Closing the Digital Divide with an Emphasis on Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Sponsored post Bridging the digital divide is a monumental task. Verizon is not only working to increase access to close the digital divide, but they are also providing critical support to improve learning.

What Parents Need To Know About the Common Core (technology tips included)

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What Parents Need to Know About the Common Core and How They Can Help Their Children The Common Core is an attempt to nationalize the curriculum creating common core standards in grades K-12. In addition, they have ensured that these standards will be measured by creating tests (albeit not necessarily a national test) to test the acquisition of this core knowledge. Are you not a digital native?


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Ready or not, a new era of homeschooling has begun

The Hechinger Report

In the meantime, remote workers who are parents are fretting over how they’ll have time to oversee lessons and keep their children on top of Common Core math. The halls inside Bothell High School in Bothell, Wash. stand empty.

Digital Citizenship: From Compliance to Moral Imperative

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I challenge schools to make this form of digital citizenship a priority. The Common Core standards describe this as informational literacy , which includes technology as an essential curriculum component. Technology use needs to be accompanied with digital citizenship where students can become creators, not just consumers, of digital content. Our world has a lot of digital tools and online content.

Which Remote Learning Tools Will Teachers Bring Back In Person?

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The coronavirus pandemic has come with specific challenges for teachers: Keeping students engaged during hybrid or fully remote learning, addressing systemic inequity and the digital divide, and coping with days of seemingly endless multitasking are just a few among so many other obstacles.

Khan Academy: Friend or Foe?

A Principal's Reflections

The Khan Academy site now contains over 3000 videos mapped to the Common Core and associated assessments that allow learners to practice and reinforce skills acquired through the videos. Next challenge: we have to bridge the digital divide for kids @irasocal: There are few bigger frauds in American than Sal Khan #NSBAconf Khan Academy is not a silver bullet that will fix education and improve achievement as a stand-alone entity.

What to Know About Miguel Cardona, Biden’s Pick for Education Secretary


A focus on tackling the digital divide and resource inequities laid bare by the pandemic. Their stances on education policy differ, but they all have at least one thing in common: classroom experience, which Biden has promised would be a prerequisite. Teaching experience.

A guest post from AASL’s Banned Websites Awareness Day Committee


While banning books is commonly recognized by librarians as detrimental to the student educational experience, restricted website access isn’t on everyone’s radar. Establish a digital repository of Internet filtering studies. The guide’s 10 Facts About CIPA and Web Filtering points out that commonly blocked sites such as YouTube are not restricted by CIPA. Students research commonly filtered sites and interview the “gatekeeper” at their school.

Week of March 28, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

link] THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE COMMON CORE ( Host Your Own Webinar Series ) Thu 31 Mar 05:00PM New York / Thu 31 Mar 09:00PM GMT / Fri 1 Apr 09:00AM Sydney Jason Borgen. tools that can be used to assist teachers and schools in closing the digital-divide and most importantly, the achievement gap. Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate.

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Learning Revolution Free PD - Angela Maiers Tonight - LOTS of 2014 Global Education Conference Updates - Proposal Deadline, Keynotes, and Volunteering

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

AIR works with local communities to address this detriment through an integrated development programs that provide low-cost refurbished computers with relevant open source educational software, support and teacher training directed at schools and community centers especially in less privileged areas where the digital divide is at its greatest. Yet participating in the digital world is essential for learning, career, and life.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Testing, Testing… “ Common Core testing group wages aggressive campaign against critics on social media,” according to The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss. Also off campus, not on-: “ Unemployed Detroit Residents Are Trapped by a Digital Divide.” From IMS Global : “ Competency-Based Education and Extended Transcripts: IMS Global Learning Consortium Enabling Better Digital Credentialing.” Education Politics.


Education Technology's Inequalities

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Don’t Believe “Don’t Be Evil” My own concerns about the direction of education technology cannot be separated from my concerns with digital technologies more broadly. Indeed, the World Bank issued a report in January arguing that digital technologies – not just robots in factories – stand to widen inequalities as well, “and even hasten the hollowing out of middle-class employment.” Education Technology and Digital Polarization.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Humphrey testified that he hired Hubbard on a $7,500-per-month consulting contract to connect him to legislative leaders in other states, as Edgenuity tried to sell digital courses.” According to the conservative news site The Daily Caller , “Bailing On Common Core Tests Is Costing States Millions.” The New York Times on “The Challenges of Closing the Digital Divide.” Education Politics.


The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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The implication, according to one NYT article : “the digital gap between rich and poor kids is not what we expected.” The real digital divide, this article contends, is not that affluent children have access to better and faster technologies. (Um,

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Via WaPo : “The FCC talks the talk on the digital divide – and then walks in the other direction.” Testing, Testing… Via Education Week : “After seven years of tumult and transition fueled by the common core, state testing is settling down, with most states rejecting the federally funded PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, and nearly one-quarter embracing the SAT or the ACT as their official high school test.” Education Politics.

The Politics of Education Technology

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Before I turn to the President-Elect’s campaign promises and potential education and computer technology policies, I want to note that this Presidential election was influenced by digital technologies in ways that make the “ digital masterminds ” who supposedly helped Obama win re-election pale by comparison: Hacks – perhaps by Russia – of the Democratic National Committee. The Common Core.