Unwrapping the Common Core Standards

A Principal's Reflections

Love them or hate them, the Common Core is a reality for the majority of educators and schools across the country. While attending the 2013 ASCD Conference in Chicago I attended a session entitled Unwrapping Standards to Drive the Adoption of the Common Core State Standards. By unwrapping standards educators see the interconnectedness within the Common Core. Common Core teachers

With @ClassDojo - Go Paperless, Reach Common Core Standards, & Enhance Engagement!


Sam and I had several meetings, phone conversations, and even hung out at various conferences. Reach Common Core Standards Instead of setting up a traditional class in Class Dojo, you can set up subject areas or units of study. Free Common Core "I Can Statements" for Pre-K - 3rd grade: click here Class Dojo Makes Sharing Easy Get Started Now with Class Dojo! Class Dojo is more than a behavior tool. My relationship with ClassDojo goes back a long way.


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Global Competencies and the Common Core

A Principal's Reflections

I attended a session at the 2012 ASCD Annual Conference early on Saturday morning entitled Common Core and Curriculum 21: Global Competency in Literacy, Math, and Science. As we move to the Common Core it is crucial that we sustain a renewed focus on engaging students using global issues across multiple disciplines to keep them hooked and in position for achievement. 21st Century Skills ASCD 2012 Common Core

Common Core in the Cloud


With the 2013 Annual Conference, CUE to the Core coming up in two weeks, we wanted to focus our next blogs on Common Core. The video (below) Common Core in the Cloud, was captured on October 27, 2012, at the Fall CUE Conference. The post Common Core in the Cloud appeared first on OnCUE. Common Core Standards CUE Conference

Dropbox + Pinterest + SMART Exchange for Teachers + Common Core = ClassConnect


Flip your Classroom, Just Store your Favorites , Find Common Core Content, and Share your Lessons “ ClassConnect saves me time building lessons so I can focus on engaging & inspiring my students. I''m happy to announce that both conferences had a packed house when we rolled out ClassConnect. Then, start searching for content you can use by the Common Core! CCSS Class Connect ClassConnect Common Core dropbox free lessons Pinterest The SMART Exchange

Coding for the Common Core – Apps for Integrating Coding With Math and ELA


She present the session “Coding for the Core: [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Image Source Dr. Leslie Suters is a faculty member in the College of Education’s Curriculum & Instruction Department at Tennessee Tech University. Thanks (and thanks for subscribing)!].

Shifts and Issues Associated With The Common Core

A Principal's Reflections

I attended another session on the Common Core State Standards today at the 2012 ASCD Annual Conference entitled Educator Readiness for the Common Core: ASCD Findings from Select States. In North Carolina, 45 percent of educators feel that they do not have the resources and tools necessary to successfully implement the Common Core State Standards. Change Common Core Opinion

Common Core Standards Featured Prominently in 2013 Annual CUE Conference


Send your team to the CUE Conference, of course! The post Common Core Standards Featured Prominently in 2013 Annual CUE Conference appeared first on OnCUE. Common Core Standards CUE ConferenceEducational leaders know that any change in pedagogy, standards and assessment would require large doses of quality professional development to implement effectively. So what do you do when all three are changing?

10 Ways Any Teacher Can (and Should) Use Technology

Ask a Tech Teacher

Common Core tells us: New technologies have broadened and expanded the role that speaking and listening play in acquiring and sharing knowledge and have tightened their link to other forms of communication.

Elementary school teachers struggle with Common Core math standards

The Hechinger Report

Depth of understanding was hailed by its architects as a cornerstone of the Common Core, a set of educational guidelines for what students need to know in each grade in English and math that have been adopted in 43 states and the District of Columbia. If the Common Core is to improve the math education of U.S. After Illinois adopted the Common Core in 2010, Northwestern University School of Education added another math requirement and revised its methods course.

Writing 2.0: Technology-Rich Approach to Common Core Writing


Common Core writing requires students to create and publish writing online, and to interact and collaborate with others. Image adapted from Nick Aldwin CC: BY, NC Leading Change and examples of technology-rich writing Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting with Shauna Hamman at the Arizona Department of Education''s Leading Change conference about a technology-rich approach to AZCCRS (Common Core) writing. What skills are most desired by employers?

Manage the Common Core Through Growth Mindset

Graphite Blog

So, how can a teacher manage the Common Core to yield outstanding academic results from students? One approach to managing the requirements and strict stipulations of the Common Core is through “second-chance learning.” The teacher may schedule a conference with the student to review the content or may suggest that the students explore the content again, individually, before offering additional help.

21st Century Learning, Literacy 2.0 and Common Core


Connecting PBL, the Common Core, and Teacher Evaluation Tool Below is a presentation from one of the Leadership Meetings earlier in the year. In a nutshell, here''s what that training looked like: Think through a series of questions about what 21st century learning skills look like in the context of PBL, and as described in the Common Core. Create a picture of what a thriving Common Core classroom and PBL classroom looked like.

