85 Canadian Schools Lead an Edtech Charge by Moving from Devices to Deeper Learning


Analytics provides education professionals with visualizations of this data that help them answer the big question: Has our investment in education technology paid off? Six years ago, OCSB embarked on a journey to improve learning outcomes for all of their students by leveraging technology. Their purpose is to ensure that the technology in classrooms is being used to accelerate the district’s learning goals , including personalization, differentiation, and deeper learning.

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Connected Educators Must May 13, 2015 by @mgrudnel from United States Jeff has been so accommodating and welcoming as he helped introduce me into the world of connected learning and podcasting. I learn so much each time I listen or watch a new podcast. Technology Integrationist February 17, 2015 by Miss Rumphius from United States I learn so much from this team. I always take what I learn and teach other teachers. This is such a great teaching/learning resource.