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9 Uses for Smartphones in the Classroom

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In the first part of this discussion , we reviewed schools’ ongoing classroom bans on students’ cellphones — or more accurately smartphones. Classroom Uses for Student Smartphones. This is certainly only a starter list for smartphones in classrooms.

Ideas and Tools to Give Everyone a Voice

A Principal's Reflections

You can even integrate a Twitter hash tag. Use it for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback. Mentimeter – Move over Poll Everywhere. Mentimeter is a great tool that allows you to poll your audience in a variety of ways.

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Small Changes, Huge Results

A Principal's Reflections

I was also adamant that social media had no place in an educational setting, but most of you who read this blog know about my radical change of mind in regards to this. technology, including social media. This small change evolved into my present philosophy on how schools can, and should, use social media. technology in the classroom and beyond. With Twitter I have been able to give my stakeholders a glimpse into my role as an educational leader.

5 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Deeper Learning With Personal Devices


To ban or not to ban, that is always the question when it comes to personal devices in the classroom. While pushing students to learn outside our classrooms is a step in the right direction, how do we ensure that these experiences lead to deeper learning ? Wouldn’t it be great if that could happen in our classrooms during every content presentation we offer?

Here's what you missed at the MidWest Technology Conference 2014 #METC14


This conference was packed with experts sharing their knowledge with cool and exciting ways to integrate technology in the classroom. Social Studies: [link] - tons of resources on creating effective flipped videos. Fake twitter feeds.

Testing Giving You The Blues? Get Creative with EdTech Formative Assessments


I wish my teachers had access to the digital tools and resources available in our classrooms today. As educators, we need to embrace this reality, and allow our classroom learning experiences to mimic what our students encounter everyday.