2017 Teachers Pay Teachers’ July Conference — Overview

Ask a Tech Teacher

million education-oriented Pre-K through High School lesson plans, curricula, videos, classroom activities, assessments, books, bulletin board ideas, classroom decorations, interactive notebooks, task cards, Common Core resources, and more. TpT 2017 Conference Observations. Every year, TpT holds a conference to share ideas with teacher-authors on how to build their stores, develop their platform, and make money off of their passion. Teacher resources conference

Differentiated math instruction using Front Row: adaptive math for K-8 classrooms!


It’s common core aligned, and has tons of problems and videos Every question and every video in Front Row is common core aligned, so I know it’s teaching the right material. The program covers K-8 math, and has tons of common core aligned problems and videos for every standard - no matter where my kids are, they have material they can practice. I have started using a FREE new math program this spring called Front Row.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Conference Volunteering - Libraries! - Google Excitement - Common Core Film

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Ignacio Estrada The Learning Revolution Project highlights our own "conference 2.0" We''d love your help for our inaugural (and free) Gaming in Ed conference, which begins the week of September 15th. We are gearing up for another amazing year of the Library 2.014 Conference. Check out the Conference Schedule to see the list of sessions for this year''s conference. Learn more about the conference and how you can get involved at [link].

CUE Presents LeRoy’s Big Idea 2016 Finalists


Learn Common Core Standards connected educator Creativity and Imagination CUE Conference CUE national Education Technology growth mindset leroy finkle little bits moonshot Professional Development Technology in EducationOn what would have been Mark Twain’s 180th birthday, CUE launched a search for similarly brilliant representatives of educational innovation to embody the creative spirit of CUE’s original irascible author and columnist, LeRoy Finkel.

Four Ways to Redefine Parent Teacher Conferences—With a Little Help from Ironman


As a former New York City high school teacher, I know that parent-teacher conferences seldom provide parents with enough time to process what their children learned, what they’re interested in, and what needs improvement. These conferences are rarely original and are often a missed opportunity to truly connect with parents about something beyond the report card. Conferences became a wonderful opportunity for parents to see and hear their children in action.

Live Broadcasts: Creating Your Own Student Press Conferences


The post Live Broadcasts: Creating Your Own Student Press Conferences appeared first on OnCUE. Common Core Standards Scott BedleyBy CUE Member and Guest Blogger Scott Bedley Each year it becomes a fun challenge to figure out ways to engage my students and connect them with authentic audiences. There are many technology-based activities such as Mystery Skypes, virtual field trips, BYOD, we’ve used.


Connecting Your Students with the World: Book Review [Book]

The CoolCatTeacher

The authors of this book are often seen at conferences. And yes, the standards correlations for Common Core and ISTE are in there. Common Core Flat Classroom Get Connected How to Guides. Connecting Your Students with the World: Book Review by Billy Krakower, Paula Naugle, Jerry Blumengarten (Eye on Education, 2015). Overwhelmed teachers who want to collaborate globally are going to love Connecting Your Students with the World.

CUE Rock Star Camp NGSS Edition- Professional Development: Evolved


In my 23 years of teaching, I have attended many different professional development conferences. Common Core Standards CUE Conference Rock Star Teacher STEAMpunk CUE Rock Star Camp NGSS Rock StarOf those, CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps have been, by far, the most valuable.

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Merit Prep Sets Student Goals One Playlist at a Time


Once Onyemaobi completed her playlist, she had a one-on-one conference with her teacher, who assigned her a project to create a PowerPoint demonstrating how each body system corresponds with a real-world counterpart—the immune system as a hospital, the urinary system as the sewers, and so on. The assessments are aligned with the school’s units and Common Core standards, and data is used by teachers to break down individual student goals by quarter, then week to week.

6 Conferences In 5 Days at #SDEevents for Educators This Summer in Vegas!


SDE National Education Conference - Vegas 2014 I''m excited to travel to Las Vegas this weekend to spend the week with some of the most energizing and inspiring teachers across the country. SDE hosts a series of six conferences between July 7 - 11. I''m leading 12 sessions over three days for the following conferences: Power Up , Differentiated Instruction , and I Teach 1st. Download the conference apps!

An Upcoming Frenzy in Education

My Island View

If educators can count on one sure-fired outcome of the largest national education conference in America, it is the information feeding frenzy that accompanies it. Each year that ISTE holds its Annual Conference with 20+ thousand attendees social media lights up all over the world with exchanges of information between educators emanating from whatever city ISTE is in that year. The #ISTE15 hashtag will probably trend on Twitter several times during the ISTE conference.

Write, Review, Repeat with the Tsunami Writing Challenge


He is a board member of SGVCUE, founder of OrganiTECH, and presents at technology conferences throughout California. Common Core Standards CUE Conference Flipped Classroom blended learning cue bold flipped classroom iron chef lessons tsunami writing writingGetting students to write, present their work, or even read can be hard work.

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PD for Writing Teachers: STEM Workshops, Rockstar Camps, Twitter and More!


