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Flipping Out For Professional Learning

The Web20Classroom

During a professional development session a while back I thought I killed someone. But it was a wake up call to me and the way I approached delivering Professional Development. Think about Professional Development, specifically technology-related PD.

From Flipped Classrooms to Flipping with Peer Instruction

Turn to Your Neighbor

In a recent article on flipped learning in USA Today, Nancy Lape of Harvey Mudd College reports finding no statistical difference in students’ learning in a study comparing a “flipped” and a lecture-based classroom. What would have happened if Thomas Edison quit the first time he saw dark when he flipped the switches in his lab? Moreover, is making our lives easier and our students happier the purpose of education?

What is Collaboration for Professional Learning?

My Island View

After being involved in social media for over a decade, I have made a few observations that might be helpful to folks who use social media, more specifically Twitter, to develop and maintain a Personal Learning Network. I started my Twitter account with a plan and focus to use it to develop collegial sources for my professional learning. Using Twitter for professional learning requires a collaborative mindset.

The Chilean Ministry of Education Launches New Partnership with Discovery Education Supporting Presidential EdTech Initiative


-New Collaboration Introduces Unique Combination of Dynamic Digital Content and Targeted Professional Learning to Chilean Schools- Silver Spring, Md. Discovery Education shares this belief, and we look forward to working with their talented team on Me Conecto para Aprender.”

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. These tasks are perfect for learning across the curriculum and especially for librarian-led learning.

Its 2019. So Why Do 21st-Century Skills Still Matter?


The story offers a good example of how education is shifting as we wrap up two decades of the 21st century. In the process, they also learned plenty about social studies and civic engagement. For Loudoun County Superintendent Eric Williams, what makes such authentic learning experiences worthwhile is how they prepare students “to make meaningful contributions to the world.” The third and current phase of the 21st century learning movement is all about “empowerment,” says Kay.

"I Used to be Sitting in Seat 17D" - How I Rejuvenated My Teaching Career

Fractus Learning

S/he noticed I was opening a book entitled What Connected Educators Do Differently by @ToddWhitaker , @Jeff_Zoul and @Casas_Jimmy. S/he asked me if I was an educator. They asked me what changed, I simply replied “I started learning again.”

To Flip or Not to Flip? That is the Question!

Fractus Learning

Mediums also have the ability to shape our learning experiences, memories, and comprehension. Countless educational technologies and strategies exist to help engage students, represent content differently and provide students with creative ways to demonstrate their understanding.

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?3 Types of Summer PD That Won’t Sacrifice Your Vacation


After a Master’s degree, 120-plus credits, and 30 years in education, I now understand that whatever I do and wherever I go, I am happiest when I’m learning. And if I can find an opportunity that allows me to further my learning without sacrificing my summer vacation—or better yet, enhances it—you can bet I’m going to be the first to sign up. The nice thing about summer learning is choice. Personalized Learning Through Gaming. Classroom Device Management.

Creating Change

The Principal of Change

One of things that I have been really thinking about is not only embracing change, but educators creating it. Creating better ways for our kids and ourselves to learn. How often do we create change in education? So do more and more educators every single day.

THANK YOU for 5 Amazing Years of Educational Podcasting! Thank You For Amazing Feedback!


Jeffrey Bradbury is clearly an innovator and a mover and shaker in the educational technology world. Great information June 12, 2015 by jjbs21 from United States Great podcast with a lot of valuable tips for educators! I learn so much each time I listen or watch a new podcast.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Education Politics. You’ll remember Gove, of course, from his role as the former education secretary and as special friend of News Corp's Joel Klein. Also speaking volumes, the publications that framed the educational fallout from last week’s referendum on EU membership in terms of how it might possibly hurt the business of British ed-tech. Tony Bates looks at “Brexit and online learning in Europe.” ” Education in the Courts.


Getting Started with Minecraft in the Classroom

Graphite Blog

There are already many articles detailing the educational benefits of Minecraft, and though I believe the advantages of using it the classroom far outweigh the disadvantages, the roadblocks can be very real. Issues with styles of facilitation and classroom management, as well as technical problems, can be difficult to figure out. That's why I would like to share with you tips I learned along the way on my Minecraft journey. Teacher has less control of classroom.

Making Time vs Finding Time

A Principal's Reflections

One of the most utilized excuses in education when it comes to change is lack of time. At one point or another, we have all used the time excuse when it comes to our professional work. First and foremost, make the time to learn, grown, and get better as opposed to finding the time.

3 Things To Remember For Every Conference

The Web20Classroom

The end of June means signals to many education technology enthusiasts one thing - the annual ISTE (International Society for Technology In Education) Conference is just around the corner. Steven is still a skeptic of flipped classrooms and AR/VR.

