EdTech Acronyms Explained


The amount of new acronyms in the educational technology world is staggering… and often overwhelming for educators. BYOT – Bring Your Own Technology. CMS – Content Management System (a tool to build websites and apps). ICT – Information Communications Technology.

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5 Recent Advances in Educational Technology - guest post

Educational Technology Guy

5 Recent Advances in Educational Technology Imagine going to school without getting out of bed. Educational technology seems to be progressing at warp speed, with new advances emerging every single day. This post originally appeared on Educational Technology Guy.

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A Visual Cheat Sheet For Education Technology

TeachThought - Learn better.

A Visual Cheat Sheet For Education Technology. Keeping up with technology is impossible, even for blogs like Mashable, Engadget, and Techcrunch that do it for a living. 1:1 Technology. Course Management Systems (CMS). Technology #edtech technology

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Q&A: Rod Houpe Uses Evidence to Drive Change in Schools

EdTech Magazine

He knows firsthand what it’s like to merge technology and pedagogy. Houpe spoke with EdTech about the white paper and the ways in which the Fourth Industrial Revolution is driving digital transformation. SIGN UP : Get more news from the EdTech newsletter in your inbox every two weeks! EDTECH: What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and what should educational technology leaders know about it? EDTECH: How does leadership play a role in all of this?

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Exploring Learner Profiles: Resources, Examples, and Questions to Consider


As I discussed in a prior post , educational technologies can amplify the impact of proven formative assessment strategies. CMS Learns (Visual).