CUE Fall Conference and Annual Conference October and March, two-three day conferences, registration fees. Check the website for registration information and videos from past conferences. We began examining the details of the Common Core State Standards years before their rollout in school districts. “Must be nice to have summers off!” All teachers hear this statement multiple times in their careers.

Own It!


After listening to Jon Corippo at a CUE National Conference , I was inspired to change up that basic math facts warm-up. Some find it in Twitter Chats (list of educational twitter chats ), others find it at conferences like CUE National in Palm Springs, and yet others find inspiration through online course like CUE’s Innovative Educator’s Certificate (#cueiec). Common Core Standards Creativity and Imagination CCSS creativity math facts poetry

Student Learners become Leaders of Learning – a LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Follow-up


Note- Katherine Goyette was one of the finalists of the LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Program at this year’s CUE 2016 National Conference. The LeRoy Finkel Fellowship, managed by CUE is a now a featured portion of the National Conference. Common Core Standards Connected Educator Creativity and Imagination CUE Conference Education Technology Technology in Education Uncategorized CUE 2016 National Conference Finkel Fellowship LeRoy Finkel LeRoy's Big Idea student leadership

Must Have Books for Reading Workshop!


basic components and tools) Teacher Preparation (steps 1 - 3: materials, conference notebook, finding books) Basic Reading Workshop (10 daily lessons to launch your workshop) Power Reading Tools (12 tools to use as you continue your mini-lessons) In the image above, you can see a segment from her forth chapter, Power Reading Tools. Power Reading Workshop: a Step by Step Guide by Laura Candler This summer, my friend, Laura Candler , sent me her two most recent books on reading workshop.

Fall CUE Conference: Survival Guide Top 8 Tips


Fall CUE Conference: Survival Guide – Top 8 Tips This year’s Fall CUE Conference, “Diving to New Depths with Common Core,” is SOLD OUT! So if you are one of those lucky ~1100 pre-registered attendees – how can you prepare for a successful Fall CUE Conference? The post Fall CUE Conference: Survival Guide Top 8 Tips appeared first on OnCUE. CUE Conference

Do We Still Need Standardized Tests? A Bold New Approach


We suggest that the state guarantee this by drafting rigorous standards (consistent with the Common Core, at least here in California) reflected on two smooth curves, one for literacy and one for numeracy, starting in kindergarten and ending in 12 th grade. Barbara has been a frequent speaker at many local, state and national conferences.

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


Doug speaks at teaching conferences including CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps, presenting on everything from technology to teaching philosophy (or teaching The Weird Way, to use his words). Blended Learning Common Core Standards Creativity and Imagination Education Technology Future Ready animation google slides stop motion

Report looks preparing teachers to lead statistics courses

eSchool News

SET was commissioned by the ASA to clarify the recommendations for teacher statistical preparation in the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences’ Mathematical Education of Teachers II report. Common Core Curriculum News Professional Development (PD) STEM Top NewsResource is blueprint for statistical education of preK–12 instructors.

6 reasons it’s important to create your own online assessments

eSchool News

We use an assessment and data management system called Performance Matters to develop, administer, and score formative assessments tied to state and Common Core standards. With this system, we can view the most commonly chosen incorrect answer and see how many students selected that answer. Because I could instantly see the most commonly chosen incorrect answers, I could gear my instruction to address why they made those errors.

Can you teach students to think more like entrepreneurs?

eSchool News

In one of several sessions that will focus on student entrepreneurship during the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Denver later this month, Lemke will be discussing the result of this project, as well as practical strategies that teachers can use to ensure success. “We 21st Century Skills Common Core entrepreneurs k12 microloans students

Looking to Ditch Traditional Grades? Here’s How to Get Stakeholders On Board


Throughout the year, Two Rivers holds four student-led, parent-teacher conferences. Heyck-Williams says these conferences help families understand the grading system, as students sit down with the data to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. He says at Two Rivers, they’ve rooted evaluations in standards—Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards—and that helps gets teachers invested. “We’re

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

The 2014 ASCD Annual Conference: There is Hope

Philly Teacher

Reflecting on a busy weekend of conversation and learning at this year’s annual ASCD conference in Los Angeles, a few bright spots stand out for me. These are the bright spots that make this year’s conference feel different than the last one I attended. This is a huge shift from two years ago when there were very few people tweeting at the conference and Twitter wasn’t widely considered a tool for schools and teachers (and students).

MC Assessment = Meta Cognitive Assessment

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Test-Generators review the Test-Takers'' evaluation, conference, sign off on the evaluation scores, AND complete the checklist on the evaluation. Does it align with Common Core Standards? assessment assignments BYOD BYOT common core cross-curricular edmodo flipclass flipped flipping literature paperless PBL project based learning Reading writing To be a progressive teacher, you find and do what works. Period.

Digital Storytelling and Stories with the iPad


Common Core Standards Many specific content standards can be addressed through digital stories. Here are some of the Common Core Standards that digital storytelling and digital stories address: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.6 Images and Creative Commons : Have students create their own images, take their own photos, or find photos that have Creative Commons Licenses and have them properly cite the photo either on the same page as the picture or at the end.

iPad 84