroom or library about filtering.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Education Politics. Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “Congress, in an effort to limit federal involvement in higher education, has voted to eliminate Obama-era regulations on teacher-preparation programs.” ” Education Department hires include a venture capitalist, members of the Trump campaign, and a KIPP school founder. Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “177 Private Colleges Fail Education Dept.’s

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

The topic of education didn’t really come up, save Clinton’s invocation of “The Trump Effect” and the increased bullying in school. Via The Chronicle of Higher Education : “Donald Trump Actually Talked About Higher Education on Thursday. The Chronicle of Higher Education has Falwell’s response to the students. Education Politics. The US Department of Education released new federal rules on teacher preparation programs.