Meet NEO at ISTE 2019!


Each year ISTE gathers together tens of thousands of educators from all around the world, who share a deep interest in how technology can be used in the classroom. They share ideas and support each other in transforming their classrooms in true digital-age learning environments.

5 Ways to Add Morning Meetings to Special Ed Classrooms

The CoolCatTeacher

Dr. Felicia Durden shares methods behind having a powerful morning meeting in special education classrooms. From routine to celebrations, we talk about how to start the day well in special education classrooms. 5 Ways to Add Morning Meetings to Special Ed Classrooms.

The Important Morning Meeting

Ask a Tech Teacher

When you do this at the beginning of the day , it’s called not a warm-up but a morning meeting. What is a Morning Meeting. Morning meetings are a time when students and teacher gather together, usually in a circle, for an organized start-of-day activity.

Meet The Inspiring Elementary Spanish Teacher #GiveGreatness

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Meet Evelyn Hamlin From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Don’t miss YOUR chance to nominate an inspiring educator and qualify you both to win an incredible classroom technology package!

Meet NEO at ISTE 2018!


Judging by the last year’s edition, things look even more promising for the days to come: Meet NEO at ISTE 2018! We’re looking forward to meeting you at ISTE 2018! The post Meet NEO at ISTE 2018! It’s that time of the year again!

Meeting the needs of introverted students with e-learning


Including e-learning in classroom instruction is a great way to meet the needs of introverted students, and here are four reasons why: 1. With e-learning almost all classroom distractions simply disappear.

Smartphones Meet Adult Education

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Mobile technologies allow adult learners to study anytime, anywhere, extending their learning far beyond classroom hours. The post Smartphones Meet Adult Education appeared first on Digital Promise.

Personalize with Purpose: Meeting Learners Where They Are

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Growth in learner variability and complexity in classrooms nationwide; 3. The rapid development of more sophisticated and available technology that teachers can use as tools to help meet various learning needs. “We cannot teach students well if we do not know them well.

Classroom collaboration: Learning together


In most classrooms today, students are seen working together in small groups, perhaps in learning stations in the classroom, and taking a more active role in learning. We have to think about what will work in our classrooms and with our students. Beyond the classroom space.

22 Top Tips for Better Classroom Management

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Classroom management can be a challenge. In this post, I’ll share twenty-two of my top tips and ideas that have helped me have an awesome classroom. Classroom Management Tip #1: Build a Partnership With Your Students It’s true that you must relate before you can educate.

How to Schedule a Time to Meet with Other Classes

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The fifth graders had an optional meeting at 7 am where they could come to school to meet the other kids half a world away. Kids came early to school so they could meet other kids! Learners love to meet learners in other classrooms, but how can you make it simple ?

Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking


When educators first consider redesigning learning spaces, they might immediately conjure up mental images of free-flowing Starbucks lounges or something out of the Cult of Pedagogy blog’s Classroom Eye Candy series. Teachers can start simply, with the overall goals they have for their classrooms, the types of projects they want to do and the mindset they want to instill in students. A redesigned classroom at Hillbrook School.

Otus–Exciting Free LMS You Want to Meet

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It should be non-intimidating, non-threatening, even non-geeky, so stakeholders feel as comfortable as they would in a physical classroom. allows for co-teaching in a classroom (an arrangement that is growing in popularity). Classroom management Reviews website review

LMS 410

AR/VR Application — The Future Meets the Classroom of Today


The stuff of science fiction can now be a reality in today’s classrooms

LED Throwies Meet the Magnetic Board

User Generated Education

LED Throwies Meet the Magnetic Board. Group Version: Small groups form a design on a larger classroom whiteboard. I have been offered an opportunity to teach maker education again at a local summer enrichment program during summer, 2016.

In-Class Flip: The Flipped Classroom Meets the Station Rotation Model

Catlin Tucker

When I work with school districts shifting to blended learning, I often train teachers on the station rotation model and the flipped classroom. Students rotate around the classroom to different learning stations.

Measuring Up–the Key to Meeting State/National Standards

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Each lesson includes independent practice with items that meet NGSS assessments, hands-on activities, experiments, and investigations. Last year, only 61 percent of high school students who took the ACT English achievement test were deemed college-ready. In math, it was 41 percent.

Better Meetings Through Pedagogy


It’s basically summer, and the only sort of meeting people are interested in, probably, is the sort pictured above. The meeting leader coordinates this activity and guides us through the agenda items starting with the most pressing, immediate, popular needs first. I know, I know.

