Fair Grades, Dropping Grades, Grading Versus Knowledge

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With almost 9,000 downloads and counting, this show is the most popular episode on Every Classroom Matters in 2016 so far. Thomas Guskey@ tguskey is Professor of Educational Psychology in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky.

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K-12 Educators and Administrators: Share Your Ed-tech Pilot Approach

Digital Promise

Are you a K-12 educator or administrator? This spring, Digital Promise is working with six school districts conducting education technology pilots. Director of Research and Program Evaluation. Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Technology.

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The dark side of education research: widespread bias

The Hechinger Report

Now, scholars are detecting the same type of biases in the education product industry — even in a federally curated collection of research that’s supposed to be of the highest quality. Higher Education. Related: The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation.

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U.S. K-12 Educational Technology Policy: Historical Notes on the Federal Role

Doug Levin

Secretary of Education Richard W. ” This letter marked the launch of the implementation of the first federal program dedicated to ensuring universal access to information and communications technology for improved teaching and learning in the nation’s schools.

Empowering Community Perspectives in Evaluation Research

Digital Promise

What is equitable evaluation? As funders, government agencies, and service providers become increasingly focused on program evaluation results to make evidence-based decisions, evaluators and other researchers seek to answer this question.

Don’t Ignore Teachers in Evaluation Studies of Education Technology


At the same time, my experience doing research in an urban district suggests that education technology evaluations need to go beyond this focus if they are to be most useful. Specifically, if we consider that education technology products are not so much “stand alone” interventions but tools for helping teachers personalize their learning environments, then the centrality of teachers becomes apparent. Education Technology Efficacy Research

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Staying Educationally Relevant in Instructional Technology

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The ISTE Standards · C describe the skills and knowledge they need to support their peers in becoming digital age educators" ( [link] ). In the past few days I have been thinking about the future of educational technology at my school and what that support should look like. Classrooms?)

Documenting and Reflecting on Learning

User Generated Education

Blogging has its own unique benefits as Sylvia Duckworth’s Sketchnote summarizes: Experiential, STEM, STEAM, and maker education are the focus of my gifted education classes. The learners in my gifted education classes have access to Chromebooks.

Online program expands to combat early learning disruptions caused by coronavirus closures

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A Mississippi mom encourages her daughter as she completes a session on the kindergarten readiness program, Waterford Upstart. A Utah-based nonprofit is expanding its online kindergarten-readiness program to families across Mississippi and eight other states in an effort to fill the gap.

Project Hope Alliance Partners with Think Through Math and Pearson Education

Think Through Math

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 — Project Hope Alliance, a nonprofit organization committed to ending the cycle of homelessness for Orange County families through stable housing and youth education programs, recently launched its Soaring to Success pilot program in partnership with Pearson Education and Think Through Math. About Pearson Education. New characters, new environments, and a reward program increase motivation and accomplishment.

Bring Science to Life: The Impact of Video Game Simulations


Three-dimensional learning – The standards are based in three learning dimensions central to science and engineering education: Practices, the behaviors of scientists and engineers. program (Telecommunications, Education, and Multimedia). WATCH THE EDWEBINAR RECORDING.

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Ed tech companies promise results, but their claims are often based on shoddy research

The Hechinger Report

School closures in all 50 states have sent educators and parents alike scrambling to find online learning resources to keep kids busy and productive at home. IXL says its program is “proven effective” and that research “has shown over and over that IXL produces real results.”

Debunking the ‘Gold Standard’ Myths in Edtech Efficacy


Everyone, whether an educator, an entrepreneur or a parent, should want edtech products that are effective—ones that genuinely help students learn. Why the ‘Gold Standard’ Isn’t a Fit (in Edtech) Why has efficacy been such a challenge in education?

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How Professors Can Encourage Students to Join Them for Office Hours


On an episode earlier this year of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, he indicated that, “The main goal of teaching is not only to help the student inside the classroom, but also outside the classroom.” Education Technology Digital Learning in Higher Ed Higher Education

How Can We Support Kids in Learning More Than One Language?

