Challenges in Curation: Successfully Integrating Open Educational Resources in the Classroom

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As the teacher leading my SXSWedu classroom, I made a wrongful assumption my entire class entered the room with the same knowledge base. So I explained to my class that Open Educational Resources (OER) could be most easily defined as “free stuff on the Web.” Teachers have been surfing the Web for lesson plans and ideas for their classroom for years. Blog EducatorsStart the Facebook live broadcast. Check. Get the app loaded to take audience questions.

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Teaching critical thinking skills in the online classroom

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As educators, we often hear about the importance of teaching critical thinking skills to our students. At Laurel Springs School , an online K-12 education provider, we have mastered the art of teaching in an online classroom.

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics

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How K–12 Classrooms Can Benefit from Robotics. Classrooms are dynamically impacted by the dual forces of technological evolution and student expectation. MORE FROM EDTECH: See how education robotics companies are invigorating K–12 learning.

5 Digital Tools That can Help Educators Manage the Workload


Guest writer Nancy Lin offers 5 free web apps with phone based counterparts, that can be a huge help in classroom. Not so long ago, teachers had to rely largely on an extensive knowledge base, [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Education Needs to Push the Hard-Reset Button

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The current public education system has stagnated. Are sequential and upon completion provide a complete set of knowledge applicable to a career or higher education study pathway. This will ensure highest and best practices for an ever-evolving knowledge base.

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Does the Word ‘Teacher’ Still Describe What Educators Do in the Classroom?


To Williams, that definition had built up too many negative connotations over time, including the implication that she was simply standing in front of a classroom dictating to children—something she felt was an inaccurate depiction. So how do we elevate the status of teaching and educating in this country so that people really understand what we do? So how do we elevate the status of teaching and educating in this country so that people really understand what we do?”

What is Constructivism and How Does it Fit Your Class?

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Because new information is blended into prior knowledge, the result is – of course – subjective, heavily dependent upon the personal lens of each learner. That, in turn, is dependent upon their society, culture, past knowledge, personal experiences, and more. Education applications.

Latest in Games and Learning Research Reveals Need to Empower Educators

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DML 2017 was packed with interesting studies and perspectives from education, media and technology researchers from around the world. The need to empower teachers to implement the research and bring game-based learning into their classrooms. Empowering Educators.

Why Flipped Learning should be standard for Higher Education


Flipped Learning and Higher Education are rarely found together in the same sentence. Terminology aside, flipped learning should be standard for Higher Education if we want our universities to deliver successful graduates into the world of tomorrow. They flipped their classrooms.

Educators as Learning Catalyst Facilitators

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Facilitator- Educators facilitate learning with technology to support student achievement of the ISTE Standards for Students. Educators: Foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning goals and outcomes in both independent and group settings.

4 Tips for Facilitating Powerful Student Collaboration

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In this culminating project-based unit, students design prototypes for real users that address issues related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Building their skillset and their knowledge base makes them eager to solve authentic problems.

Google Adds New Classroom Features. Use Them Responsibly.


Google has added some new features to Classroom. Like any edtech tool or feature, these new Classroom additions can be abused, focusing not on historical thinking skills but low level learning. Use it to measure basic understanding of content knowledge.

How to Blend DoK into Lesson Plans without a Comprehensive Rewrite

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I recently got a question from a reader asking how the lessons in my K-8 curriculum supported Dr. Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge philosophy — an integral concept to her school’s mission. Rather, it itemizes ways students interact with knowledge.

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Pre-K Learning: Enhancing Education with Digital Technology

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Research confirms that the quality of education and learning received by children in their early years of childhood is essential for their overall development. Children who received high-quality, practical knowledge-based learning in their formative years are less likely to fail in high-school. When that window is closed, the opportunities decrease, and educational success becomes harder. Related: 8 Trends in Education Technology That Will Have A Major Impact | 2019.

5 ways tech + education can change the world

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Twenty years ago, Cisco recognized a shift toward a knowledge-based economy. We felt it was important that everyone have an opportunity to participate in this economy—and that education, combined with technology, would have the power to achieve that.

5 reasons to integrate digital storytelling into your teaching

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How do we best bridge this divide and bring education into the digital learning space where students reside? How do we take what we as teachers know in one literacy and allow students to demonstrate mastery in another, without losing control of the classroom?

What does it mean to be a teacher in higher education for the next decade

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Education is changing and we have to address these changes in order to adapt and choose the right path. There are some major shifts happening in the way perceive education and the mechanisms we use for teaching and learning. Sadly the adaptation has been slow in education.

Five Steps to Empowering Educators with Evidence

Congress passed ESSA in 2015, but one area still challenging schools is the tiers for evidence-based interventions and materials. Step 1 – Understand the value of evidence-based strategies for students and schools. has 34 years’ experience in education.

