Starting Off the School Year: It’s About the Learners

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I want students to learn about one another in a personal way. I want to learn about my students so my instructional strategies can be more personalized and tailored to their needs and interests. You will be expected to engage in the learning activities during class time.

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Visible Learning in Literacy: 3 Takeaways from John Hattie and Nancy Frey

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Opportunity to learn with renowned education researchers and practitioners rejuvenates the mind and reignites the passion in many educators. The second day at the Visible Learning Institute in San Diego provided attendees choice in one of two paths in which to learn; literacy and math.

Defending the liberal arts: How my students took the higher-learning plunge, from the banks of the St. Lawrence

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At the same time, the students learned why Canadians wanted the project and they came to understand the ever-present frictions in the intimate Canada-U.S. If this kind of learning, or some variation on it, isn’t happening every day on campus, then I don’t see the point. Students at St.

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Increasing student engagement, by design

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I added a few dabs of my own design DNA and have since taught the project-based learning course, Technology and Innovation in Higher Education, twice at The University of Texas at Austin. I use the team-based feature of Learning Catalytics (also developed by Mazur) to deliver CO-LABS.

Redesigning the Syllabus to Reflect the Learning Journey


Personalized learning is still in its infancy—as are the curricular tools and resources available to support teachers in implementing it. Currently, there is no shortage of articles offering a high-level look at how and why personalized learning will impact student growth, and conference sessions where teachers are encouraged to change the way they teach, but not given the tools to modify their instructional practices. Learning journey for 8th grade geography built Venngage in 2017.

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With each passing year and generation, tools and techniques, students and their learning preferences, and attitude towards learning continue to change. Formal : Education conferences and seminars. In-house and digital learning.

From Personalized Math to Micro-Schools, This NewSchools Cohort Is Reimagining Learning


Scott Benson NewSchools Venture Fund Twitter: @scottb_edu So their two organizations decided to work together, creating The Collaborative—a ten-month, intensive professional-development experience for ten school districts and charter school management organizations from across the country. The ten teams met once each in San Francisco, Austin, and New York City and also worked with Collaborative staff and consultants locally over the course of the 2016-17 school year.

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Part 2: Learning Profiles: What Great Teachers Know About Their Students. Learning Is An Ecology. If you design learning with physical space and interaction in mind, it absolutely can. But you can take it as an idea, learn from it, and use it (or not) accordingly.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

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This talk was delivered at Virginia Commonwealth University today as part of a seminar co-sponsored by the Departments of English and Sociology. ” Take “collaborative learning,” for example, which this year’s K–12 report posits as a mid-term trend.

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The Learning Revolution Weekly Update October 14th, 2014 In some cases we learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself. Lloyd Alexander The Learning Revolution Project holds online and physical learning events, and highlights professional development opportunities from a network of 200 partners in the learning professions. Interested in becoming a Learning Revolution Partner?