Toward a Conceptual Framework for a Quality, Learning-Focused 1to1 Initiative

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In order to create a high performing, learning-focused 1to1 initiative, this is where to move the needle: Leadership skilled at building a high level of buy-in with educators, students and parents/community. PD designed to effectively support teachers’ successfully changing classroom practice. Teachers focusing technology on learning more than devices & tools. Technology in support of learning. Metrics primarily focused on Learning-centered outcomes (e.g.

Bring Science to Life: The Impact of Video Game Simulations

In an edWebinar sponsored by Immersed Games, “ Supporting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Learning with Video Games ,” Lindsey Tropf, M.Ed., Learning progressions – These build complexity across each dimension, moving through grades. WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

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Edtech Data Improves Purchases and Student Performance

Evaluating the Evaluation Process. Administrators can consider factors such as whether the schools are urban, suburban, and rural, and how many students participate in Title I programs. edWeb Blog data edtech edtech evaluations Schoolwide Performance

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5 Principles for Evaluating State Test Scores

The answer, of course, is to visit the school, talk to the staff and students, and observe the learning process. Finally, Slater reminded attendees that there are limitations to data in general, but particularly if removed from actual classroom observation. “[It’s]

A Unified Approach for Digital Integration

For those at the forefront of digital integration at Vancouver Public Schools, it was frustrating to turn away new resources when they lacked a process for proper vetting, evaluation, and implementation.