Bringing Literature to Life in Open Sim

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On April 26, celebrate PowerofEcon on Twitter with Discovery Education, CME Group, and their Econ Essentials Program. Other resources: Why Open Sim will Dominate Virtual Worlds in Education. Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard.

5 ways to spot college and career readiness in classrooms

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When you walk into a classroom, how can you be sure that students are really on their way to being college- and career-ready? Here's what to look for next time you walk into a classroom: Core Practice 1: Know the discipline well. Applies acquired knowledge in real-world situations.

How to Build Lifelong Learners

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” The first step toward reaching that goal would be opening their minds to fascinating bits and pieces of knowledge, be they about computer games or nature. I respect the job done by education programs around the world, but six to eight hours a day five days a week can only go so far.

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How Can School Leaders Personalize Learning? New Book Offers a Guide


Personalized learning has been an education buzzword for several years. A recent survey of by the state education technology directors association, or SETDA, put personalized learning at the top of the list of state priorities.

Apple’s Longtime Education VP Shares Frustrations With Slow Pace of Change


People love to try guess what Apple is up to—that’s true for the company’s education strategy as well. So when Apple’s longtime vice-president of education, John Couch, published a book this year with his thoughts on the future of education and accounts of his work at Apple, it opened a rare window into the company’s views on education. The book is called Rewiring Education: How Technology Can Unlock Every Student's Potential. Why are we in education?

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Messy Works: How to Apply Self-Organized Learning in the Classroom


But few self-organized learning environments exist in traditional education. In a classroom SOLE, Bechtel asks her students a “messy question,” something that doesn’t have just one right answer, then sets them loose to research the question in small groups.

[Throwback Thursday] 5 ways to spot college and career readiness in classrooms

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Each week, we hand-select our Throwback Thursday blogs to be sure you have the best and most compelling information on educator effectiveness and education reform. Here's what to look for next time you walk into a classroom: Core Practice 1: Know the discipline well.

169 Tech Tip #151: 8 Popular Year-long Assessments

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Sub-category: Classroom management. Effort —assess student tech knowledge based on process not product. Teaching others —expect students to share their knowledge with classmates. ‘ Ask three then me’ is a popular effective approach to tech learning in the classroom.

“The Microsoft Educator Community wouldn’t be what it is today without us educators.” – Bisera Ristikj, Macedonia

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I felt that I could provide so much encouragement to all the educators, so that they too can change education with their work,” she tells us. “I I also felt it was important to add that the Microsoft Educator Community wouldn’t be what it is today without us educators.

What is the 21st Century Lesson Plan?

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Technology and the connected world put a fork in the old model of teaching–instructor in front of the class, sage on the stage, students madly taking notes, textbooks opened to the chapter being reviewed, homework as worksheets based on the text, tests regurgitating important facts.

Chromebooks: The Key to Successful Management


Reading Time: 4 minutes As schools introduce technology in their classrooms, are they figuring out how to manage the new devices? What if students move the devices from one classroom to another when they’re not supposed to? By classroom.

When Pushing Boundaries in Math Education, Where Can Teachers Turn For Help and Camaraderie?


Earlier this year, math educator and Demos executive Dan Meyer published a piece entitled “Lonely Math Teachers” in which he raised the shortcomings of social media and the need for innovative math teachers to connect online. “I can pull all these colleagues into my classrooms with me.

Do It Right the First Time: How to Maximize Your Edtech Investment


Unfortunately, so are school budget restrictions, unmanageable workloads and aging (not to mention underperforming) classroom technology, to name just a few concerns. Education Technology Practice and Implementation Strategies Technology Trends Technology Tips

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Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

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Cathy Rubin in her Global Search for Education has posed these questions in my inbox for this month’s global search for education column: “ What should we teach young people in an age where Dr. Google has an answer for everything?”

How to Prepare Your Students for College

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A New World of Technology—in Classrooms, Around the Globe. In this era of markedly different standards, shifts in core content, and high stakes tests, the bar for our students and for us as educators is significantly higher. Why Use Technology in the Classroom?

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Teachers As Researchers: The Power of Mindset

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I used to make changes in my classroom based on intuition - I just know what my students need - but found that intuition alone wasn’t enough to truly spark student learning. I learned that teachers who learn online still want a community within a virtual classroom.

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Murky Reef: Great App for 1-2 Science, Math, & Reading


Murky Reef is designed for students 6-8 years old and is intended to increase their knowledge base in science, reading, and math, through use of interactive game play and enjoyable characters. 1st Grade Math apps for education Frolyc k-2 Math K-2 Reading K-2 Science Murky Reef