How to minimize cheating in online assessments


With online classes and remote learning taking over classrooms, at least temporarily, teachers worry about rampant cheating. It’s difficult to imagine how the evaluation will play out online if you haven’t done that before. Online quizzes.

Inside Tips for Successfully Implementing Online Assessments

Whether schools are 1:1 or still relying on computer carts, the move to online assessments creates new needs from devices to professional development to data privacy policies. Have an instructional framework centered around curriculum design before talking about assessment.


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The key to rigorous online assessments

The Christensen Institute

Although online-learning software can be a powerful enabler of personalized learning, many educators struggle with what they see as learning software’s limited ability to provide rigorous assessment and feedback. Currently, teacher-created assessments are by far the most common instruments for measuring students’ learning and providing feedback on a day-to-day basis. Recognizing the cost of human-graded assessment.

Preparing Students for Online Assessments with Digital Literacy Skills

Online assessments are becoming more common, and students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on them. Students who lack these skills may not be able to effectively demonstrate mastery of key concepts in math, reading or writing on online assessments. Still, the application of the skills to demonstrate knowledge was a clear need with the use of online assessments. They can also take practice assessments using the devices.

6 reasons it’s important to create your own online assessments

eSchool News

Homegrown online assessments prove invaluable to one district. Assessments are critical to our efforts to improve instruction in K-12 education. Yet, in an age when students are accessing a vast array of resources on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, some school districts are still hesitant to take their assessments online. At Hopewell Valley Regional School District (HVRSD), we began the transition to online assessment more than three years ago.

4 Steps for Designing an Online Assessment for Flipped Classroom

Fractus Learning

Are you thinking about designing an online assessment for a Flipped classroom? First, consider whether the tool you are thinking about is the right tool for what you want to assess. Second, does this online assessment align with the rest of the course curriculum. Third, think about what strategies you can use to engage students with the online assessment. Think about matching the right online tool to the assessment.

5 Ways to convert conventional classrooms into high-tech classrooms

Think Exam

The post 5 Ways to convert conventional classrooms into high-tech classrooms appeared first on Thinkexam Blog. Online Assessment Platform best exam software exam portal for school online assessment platform online exam platform for schools online exam portal online test maker online test platform online test portal

10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Teaching online and blending classrooms is a hot topic, but there’s always room for improvement. In this blog post, you’ll discover ten topics that can help you improve your online or blended classroom.

Course 346

How the advent of Tech-Tools is altering the pedagogy for Teachers?

Think Exam

They have adapted to the new trends of automated world which creates a feasible opportunity to integrate various forms of technology in the classroom setting. Technology is emerging as a preferable possibility for elevating the concept of anti-oppressive education that is “multiple approaches to learning that challenge forms of oppression”. It is a point to be acknowledged that students these days are already on a familiar level with the changes that technology beholds for them.

3 Ways to instantly switch your classroom into remote for online teaching!

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Currently the E-Learning market is on a boom and on your search to a useful online learning tool you would find many options. The post 3 Ways to instantly switch your classroom into remote for online teaching!

The pivotal role of edtech in the hybrid classroom


Unfortunately, with most children still not back in the classroom and a second wave upon us, schools, students, and educators must be ready for the further impact that this will have. The pivotal role of edtech in the hybrid classroom.

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How Think Exam ensures cheat protection in online examination

Think Exam

Conventional classroom exams involve a lot many challenges for the administrators but the big time challenge is cheating. The post How Think Exam ensures cheat protection in online examination appeared first on Thinkexam Blog. Online Exam Software online assessment online assessment software online exam online exam cheating online exam software online examination online quiz maker Online Test Software online testing platform online tests quiz creator quiz maker

Disentangle time from testing

The Christensen Institute

The cap—which is actually merely an administrative recommendation without the force of law—advises that schools dedicate no more than two percent of classroom time to testing. But this polarizing testing debate misses the long-term picture—and in so doing, threatens to derail vitally important innovations in assessments afoot in our country, particularly with the rise of technology in classrooms. Department of Education to shift to new forms of assessment.

19 Pencils: Save your favorite online content!


19 Pencils set out to simplify and improve access to online content in the classroom and at home. What started out as a way for teachers to list their favorite educational websites quickly and easily has turned into an educational ecosystem that combines search, social bookmarking, online assessments, internet monitoring, and social media engagement. 19Pencils Tutorial from 19 Pencils on Vimeo 19Pencils is the easiest way for teachers to discover, share and manage web?based

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators

The CoolCatTeacher

Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets and anything Google. This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or become a pro at all things Google. Google Classroom Resources. How to Manage a Classroom in Google.

What model of Blended Learning should an Educator choose?

Think Exam

Blended or hybrid learning are the terms given to the new age classroom education that hasn’t lost the importance of conventional methods but only made it more enhanced with the integration of technology. When traditional learning is fused along with online instructions then it creates an environment of blended learning.

4 Questions about the flipped classroom teachers must answer


The flipped classroom is one of our favorite topics on this blog, because it is a simple concept with big results. Flipped”, here does not mean crazy or way-out (although some would argue it is), it literally means inverting the traditional classroom model. Where once class-time was spent with the teacher at the front giving instruction, the flipped classroom has students receiving instruction at home via digital channels.

20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

The CoolCatTeacher

But the reality is also that we’re going to have to prepare for a fall that – whatever it looks like – will include an online learning component. Learning online will also help us become better teachers and now is the perfect time to take an online course.

4 important questions teachers in the flipped classroom must answer


The flipped classroom is one of our favorite topics on this blog, because it is a simple concept with big results. Flipped”, here does not mean crazy or way-out (although some would argue it is), it literally means inverting the traditional classroom model; where once class-time was spent with the teacher at the front giving instruction, the flipped classroom has students receiving instruction at home via digital channels.

