K-6 Reading Lessons: Common Core Aligned


Step 2 : Browse lessons by Programs, Standards by State or Common Core, & Grade Levels You can do this part without even registering - yes, all for free. My main objective was to collect resources that were aligned to the Common Core.

Observing the Common Core Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

Educators across the country are grappling with the Common Core Standards and the significant changes that have come with them. How do administrators tasked with observing teachers know what they are looking for in a Common Core classroom?

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What are your favorite Common Core resources?


I first started using the Common Core App by Mastery Connect. Above, you can see a screenshot of the Common Core App. All of the resources are easily downloadable and printable.

Fun Math Practice For Grades 1 - 5 from @SplashMath that is Common Core Aligned!


Splash Math apps for iPhones/iPods and iPads and web-based system that cater to Grades 1 to 5 - 10 Download Give-Aways for the App: Enter Below! Splash Math apps have been downloaded by over 4 Million users, and for good reason.

Teach the Common Core with Mastery Connect!


Mastery Connect: Teaching the Common Core just got a whole lot easier! This is so cool because now I can sign up (for free - or upgrade) and start immediaely connecting with teachers around the country to find ''just-right'' activities and assessments that are already aligned to the common core. Access the Common Core Standards Anywhere! I knew it was good because I also searched for ''assessments with the most downloads.''

A Free App To Download Today and Use Tomorrow from @IXLLearning - Common Core Math: PreK - Geometry


Introducing the NEW IXL Math App! I''m so excited to share the new IXL math app with all of you. I''ve been using the IXL math website for a while now. It provides great reinforcement for the skills and concepts I teach in class. Now, they have an app that is super simple to use. and free!

Global Competencies and the Common Core

A Principal's Reflections

I attended a session at the 2012 ASCD Annual Conference early on Saturday morning entitled Common Core and Curriculum 21: Global Competency in Literacy, Math, and Science. As we move to the Common Core it is crucial that we sustain a renewed focus on engaging students using global issues across multiple disciplines to keep them hooked and in position for achievement. Download free curricular resources HERE. 21st Century Skills ASCD 2012 Common Core

Free Common Core Aligned Lessons and Web 2.0 Games to Play on your SMART Board!


When you click on Common Core State Standards. videos, websites, files - no upload/download time ) Utah Education Network put together a fabulous selection Common Core lessons! Attention: FREE Lessons and Interactive Resources!

Textbooks, Curricula Failing to Align with Common Core

K-12 Schools - Education News

Back in 2010 when Common Core arrived in New York, Cheryl Schafer, a veteran math teacher, soon saw that the materials teachers were given were not what they needed to teach the new national standards. K-12 Schools Common Core Curriculum Textbook Publishers

Oregon adopts K-8 Common Core math programs

eSchool News

Common Core programs use research-based approach to help students learn reasoning, critical thinking. The Oregon State Board of Education has adopted Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready and Ready Common Core math programs for use in all K–8 classrooms across the state.

Core Tech for Learning with ELA Common Core #ISTE2014


One of the #ISTE2014 sessions I attended was "Core technologies for the Common Core" by Kyle Brumbaugh and Elizabeth Calhoon. They had a great introduction to the Common Core and a plethora of helpful tools. Common Core ISTE

Common Core Elementary Apps Created by Teachers for the @iTooch App by EduPad!


National Common Core Standards. iTooch Element ary Produc t Review The iTooch library opens u pon download with options for ten different free downloads ( Language Arts, Science, and Math for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, along with a health app for 5th grade).

iCommonCore with @MasteryConnect - CommonCore at your Fingertips!


click to download The MasteryConnect CommonCore App allows you to search the CommonCore at your fingertips. The MasteryConnect App just got a Beautiful Upgrade If you''re like the 700K+ people who already have the MasteryConnect FREE app, then you already know how amazing it is.

English +Common Core +Mobile = Success (ISTE2014 Poster -details)

Education with Technology

Here are the ten examples I showed at my English + Common Core + Mobile ISTE 2014 Poster Session: Based on CCSS Anchor Statements: L.2 Analyze the structure in downloaded literature by doing a key word search. English Common Core Mobile Activities.

Websites for Hour of Code by Grade

Ask a Tech Teacher

It’s easy to see why when you look at fundamental programming concepts: abstraction and symbolism – variables are common in math, but also in education. Pivot Stick Figure is a download. Besides Math Standards, Alice supports these Common Core writing skills: 8.3a

English + Common Core + Mobile = Success in Learning Poster Session at ISTE 2014

Education with Technology

In my ISTE Sunday 8-10 am poster session, I demonstrate many diverse mobile activities to help students achieve the English Language Arts Common Core Anchor Statements through mobile devices. The mobile activities focus on free common tool apps that are available on both the Android and the iPad. Key Word Search in Downloadable Literature. English Common Core Mobile Activities.

