How can Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid be used to create an AMAZING Digital Classroom for mobile learning?


In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Justin Chando from Microsoft Teams and Joey from Flipgrid on the podcast to talk about how to create a seamless digital classroom using collaborative tools found in Office365. The post How can Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid be used to create an AMAZING Digital Classroom for mobile learning? The TeacherCast Podcast Flipgrid Microsoft Education Microsoft Teams

Incredible: Growth of this technology crushes Apple, Microsoft in K-12 classrooms

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The report from Futuresource Consulting notes that annual mobile PC shipments in the K-12 education market grew 18 percent year-on-year in 2016. The steady growth is due in part to school districts expanding one-to-one learning programs and technology initiatives. The report also attributes Chromebooks’ growth to their affordability, available productivity tools, integration with third-party platforms and tools, and Google Classroom tools.

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearables for Learning! Oh My!

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These technologies help engage learners by providing sensory learning and sparking curiosity and imagination. For your next classes, go beyond getting students to read and learn only from worksheets and books. Integrate virtual reality, augmented reality, or wearables to create meaningful learning experiments for students. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers and Learning to Go. Learn more in this article.

23 Earth Day Activities, Resources, Web Sites, & Apps

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Below discover activities, resources, websites, mobile apps, and more to get your students to play an active role in caring for the Earth. Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers and Learning to Go. Primary Games has several online games for students to learn about Earth Day. Lessons, Projects & Classroom Resources. Microsoft has 81 ecological experts to Skype for free. Learn about the environment through virtual field trips!

Chromebook takeover signals major shift in education…but not in the way you may think

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classrooms (accounting for more than half the mobile devices shipped to schools) is signaling a “profound shift in American education;” and they’re calling it the “Googlification of the classroom.” But is Googlifiction spurring a much bigger shift in today’s K-12 classrooms than simply switching devices? Read more about Chromebooks and the Googlification of the classroom in the New York Times article here: “ How Google took over the classroom. ”.

Transforming the classroom with augmented learning


Learning has evolved to a point where augmented reality (AR) is a possibility. It’s evolved to a point where the environment adapts to learners needs and as I like to say it the learning process is as interactive and as immersive as ever. What is augmented learning? Augmented learning, by principle, works by providing learners with a whole new dimension of content delivery. The learning content normally found in textbooks becomes alive and interactive.

#GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe

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The post #GAFE4Littles with Christine Pinto | Episode 6 of The Google Teacher Tribe appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Christine explains how she uses G Suite, including Google Classroom in Kinder. Preview password protected Microsoft Office files in Google Drive. “Google helps us take the activities in the classroom to another level.” Connect with Shake Up Learning. Shake Up Learning 2017.

Getting the Most from Collaboration Tools

In her presentation, “ Collaboration Near and Far in Digital Professional Learning Communities,” Geri Gillespy, Administrator of Digital Integration at West Ada School District in ID, talked about how to get the most out of online collaboration programs. How will the tool enhance classroom learning and provide an advantage for teachers, students, and staff? More in-depth instruction can come on professional learning days and other sources.

Lenovo launches two new K-12 laptops

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Like the current Lenovo N22 models, the Lenovo N23 and N42 models are purposely designed for the K-12 market with ruggedized features including reinforced ports, stronger hinges, a spill-proof keyboard, and anti-peel keys to protect the system in the classroom. The Lenovo N23 with Microsoft Windows 10 offers students an 11.6-inch multimode form-factor with four unique positions including laptop, tablet, tent and stand. Mobile Learning News

Back to School with Google Chrome: The Complete Guide!

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appeared first on Shake Up Learning. I like to think of Google Chrome as the learning environment for all things Google! With Chrome, you can customize your learning environment to fit your needs and interests. Better yet, customize the learning environment to fit the needs of ALL learners! Subscribe to Shake Up Learning to get ALL the Google Cheat Sheets for FREE! Mobile Devices. Explore the Chrome Web Store and the Shake Up Learning Chrome Database.

The Future of eLearning - 10 Trends To Be Aware Of

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For those who don’t know what it is, eLearning refers to learning that utilizes electronic means to create a more dynamic and instructive learning environment. To that end, we’ve identified 10 trends that we believe indicate the future of eLearning and its role in the classroom. Adaptive Learning. Adaptive learning is a style of education where resources, activities, projects, and assignments are tailored to each student’s individual needs.

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Buncee and Immersive Reader: A Winning Combination for Assistive Learning


We love hearing about the different ways educators use Buncee in their classroom, and what features they and their students are excited about! Recently, we were honored when Rachelle Dene Poth shared her thoughts about Buncee and Immersive Reader on Eric Sheninger's blog A Principal's Reflections: Reflections on teaching, learning, and leadership. She is the President for the ISTE Teacher Education Network and Communications Chair for the Mobile Learning Network.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

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But you are always digging out — like you said, new people that everybody hasn’t heard of — but you’re always digging out new amazing educators who are just doing great work every single day in their classrooms. You’re going to find experts at the level of Howard Gardner, but you’re also going to find classroom teachers who are talking about projects and who are looking for partners in their projects as well. Bring these remarkable experiences to your classroom!

