How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites

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The post How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s Talk About How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites! Google Sites is the perfect tools for you and your students to create ePortfolios.

Open School ePortfolio for Authentic Assessment

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

An ePortfolio is a collection of student work that is used to document effort, progress, and achievement over time. ePortfolios are powerful tools for authentic assessment because they require teachers and students to dig deeper than a multiple choice test. Try Open School ePortfolio.

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Chrome Can: Meme Creation and Educational Use

Dr. Shannon Doak

In fact, memes mean a lot more to students than meets the eye. Watch this great TED Talk titled “More than just a Meme” | Emily Sands | TEDxSantaClaraUniversity” Why Memes in the Classroom. So, how can I use memes in my classroom? What are memes?

It’s Not About Google (Part 4) – SULS047

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In part four, Kasey explains how we can go BEYOND the walls of our classrooms, and how to go BEYOND the due date and encourage students to continue learning about the things that interest them. Check all the links you post for parents, or share outside of your classroom.

Technology and Capstone Courses

Dr. Shannon Doak

These include slide presentations, graphic organizers, infographics, ebooks, video presentations, websites, whiteboard app creations, graphic novels, blog posts, ePortfolios, podcasts, coded applications, digital art, video games, and VR world creations.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

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I’ve been somewhat hesitant to jump into digital badges world (despite knowing the digital badge ninja, @senorg) because I feared that digital badges were just one more way to categorize and label kids, another carrot to dangle in the classroom.

6 Ways Technology Can Reinvent Parent-Teacher Conferences


With transformative digital changes happening in classrooms today, basic learning management systems now deliver the answers to most of those well worn questions on parent portals. We’re already innovating in our classrooms and schools; why not make sure we’re carrying that same thinking forward into the ways we communicate with parents and foster the camaraderie and support that benefits everyone. Create ePortfolios. Flipping the Classroom.

5 Tips for Using Google Apps to Go Paperless

Gaggle Speaks

As you move towards a paperless classroom with Google Apps , countless hours in the copier room vanish, allowing you to spend more time on teaching and planning. In addition to saving time and money, paperless classrooms provide other benefits: more efficient and organized classroom workflow.

Transform Teaching & Learning with ThingLink EDU

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

We're in full swing with our free PD to help educators transform teaching and learning in classrooms, schools and districts. Join any or all of our sessions live, or view the archive on demand right from your in box.

Create Interactive Albums with ThingLink Channels

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Now teachers and students can create collections of work within the safety of their own T hingLink EDU classroom with an exciting new feature known as Channels. Teachers and students have the flexibility to build Channels that are connected to learning goals and compliment classroom routines.

How to make your year more awesome

iLearn Technology

Ask questions, meet our team, and see education re-imagined. A new perspective on classroom space/building use. Innovative uses of technology and ePortfolios. We can’t wait to meet you all in person!

Teaching with the Growth Mindset

According to Briggs, the portfolios, coupled with the growth mindset, do more than help students meet their learning goals. Teaching to the middle—most teachers don’t want to do it.

Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

Bryan Alexander

I kicked things off with a survey of major technological developments in a very top level way, then dived into specific, currently used digital tools (the LMS, ePortfolios, video, robotics, big data, social media, 3d printing, etc.).

Personalized Learning Plan Skills Template

Learning With Lucie

Now my thoughts are on how a teacher might easily assign this spreadsheet to all his/her students using Google Classroom and the students could easily embed the whole sheet or only parts of it in a portfolio that uses Google Sites.

In It Together: Student Led Program Implementation #SXSWedu


Students started assisting fellow students in creating ePortfolios in Project Share. They went into classrooms and trained their peers. Students also presented at faculty meetings. Snipit of faculty meeting training at 9th grade campus shown.) At the end of the meeting, the principal announced students could bring their own devices to use Project Share. After initial trainings, here were monthly meetings to follow up.

Week of January 31, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

link] EPORTFOLIO COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE: PD STRATEGIES ( Australia Series ) Mon 31 Jan 09:00PM New York / Tue 1 Feb 02:00AM GMT / Tue 1 Feb 01:00PM Sydney Coach Carole. Meeting #5 of the EpCoP: PD strategies - What strategies would you choose to help others get started with eportfolios? How would you structure a short course in eportfolios? Grace is what love does and is when it meets the sinful and undeserving." link] CLASSROOM 2.0

Empowering Teachers: A Roadmap for Student Success #SXSWedu


Project Share allows us to meet students where they already live in an online environment. Any teacher, regardless of the size of the school or district, can open their classroom to resources in a global environment. It''s hard for teachers to leave the classroom for PD. They have small test beds where they are working on export of ePortfolios, etc. Notes from SXSWedu 2012 panel discussion/concurrent session.