Meeting the Tech Needs of Disabled Students

EdTech Magazine

Access Points Classroom Cloud Mobile Apps Mobility Networking By Heather B. Hayes Schools find there is no one-size-fits-all approach to assistive technology.

Can a Sitcom Teach Philosophy? Meet a Scholar Advising 'The Good Place'


When I'm in the classroom, they can look at me like here, right here. I think that most people are really excited to have varied approaches in the classroom. They want to have variety in the classroom.

Consider Perforating Your Meetings


What is really new is the idea of a perforated meeting I tried recently. Michael Berman of CSU Channel Islands invited me to join one of their department meetings. They’re just…meetings. This meeting was emergent. Would you consider perforating your meetings?

How to Lead: Meet Our Five DILA Administrator Winners

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This blog post was originally published by EdSurge. Guest co-author Mary Jo Madda is an Associate Editor at EdSurge. Being an administrator is a tough job, but administrators make all the difference when it comes to leading schools and districts towards innovation and change.

Today’s Meet is Closed. What are your Alternatives?

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As of June 16, 2018, Today’s Meet closed (read the full details here ). It turns out, there are good options, depending upon whether you primarily use Today’s Meet for: backchannel and student response.

Meetings That Matter

Reading By Example

We must understand that a meeting is never just a meeting; it’s the town square of human dynamics-the place where people gather to act out their anxieties and fears, hopefully to find joy and rejuvenation in their connections. To create meetings that matter.

Meet Synth, a classroom audio tool to amplify student voice

Ditch That Textbook

As our world becomes increasingly tech-dependent, a fundamental question will be at the heart of everything we do … How do we preserve our humanity? Artificial intelligence is automating tasks in our lives. Messaging can be so easily misunderstood. And the amount of time we spend staring at a screen every day is a serious […]. Ed Tech Screencasts record audio in class student voice student voice recordings synth

Blended Learning Meets the Ghost of Textbooks Past

The Journal

No question: the future of educational technology is blended learning enacted in 1-to-1 classrooms. But: exactly what instruction will be delivered? In the past, textbooks played the role of providing teachers with the day-by-day, week-by-week, instructional roadmap.

What Makes an Effective Classroom Coaching Program?

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In the school setting, coaches provide one-on-one support to help teachers tackle classroom challenges and identify strategies that best support their practices as well as student achievement. Effective classroom coaching programs focus on teachers.

Meet Your Stakeholders Where They Are

A Principal's Reflections

With that being said it is important for school leaders to meet their stakeholders where they are at and engage them in two-way communications. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to have an article published in the digital version of ASCD's Educational Leadership.

Six iOS 11 Features to Meet Student Needs


Here are some practical tips for teachers to meet the needs of all student learners. #1. The u se of QR codes in the classroom is only limited by your creativity! #4. The post Six iOS 11 Features to Meet Student Needs appeared first on EdTechTeacher.

Flipped Learning Meets Differentiated Instruction

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In a flipped classroom , students perform much of their work outside the classroom. The flipped classroom provides some ease to instructors who apply differentiated learning principles. Teachers continue to cope with the challenges of teaching to multiple learning styles.

Avoid Death by PowerPoint: Flip Your Meetings

Turning Learning On Its Head

We were talking about how too many corporate meetings turn into death by PowerPoint. This was followed up by several meetings with key scientists to ascertain the threat that the incident posed for the mission. But the flipped class model does not just apply to classroom settings.

How The Morning Meeting Can Transform Classroom Culture

Teaching With Soul

Dear Christine and Friends, When I read your post on how you put yourself in the shoes of your students, I imagined all these little feet running around your classroom in colorful sneakers! There are many aspects to building a classroom culture as a new teacher that can feel overwhelming.

How The Morning Meeting Can Transform Classroom Culture

Teaching With Soul

Dear Christine and Friends, When I read your post on how you put yourself in the shoes of your students, I imagined all these little feet running around your classroom in colorful sneakers! There are many aspects to building a classroom culture as a new teacher that can feel overwhelming.

Giving students a V.O.I.C.E. in your classroom


in your classroom. Schools are faced with a variety of students in just one classroom which makes it a challenge for educators to try to reach everyone and address their learning needs. This approach implies effective classroom management and an ability to motivate students.

Meet Your Staff Where They Are: Streamlining with Google Classroom

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So, after talking with others in my PLN, this year, I am going to try sharing with another Google tool – Google Classroom. Google Classroom streamlines announcements and assignments in one place for our students. Collaboration Google google classroom