Learning Revolution Weekly Shows - Thrive in EDU, Teaching by Heart, Reinventing.School, The Connected Classroom, Exceptional Circumstances for Exceptional Children | #learningrevolution

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This week on the Learning Revolution we have two new weekly live and interactive shows starting - " Thrive in EDU " with Rachelle Dene Poth and " Exceptional Circumstances for Exceptional Children " with Rebecca Muller. They join our already-regular shows: " REINVENTING.SCHOOL " with Howard Blumenthal and " The Connected Classroom " with Rusty May. She is the author of eight books, including Liberating Genius , The Habitudes and The Passion Driven Classroom.

Buncee for Engaging Learning Opportunities


Whether in physical classroom spaces or in a hybrid or distance learning environment, our focus at the start of the year is on building relationships and engaging students in learning. Set Class Expectations for Virtual Learning.

#iste17 trends: Google, Touch Screen Chromebooks and More

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Come by PowerSchool’s Classroom of the Future in 207A where they will be giving away Apple Watches, Microsoft Surfaces and Amazon Echos. For those of you are not at ISTE check out the Unified Classroom at . Google classroom. Listen to Hardeep Gulati talk about the Unified Classroom announced yesterday. Author of The Teacher’s Guide to Google Classroom. 3 EdTech and E-Learning Influencer on Twitter.

PDF to PowerPoint

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PDF to PowerPoint is the free classroom productivity iOS app from Cometdocs. This is very handy for mobile learning and those teachers and students needing to convert their PDF''s into presentations. The presentation will have the same layout as the original PDF, but will be completely editable in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Scanned PDFs (for example ones created with a mobile scanner) are supported as well. classroom productivity PDF powerpoint

And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


It’s December, it’s almost the end of the year and it's time to talk about the 2016 e-learning trends. First, mobile learning. Sure, there were lots of devices released in 2014 and the years before, but 2015 was the mobile age. And learning platforms are starting to get mobile developers to publish mobile apps and have them updated on a regular basis. And mixing up gaming with learning makes the latter even more fun.

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Connecting Student Hearts and Minds


Bringing SEL to the Classroom One Connection at a Time. In today’s world of high-stakes testing, social-emotional learning (SEL) has provided a path forward in teaching the whole child. From classroom design, school culture and providing student agency and ownership of their learning, incorporating SEL concepts provides guidance and certainty in an often confusing and intense climate of learning.

Keep the Learning Going: Remote Learning with Buncee


Finding ways to extend the “space” of learning for our students has been a topic of discussion for many years, so it is not entirely something new. Providing Ways to Keep the Learning Going. Over the past few years, many schools have started to offer flexible learning days to deal with school closures due to weather conditions, environmental issues or something else entirely. Buncee = Learning Anywhere. Ideas for your Classroom.

Estella’s Brilliant Bus Edventure

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Estella originally created her mobile learning center outfitted with computers that ran Microsoft technology. Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative has since upgraded the bus to help close the opportunity divide between those who have technology and those who do not. Estella and her Brilliant Bus have garnered international attention, appearing in a Microsoft Superbowl commercial viewed by millions and in this CNN Heroes Tribute.

25 Random Thoughts About Teaching & Learning

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25 Random Thoughts About Teaching & Learning. That learning starts with the student, not a standard or map. That edtech is focused almost exclusively on automating and digitizing the existing classroom. That mobile learning is already here, and if we can’t design with it in mind, we’re already behind. Easier to talk “1:1” than it is learning models that realize 1:1 potential. That learning can be addictive—should be addictive.

Creation just got even better with Buncee!


One of my favorite things about teaching, besides working with my students, is finding new and engaging ways to have students create and show their learning. Coming up with new ways to use it in the classroom and even creating a Buncee for Open House, that could later be sent to families who could not attend. We were thrilled when students realized that they could share their work seamlessly by sharing to Google Classroom.

Daily Motivations and More with Buncee!


Buncee has been a favorite tool in my classroom for the past couple of years. Over this time, we have seen a lot of great updates and new features continually added to Buncee and have enjoyed creating and coming up with new ideas of ways to use Buncee for learning. We've tried a lot of different ways for using Buncee in the classroom, many of which have been a result of the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking from the students. A classroom sign?

No Teacher is an Island – Mary-Joyce Arekion, Mauritius

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When it comes to learning about the world beyond our schools and communities, not all classrooms are created equal. It was then that Arekion’s students stepped in and took hold of their own learning. “I Technology has played a key role in Arekion’s own learning. In 2009, she participated in the Microsoft Innovative Educators Forum held in Mauritius, and “a new world of opportunities was then opened to me!”

The Progression of our Lower School Technology Integration

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After being a high school computer teacher, I decided to teach the Microsoft computer applications of Word and Powerpoint to the fourth and fifth grade students. The process of learning through that period really gave me a burden to help our school see the benefits of technology integration- not always technology for technology sake and not stand alone. I wanted them to learn that technology was a tool for their learning.