The Secret to Preventing Community College Dropouts? Start With Middle School


Sam Brooks: My background in Putnam County started out really as a football coach and a biology teacher in a classroom years ago. put students on individualized learning plans, possibly using technology in the classroom. In Putnam County, we’ve been talking about identifying where a student is by the data when they come to the classroom. And, man, believe it or not, on top of all that, he is a completely flipped classroom teacher.

Bring Experts to Your Class Easily with Nepris

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Statistically, almost half of school dropouts do so because they don’t see the relevance. Set up your class (optional, but this allows you to share out archived Nepris sessions with students, say, for a flipped classroom activity). This is great for flipped classrooms.

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Professors Aren’t Good at Sharing Their Classroom Practices. Teaching Portfolios Might Help.


At the height of the buzz around MOOCs and flipped classrooms three years ago, Bridget Ford worried that administrators might try to replace her introductory history course with a batch of videos. Looking through a collection of teaching portfolios by her colleagues helped reassure her that she could redesign her course while preserving what worked about the classroom experience. The rate of dropout or failure is down from 13 to 5 percent.

Examples Of Innovation In Higher Ed–With A Caution

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The flipped classroom movement seems to, in pockets, be threatening the college lecture. Reduce the college dropout rate to closer to 10% (than the current 40%+). Examples Of Innovation In Higher Ed–With A Caution. by Terry Heick.

To transform your school district, look outside the mainstream

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This prediction was built on the theory of disruptive innovation , which posited that early online-learning programs that got their start outside of mainstream classrooms—such as alternative schools or credit-recovery programs—would improve over time and get incorporated into mainstream courses. are using blended learning to disrupt the traditional classroom.

Still, Watters runs deep #EDEN15

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Audrey Watters and Maarten de Laat Education writer and journalist Audrey Watters describes herself as a recovering academic, serial dropout and rabble rouser - her blog also carries the epithet 'trouble maker'.