How to ensure quality in your online classrooms.

Linways Technologies

As more institutions are opening up to the world of online learning, new possibilities are emerging along with new challenges. We have previously written about topics like engaging your students in an online learning environment and assessing student performance in online classes.

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The Truly Flipped Classroom

A Principal's Reflections

Over time, they began calling this the “flipped classroom” model of instruction, and it has spread rapidly (in various forms) to a large number of classrooms. During this same time span, 1:1 classrooms – where each student has a computing device available to be used whenever needed – have also spread quickly. 1:1 technology, combined with the power of the flipped classroom, frees us to allow students to complete material at a more individualized pace.

20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. The Shake Up Learning community is always chatting and sharing digital tools and lesson ideas for the K12 classroom. Recently, we discussed our favorite formative assessment tools for the classroom, and I wanted to share these here for you as a resource. In this post, you will find 20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom!

Former Blackboard CEO Raises $16M to Bring LMS Features to Zoom Classrooms


Since March, when the global pandemic accelerated, the stock price of the publicly traded online video company has increased five-fold, to over $500 per share, by Wednesday’s close. Its product is called “Class for Zoom,” and what it’s building is pretty much that—a suite of tools that let instructors take attendance, distribute and grade assignments, and deliver online assessments through Zoom. This year, investors have reaped big financial returns from betting on Zoom.

Flip Your Classroom Just in Time – A Beginner’s Guide

Fractus Learning

Too many educators seem to think that flipped classrooms merely replace the classroom lecture with an online video lecture. This observation is factual as far as it goes—the flipped classroom can use online videos—however, it overlooks the real value of the flipped classroom. Communicating knowledge and expertise remotely and practicing locally first changes our classrooms and the relationships between students and teachers.

The Digital Skills Gap in Education and Beyond

Where Learning Clicks

Building digital literacy skills early on helps students curb the digital skills gap when it comes to online assessments, college, and careers. Inside the Classroom Outside the Classroom Assessments Digital Citizenship digital literacy digital skills gap Learning/Achievement GapsThe post The Digital Skills Gap in Education and Beyond appeared first on Where Learning Clicks. Unveils New Integration with Google Classroom


April 23, 2018 – today announced its digital literacy curriculum and content for grades K-8 will be completely integrated with Google Classroom and other learning platforms. This new functionality allows educators to easily access digital literacy lessons, activities, application exercises, and quizzes through an online catalog, then deliver the content directly to students through Google Classroom. PORTLAND, Ore.

Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says

Marketplace K-12

K-12 student population and highlights the underlying need to rethink the way classroom learning is approached, the report says. Learning management systems enable a teacher (and the student) to connect learning goals with student portfolios, online assessments, and searchable resources in multiple formats.”. The post Personalized Learning Needed in Increasingly Diverse Classrooms, Report Says appeared first on Market Brief.

21 Top Professional Development Topics For Teachers Now

The CoolCatTeacher

Courses about Student Mental Health Strategies for Addressing Student Anxiety With the strategies and interventions you learn in this course, you will be able to create a classroom environment where students can successfully cope with stressors and instead focus on learning. Online Assessment.

Course 296

4 Digital Tools to Help Students Increase Appreciation and Self-Worth in Any Classroom


As teachers, we sometimes forget that little, everyday actions in the classroom have a huge impact on our students’ lives. Check out these picks to help students develop a greater sense of self-worth and inspire a positive classroom culture. ” Whether they’re harvesting honey , building a circuit , or creating their own film , kids complete challenges in various skill areas by posting their creations online and getting helpful feedback.

Edulastic, Key Data Systems give educators new classroom performance tools

eSchool News

Partnership gives educators access to assessment library. Edulastic, a next-generation online assessment platform for K-12 teachers and administrators, has formed a new partnership with Key Data Systems to make the Inspect item bank available to Edulastic District Enterprise users. Edulastic’s online assessment platform allows K-12 teachers and district leaders to track students’ progress toward mastery of college and career readiness standards. Joins National Digital Learning Day Celebration with Classroom Lessons and Resources


It is about learning,” said Keith Oelrich, CEO, “By integrating technology with core subjects taught daily in the classroom, educators can leverage the power of technology to improve achievement and prepare students for success in school, college and careers.” PORTLAND, Ore. February 15, 2018 – is joining thousands of educators and students nationwide to celebrate Digital Learning Day, February 22, 2018.

Time to say goodbye to cheating in an online tests!

Think Exam

The remotely proctored exam is an online assessment technique through which you can evaluate the exam from a remote location. The post Time to say goodbye to cheating in an online tests!

How to Prepare Students for PARCC/SBACC Tests

Ask a Tech Teacher

By starting these tasks in Fall, you’ll be ready when yearly assessments arrive in April-May: Between March and June, 2015, nearly five million students in 11 states and the District of Columbia completed the PARCC and Smarter Balanced testing to measure student accomplishment of Common Core State Standards in the areas of mathematics and English/language arts. I polled my PLN to find specific tech areas students needed help with in preparing for the Assessments.

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7 Things to Consider As We Return to Learn This Fall

The CoolCatTeacher

During my years of working in elementary education, I spent time as a classroom teacher as well as a school leader, all with the Sioux City Community School District in Sioux City, Iowa.

Education Galaxy–Personalized Learning That’s Fun

Ask a Tech Teacher

It’s online assessment, practice, and instruction for K-6 students with a tagline: Curiously fun, amazingly effective, refreshingly affordable. Education Galaxy provides online assessment, practice, and instruction in a highly engaging environment for students. What makes this program stand out from the crowd is the fun and engaging way it builds student’s assessment proficiency. Learning Strategies for your Classroom.