Study Finds Data Analytics Help Lower Rates of Disciplinary Action in K–12

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In order to address classroom equity concerns among education leaders, schools are looking to adopt new, more information-based practices to keep students engaged in their studies and support those who are having difficulties. Teachers Track Student Behavior Through Mobile App. To test the impact of data analytics on student behavior management, researchers provided participating schools with Kickboard analytics software , designed to track students’ positive and negative behavior.

How our high-poverty school reduced suspensions by 97%

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Take a positive approach to classroom management. At our preK-4 school, 93 percent of students are economically disadvantaged and the mobility rate is 33 percent. When students arrive on the first day, some know how to behave appropriately in a classroom, but others don’t because they were never taught. CHAMPS is a proactive, positive approach to classroom management that overtly teaches students how to behave responsibly.

How Voice-Enabled Technology is Changing the Contours of Higher Education


We’ve been really excited about collaborating with edtech developers—we now have skills available to customers from Kickboard, ParentSquare, Coursera, Blackboard and Canvas.