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How to write SMART learning objectives in your LMS


These objectives are the “why” behind your actions – the reason why you teach students and engage them in the learning process. In this article, we will explore the topic of SMART learning objectives in depth. To motivate students and ensure a steady pace for the whole learning process, the goals you establish have to be time-bound.

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Competency-Based Education: A Reading Journey

Adam Watson Edtech Elixirs

As Shelby County 's journey toward competency-based education (CBE) has become regionally and nationally known, educators often ask about resources we have discovered along the way. Reinventing Crediting for Competency-Based Education: the Mastery Transcript Consortium Model and Beyond by Jonathan E.


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Sal Khan: Test Prep Is ‘the Last Thing We Want to Be’


Here in education, Khan doesn’t need much introduction. EdSurge: The theme of the conference is reimagining education. Sal Khan : I think there are a lot of levers where one could reimagine education, but the one that we focus most on is on this notion of, in a traditional academic model, kids move ahead at a fixed pace.

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Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


Nearly ten years ago, I started my career in education as a math teacher at a new alternative high school serving over-age, under-credited youth in New York City. If we, the educators, were going to serve our students well, we were going to have to get pedagogically creative. Many education technologies are not interoperable.

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Activate Instruction migrates content to Gooru

eSchool News

Free, personalized online tool makes high-quality content available to all users. In a move to make high-quality educational content easily available all in one place, The Girard Education Foundation will migrate its teacher-created resources on Activate Instruction to Gooru. Every student is unique and learns differently.

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Do Students, Principals and Superintendents See Eye-to-Eye on Eliminating Grade Levels?


McComb School District down in McComb, Mississippi doesn’t just believe in the power of technology when it comes to personalized learning. All of our classrooms are learning labs now. They are not following Common Core textbooks—they're working together in PLC teams. They own their learning. It's not mine.

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A school where you can’t fail — it just takes you longer to learn

The Hechinger Report

They get frequent updates on which skills they’ve learned and which ones they need to acquire. Mastery-based learning, also known as proficiency-based or competency-based learning, is taking hold across the country. New York City Department of Education officials have taken a contrasting position.

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