Creating Future Ready Schools and Classrooms

Tom Murray

The Future Ready Frame work , a dynamic, research-based support for school leaders, created by Future Ready Schools? Today, four years after the launch of FRS, over 3,300 district superintendents have signed the Future Ready Pledge , and thousands of school and district leaders have attended the nearly 50 free events that have been held throughout the country. It is our obligation to prepare our students for their future and not our past.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. SHEG also offers two other fabulous portals filled with resources to help classroom teachers and teacher librarians inquiry and historical analysis. A series of Read Like a Historian videos prepares educators to effectively launch this type of learning in their classrooms.


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New Micro-credentials for Back-to-School Professional Learning

Digital Promise

Edcamp Community at Digital Promise. Educators who organize the rigorous and personalized learning experiences at Edcamps know how comprehensive the experience is. The Modern Classrooms Project. Providing Corrective Feedback in a Foreign Language Classroom.

9 Ways to Upgrade Professional Learning in Your District

Tom Murray

How school leaders run faculty meetings and inservice time should be a direct reflection of the type of instruction they are seeking in the classroom. Supervision conversations must move from “I attended …” to “I learned and then implemented …” Non-traditional forms of professional learning such as EdCamps, Twitter Chats, and the utilization of tools such as Voxer to connect and communicate are valuable experiences for educators. This post is sponsored by Samsung.

7 Great NonProfits Changing the Face of Professional Learning

Tom Murray

As mentioned in my previous post 16 Great NonProfits Working to Support EdTech in Schools , prior to my role as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, I spent 14 years in a public school in Pennsylvania as an elementary and middle school teacher, middle school and elementary principal, and district level technology director. EdCamp Foundation.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

Tech Helpful

For many of us in the chat we felt that new teachers are not necessarily entering the workforce equipped for a tech-rich classroom. Understanding the dynamics, classroom management and benefits of blended learning needs to be on the new teacher's radar. There are many different ways teachers can now easily ascertain in real time the learning happening in the classroom. Classroom management skills for a tech-rich environment.

School Librarian as your Information Overload Superhero!


For more information on the leadership, role librarians must take in the area of curating digital resources and tools, empowering students as creators, and building instructional partnerships visit Future Ready Librarians and follow #futurereadylibs on Twitter. Ugghh, help, I can’t keep up! With easy access to websites, blogs, online PD, webinars, YouTube, workshops, and social media, finding digital resources is not hard to do.

A National Push for More ‘Active Use’ of Technology in Learning

Educator Innovator

Katie and Jason’s work, part of a collected free ebook called Teaching in the Connected Learning Classroom , was one of several highlighted in the Department of Education’s 2016 National Education Technology Plan , “ Future Ready Learning: Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education (PDF).” The new plan lays out model ways of using educational technology in the nation’s classrooms, with a focus on equity and active use.

5 Ways to Prep for the Next School Year


Even though it is hard to slow down or my schedule is busy, I have found that reading professional development books have challenged me to do more in my classroom, create better learning experiences for students, and grow as a leader. 3: Go to Conferences and Get Involved If you have the opportunity this summer, I highly encourage you to attend a summit, edcamp, or any type of conference where you can learn and grow. Cross-posted from [link] It’s summer, summer, summertime!

Literacy in the Digital Age: 9 Great Speaking & Listening Tools

Educator Innovator

We firmly believe this ought to be the new norm in the modern classroom. The traditional application of ELA isn’t enough for future-ready learners. BookTrack Classroom. We ask students to revise, edit, and publish in classroom tasks which imply these skills are the end goal, rather than a means to an end. Speaking and Listening Standards can be supported by the creation of podcasts in the classroom.