Digital Promise

I have been a bilingual educator for over 20 years. I have worked with teachers and conducted many classroom observations and program evaluations. One bilingual education model that research has shown to be particularly effective is “Two-Way Immersion,” or TWI. How the Program Works. TWI programs are bilingual programs designed to build high levels of bilingual proficiency. So, what is it about the program that makes it so effective ?

The Actual Dollars That Will Shape the New K-12 Investment Ecosystem


It’s that most conversations about a school’s expenses don’t sync up to what’s happening in the classroom—the instruction, materials, and tools that shape the educational experience for teachers and students. Some state education agencies are working with their districts to develop reliable and consistent processes to collect this data, but they are largely the exception. In some cases, for both federal and state programs, it’s even a statutory requirement.

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Tech Engages Today’s Students, But Teachers Need Support

EdTech Magazine

As digital leaders, it is important to cultivate systemic conditions in education that support and nurture a growth mindset for these students, while allowing them to utilize their technical expertise. When school districts bring in technology to do just that, it is also integral that administrators support educators and keep pedagogy in mind. How will you use educational technology to create opportunities for cognitive differentiation among your students in the lessons?

Toward a Conceptual Framework for a Quality, Learning-Focused 1to1 Initiative

More Verbs

In order to create a high performing, learning-focused 1to1 initiative, this is where to move the needle: Leadership skilled at building a high level of buy-in with educators, students and parents/community. PD designed to effectively support teachers’ successfully changing classroom practice. Notes & Resources: Leadership for change that builds a high level of buy-in with educators, students and parents/community. Here is an emerging (draft) conceptual framework.

Edtech Data Improves Purchases and Student Performance


Evaluating the Evaluation Process. Administrators can consider factors such as whether the schools are urban, suburban, and rural, and how many students participate in Title I programs. edWeb Blog data edtech edtech evaluations Schoolwide Performance

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Project-based learning boosts student engagement, understanding

The Hechinger Report

Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Future of Learning newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes every Wednesday with trends and top stories about education innovation.

5 Principles for Evaluating State Test Scores


While educators should track performance data to help inform their overall view on a district, school, or class, they need to keep in mind basic data analysis principles to ensure that they aren’t getting a false image of their students’ achievement.

IES Selects ST Math for Replication Studies

MIND Research Institute

Department of Education (DOE) Institute of Education Sciences (IES) as one of six math programs to be further investigated under what IES terms “replication studies.”. “We At MIND, evaluation research is always about more than a “green light” for ST Math as a product.

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What If You Held Your Math Program Accountable for Long-Lasting Impact?

MIND Research Institute

Educational programs are not being held accountable for long-term impact. This makes it especially challenging for education leaders to make wise choices, and it inhibits innovation and continuous improvement by program developers. The Rise of the School Grants Program.

IES Selects ST Math for Replication Studies

MIND Research Institute

Department of Education (DOE) Institute of Education Sciences (IES) as one of six math programs to be further investigated under what IES terms “replication studies.”. “We At MIND, evaluation research is always about more than a “green light” for ST Math as a product.

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“My school’s efforts to integrate technology into instruction have led to significant increases in student achievement.” – Darren Clay, USA

Daily Edventures

Darren Clay learned early on the value of an education, when his assistant principal father did double duty as the school’s evening custodian – with his sons’ help — to pay for their private schooling. What inspired you to become an educator? Educational Leadership, Ed.S.

A Unified Approach for Digital Integration


For those at the forefront of digital integration at Vancouver Public Schools, it was frustrating to turn away new resources when they lacked a process for proper vetting, evaluation, and implementation.

Every Cleveland Program to be Graded for Its Evidence-Based Value

Marketplace K-12

The district is in the process of reviewing every program and intervention to establish what it does, how much research backs it, and how well it works within district schools. Evidence – Based Programs: New Guidance Details What ESSA Means for Research. By Guest Blogger Sarah D.