The Intersection of Project Share, BYOD, and PBL #SXSWedu


Rebecca King , Director of Teaching and Learning 9th Grade Academy students are all using Project Share for eportfolios. Teachers do not have desks in their classrooms. Teaches digital citizenship, problem solving, higher level thinking, meets needs of all types of learners. Notes from SXSWedu 2012 Concurrent Session Region XIII and Rockdale ISD Dr. Howell Wright, Superintendent of Rockdale , made an appearance by pre-recorded video.


The Epsilen Experience: Power Users Share Their Stories #SXSWedu


Ingram''s classroom is close to paperless. Cuts down on time needed for F2F meetings. Ingram - The finished work posted to Epsilen creates ePortfolios that stay with the student. Visit his eportfolio at where he is posting his resources.

Week of November 29, 2010 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

EPORTFOLIOS COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE: THE TRIALS 2010 (THE AUSTRALIA SERIES) Mon 29 Nov 08:30PM New York / Tue 29 Nov 01:30AM GMT / Tue 29 Nov 11:30AM Sydney Coach Carole. Data and results will be shared from the 2010 Eportfolio Implementation Trials. Britt has expertly incorporated online tools into her classroom using her blog effectively as the communication platform. Join yolink evangelist Anne Kimbrel to discover ways to promote search literacy in your classroom.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Student Entrepreneurship - Gaming in Ed - Google Summit Recordings

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Wednesday, September 10th at 4pm ISTE: Integrating STEM Learning Tools in K-12 Classrooms , presented by Paula Leach, Mano Talavier and Stephanie Playton of Longwood University’s Institute for Teaching Through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP). Are you overwhelmed with the idea of integrating STEM tools in the classroom? We’ll talk about how to choose STEM learning tools and how to use them to meet your classroom needs.

This Week's Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

How do you integrate technology into 21st century classrooms? link] 21ST CENTURY LEARNING: RECYCLING IN THE CLASSROOM Tue 25 Oct 01:00AM New York / Tue 25 Oct 05:00AM GMT / Tue 25 Oct 03:00PM Sydney Leigh Hofman. link] 21ST CENTURY LEARNING: RECYCLING IN THE CLASSROOM Tue 26 Oct 06:00PM New York / Tue 26 Oct 10:00PM GMT / Wed 26 Oct 08:00AM Sydney Leigh Hofman. Grace is what love does and is when it meets the sinful and undeserving.” link] JOY IN LEARNING (CLASSROOM 2.0

Week of April 17, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Participants are invited to collaborate on a wiki that will share online resources and activities related to Latin America for classroom use. Robert Ahdoot invites you to discuss the first ever math video collection filmed in a live classroom! Using Blackboard Collaborate in the classroom is nothing new, but also using it for multi-campus meetings cuts down on travel for department meetings, trainings, users group meetings, and administrative meetings.

2013 Global Education Conference Kicks Off Today - List of Sessions

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Fundadora Comunidad Chamilo Venezuela The use of social media in teaching information literacy and global collaboration - Laura Loveday, Librarian 7:00pm KEYNOTE: Pam Allyn and Jennifer Estrada - Transformational Literacy for the 21st Century: Four Lessons from the LitWorld Model 8:00pm ED4ALL - Lesson For All: the right of education and the barriers worldwide - Donna Adams Román Fostering Global Citizenship in the English Classroom - Jennifer D.

This Weeks Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

A peak into a course focussing on building your undertanding of eportfolios. We will also invite participants to share their ideas, challenges and solutions in methods of reflective practice and the development of eportfolios. We are also seeking expressions of interest from those eportfolio practitioners who may wish to be guest presenters in our Elluminate workshops. How do you integrate technology into 21st century classrooms?

This Week's Live and Interactive Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

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EPORTFOLIO MONTH: MAY WEBINAR #4 ( Australia Series ) Sun 22 May 08:30PM New York / Mon 23 May 12:30AM GMT / Mon 23 May 10:30AM Sydney Coach Carole. Hear how Spokane is maximizing their effect of Peer Coaching and collecting artifacts through the use of Excel to create a unique collaboration log that provides coaches with a structure for planning meetings and the collection of reflections.