Connected Educator Month Kickoff Details! PLUS Library 2.013 Proposals Deadline

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 1st and 2nd, are the kickoff days for the 2013 Connected Educator Month (CEM). From Twitter to Facebook and Pinterest to Vine (hey--what about Classroom 2.0 ?!),

Tuesday and Wednesday - Big Kickoff Days for Connected Educator Month!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will kick off Connected Educators Month with an “EduAllStars” Podcast, where he will highlight President Obama’s ConnectED proposal to expand access to high-speed broadband to 99 percent of students and how education can be strengthened when teachers are provided opportunities to connect with their colleagues around the country. How to get to the ultimate goal of connected education: collaboration to move the field forward.

Inside Google’s NYC Teacher’s Lounge


A free salmon or chicken dinner in a buffet spread is something most public K-12 teachers will not see in their schools’ lounges, but Google’s cooking up a different type of professional development for educators in New York City. The tech giant has partnered with Educate LLC and the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) to create an educational, social mixer called Google’s Teacher’s Lounge. However, its relationship with Educate LLC is new.

Google 105

Coding and Computer Science during CSEdWeek

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual initiative that aims to inspire K-12 students to take interest in computer science. In schools that wish to have coding become a regular part of the curriculum, where do educators begin if they are unfamiliar with the subject?

Free book chapter - Tried & true cell phone tools

The Innovative Educator

Access all the chapters at The Classroom 2.0 Book The Classroom 2.0 Book is now live, and I am proud to have a chapter with my co-author Willyn Webb ( Tried and True Tools to Get You Going with Cell Phones ) in this free e-book that was created as part of Classroom 2.0?s The project was put together by three fantastic leaders in education: Steve Hargadon , Richard Byrne , and Chris Dawson. Cell phones in Education Steve Hargadon

The end of FlipCon means big changes for flipped learning

eSchool News

FlipCon’s swan song, which starts on July 19 in suburban Dallas , is hardly the end of the movement or of the Flipped Learning Network, the group that has organized the event since 2012. But there’s still a lot of interest, especially international interest, in flipping.”

Rethinking learning time in Clear Lake

Dangerously Irrelevant

It just needed to put some new structures in place to get there… Teacher learning. Many organizations have ‘20 percent time’ initiatives, which give employees time and permission to learn and work on new topics of their choosing as long as they have potential benefit to the organization.

What Innovation Is and Isn’t

The Principal of Change

Yet often, innovation is often used as a synonym for technology (which it is not), or to describe something that is simply “new” Innovation can happen in all areas of our world today, both inside and education.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Blog also sets admins up in order to be able to do flipped learning with their staff. link] - Melinda Miller, Principal in Missouri who uses flipped learning with her staff. She talks about mistakes she''s made and what she''s learned from them!

Reflections, Part 2: Hawaii Google Summit 2014

My Session Breakdowns Youtube in the Classroom For my first session, I attended +Jim Sill ''s Youtube in the Classroom. Creating a playlist of essential learning videos for students before, during, or after a lesson is a great way to incorporate Youtube in the classroom.

Announcing the 2014 School Leadership Summit Virtual Conference + Call for Proposals

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

More Information : The School Leadership Summit''s founding sponsor is TICAL , a Statewide Educational Technology Services Project funded by the California Department of Education and Arkansas Department of Education under the auspices of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

The Top 50 Best Books for Teachers – Professional Development

Fractus Learning

Educational Psychology. Learning Culture. Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative – Ken Robinson. “It is often said that education and training are the keys to the future. Remember the days of longing for the hands on the classroom clock to move faster?

Is Your School "Future Ready"?

Graphite Blog

This is the first in a series of posts that examine how schools and districts are planning for and implementing digital learning efforts. By signing, school leaders committed to working with teachers, families, and community members to transition their districts to "personalized, digital learning.". A coalition , led by the Alliance for Excellent Education , the U.S. Learning is always the goal, with pedagogy and curricula as the driver.

The Free and Online 2014 School Leadership Summit Starts Wednesday! (Full Session List)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

If you want to follow those tweets, you can either track the conference hashtag #ticalsls14 or you can follow the Learning Revolution Twitter account at @learnrevproject. Yildiz, Teacher Educator 2:00pm Edmodo – An Asynchronous Métier - Ms.

Announcing the 2013 School Leadership Summit, Worldwide and Online March 28th

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Conference strands (aligned to the internationally-recognized ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Administrators) will include the leadership topics: Vision in a Changing World Teaching and Learning in a Changing World Professional Learning in a Changing World Data-driven Reform in a Changing World Ethical and Responsible Use in a Changing World Presenting : The conference seeks to present ideas, examples, and projects related to education leadership in a changing world.

The School Leadership Summit Is March 28th - All Welcome! Plus, Call for Volunteers

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Conference strands are aligned to the internationally-recognized ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Administrators and include the leadership topics of: Vision in a Changing World, Teaching and Learning in a Changing World, Professional Learning in a Changing World, Data-driven Reform in a Changing World, and Ethical and Responsible Use in a Changing World. We teach based on our belief of how students learn. -