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7 Digital tools for student engagement across all grade levels


Over the years, I have noticed that student engagement tends to decrease in my classes around this time and I reach out to my personal learning network (PLN) for ideas or tools to boost engagement. Additionally, it is important that we ask for their feedback so we can continue to provide the best learning opportunities for them.

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Leveraging Web 2.0 for Revolutionary Teacher Professional Development

Dr. Shannon Doak

often dubbed the “social web,” which has opened up an incredible avenue for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. can be a game-changer for teacher professional development, creating a dynamic and interconnected learning community. Tailoring Personalized Learning Paths: With Web 2.0,


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How to build your global classroom in 4 steps


Peace Corps : while you don’t have to volunteer as a teacher in another country, Peace Corps volunteers have a lot of experience in cross-cultural collaboration — and they are sharing it with all teachers. Social media: platforms like Twitter help teachers build their personal learning network and share teaching tips and tricks.

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4 Ways to Discover the Best Edtech

Digital Promise

Technology can bring about new learning opportunities, support student engagement, help create a collaborative learning environment, and provide necessary and immediate feedback, among other digital age skills. Ask around via social media. Using your network and social media can also help you find what you need.

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ChatGPT with My Students

User Generated Education

I still am an early adopter of technologies in that I believe many can benefit students in their learning. As many in education know, commentary about ChatGPT is appearing on the news, social media, and the internet. As I always do, I am exploring its use in my classes (elementary-level gifted education).

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Top 7 Innovations in K-12 Education

Kitaboo on EdTech

These supporting software help provide a personalized learning experience. Social Media for Collaborative Learning: One cannot ignore the importance of social media. Students usually spend a lot of time on social media.

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A PLN Quick Start Guide

A Principal's Reflections

Wikis : Collaborative websites that allow registered users the ability to create and edit any number of interlinked web pages. Wikis encourage information sharing and collaborative learning. Personal Learning Network Professional Development Social Media Web 2.0' Check out my board just on PLN''s.

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