Websites for Hour of Code by Grade

Ask a Tech Teacher

It’s easy to see why when you look at fundamental programming concepts: abstraction and symbolism – variables are common in math, but also in education. Pivot Stick Figure is a download. Besides Math Standards, Alice supports these Common Core writing skills: 8.3a

Let’s Talk About Habits of Mind

Ask a Tech Teacher

I then point out connections to Common Core, the IB Program, and the common sense your grandma shared with you. The result is a compelling argument that education is less a data download and more a fitness program for our brains.

XplorLabs Fire Forensics: A Free STEM Module for Middle School Science

The CoolCatTeacher

As I demonstrate in the Unboxing video (above), before clicking the “Getting Started” button in the Fire Forensics Module , download the Teacher Guide and take a look at the science experiments that go along with the module. Common Core State Standards (See more on the Fire Forensics Site ).

STEM 243

6 Tech Activities for Your Summer School Program

Ask a Tech Teacher

As they work, students “…construct viable arguments and critique reasoning of others…” More specifically (Common Core Appendix C): introduce claim. how to download favorite songs onto their computer. After school Lesson plans common core debate summer

Most English lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers and other sites are ‘mediocre’ or ‘not worth using,’ study finds

The Hechinger Report

and claims to explain how to teach the tragedy of the star-crossed lovers in a fun-filled way while hitting almost 50 Common Core standards in five weeks. Five reviewers rated most of the online materials that teachers download as “mediocre” or “probably not worth using.”

Study 85

Not Just for Reading Class Anymore: 5 Tips for Teaching Literacy Across Multiple Subjects


One of the strategies listed in the cheatsheet (discussed in the video above) encourages teachers to help students make sense of natural phenomena by asking those students to develop explanations with the writing scaffold “ Explanation Tool ” ( downloadable here ). Students created a computer program using free online coding platform Scratch to show their progress on a particular Common Core narrative writing standard.

Turn your iPad into a Clicker for Students!


Download the FREE app today and make your class interactive! assessment tools for iPad clicker for iPad clicker system common core assessments on iPad david kapuler immediate feedback iPad ipad tests tap it tap it free the answer pad The Answer Pad.

iPad 285

First-Rate Math Tasks & Rubrics (Grades 4-5)


Book Reviews mathematics assessment Barb Rock CCSS Charlotte Danielson Common Core downloadable resources eye on education grades 3-5 Joshua Dragoon math standards performance tasks Routledge rubrics upper elementaryIn a newly revised edition of Performance Tasks and Rubrics for Upper Elementary Mathematics, Charlotte Danielson and Joshua Dragoon show that developing performance tasks and using scoring rubrics are integrally linked.

Have Fun with @ABCyaGames Counting Money App (set up for your whole class!)


Fish Tank (rewards) Step 1: Download the app - click here Step 2: Launch the App & Set it up Enter your name and select your gender. Download it Today! My Favorite App for Counting Money ABCyaGames makes some of my absolute favorite interactive games for students.

A Novel Idea For Student Writing


There are workbooks available for purchase for high school, middle school, and both upper and lower elementary school, but teachers may also download the workbooks for free.). Student novels.

What teachers need now: CCSS-aligned resources

Insight Education Group

It’s been over a year the since the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Scholastic conducted their f irst survey of how teachers view the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) – and there’s some good news. curriculum Lesson Planning Standards Common Core

Assessments: Are educators ready? The new Toolkit from Reform Support Network

Insight Education Group

With a focus on how to plan, design, and choose high-quality assessments, each of the Toolkit's 13 modules include resources that can be downloaded, edited, and directly applied in practice. Common Core Teachers Testing Assessments

4 Ways Your District Can Support Social Studies Teachers [Infographic]


We've compiled some helpful advice below: Click here to view and download the full infographic. Education Technology Arts and Humanities Common Core 21st Century Skills Student Success Digital and Media Literacy Teaching & Learning

Study 171

Deeper Thinking and Revised DOK Flowchart


It was a flowchart that worked with many questions patterns we commonly saw, but was not intended to be definitive. 21st Century Learning Common Core DOKAbout a year or two ago, I noticed my DOK Flowchart floating around Pinterest.

What Vonnegut Might Say About Your Teaching

TeachThought - Learn better.

Some download apps that help them pretend they’re running from zombies because they need that kind of motivation and that’s what works for them and can you imagine an ibex needing that kind of technology? Culture Featured Interest Teaching common core interest

LearnZillion - Help Students Avoid the Summer Slide

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

This learning loss is commonly referred to as "the summer slide". LearnZillion is a free resource of Common Core aligned lessons that use narrated video for instruction. common core standards flipped classroom learnzillion math parent resources

5 steps to universally-designed instruction

eSchool News

The new state and Common Core standards were intended to prepare all students to be college and career ready in the 21st century. Determine the core purpose. The full publication is available for download at www.goalbookapp.com/differentpaths.

Digital Storytelling and Stories with the iPad


Common Core Standards Many specific content standards can be addressed through digital stories. Here are some of the Common Core Standards that digital storytelling and digital stories address: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.6

iPad 109

Digital Storytelling and Stories for the Desktop


Here are some of the Common Core Standards that digital storytelling and digital stories address: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.6 Background music and Creative Commons : If there is not music to choose from on the app or site, then find music that is legal to use in your video.

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