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5 Ideas to level up Elementary Math with Technology

The CoolCatTeacher

Elementary Math can be exciting. This week I’ll be sharing the 7 Pedagogical Shifts That Make Interactive Displays a Key to a Student-Centered Classroom on the Cool Cat Teacher blog sponsored by SMART Technologies. 5 Ideas to level up Elementary Math with Technology.

How to Teach AI in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Michelle Zimmerman, author of Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning , talks about Artificial Intelligence and what we should be teaching kids in our classrooms today.

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Save Your Seat: #STEAM & Arts Online Conference (8 PD Hours 15+ Sessions)


If you are an elementary educator, this conference is a must for your summer list! What I like most is that the sessions are available for an entire year after the conference is over. Each session is created to be 100% actionable in your own classroom.

IT Coaches Leading Change in the Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Deb Ramm helps us learn the techniques to help powerful improvement happen in classrooms. IT Coaches Leading Change in the Classroom. Now, Deb, you work with implementing lighthouse classrooms, but you’ve also recently moved into instructional technology.

5 Formative Assessment Strategies to Help with Classroom Management

The CoolCatTeacher

Teacher Mike Roberts give five strategies that can help us with formative assessment AND classroom management. 5 Formative Assessment Strategies to Help with Classroom Management. But these are also strategies that help with classroom management.

Integrating the Arts into Every Subject

The CoolCatTeacher

As 2007 State Teacher of the Year in Rhode Island, Catherine Davis-Hayes is passionate about helping every teacher use the arts in their classroom. Today’s Sponsor: Edpuzzle is my new favorite flipped classroom tool. Some easy ways to start with the arts in any classroom.

35 Resources for the STEAM Classroom… Putting the Arts in STEM

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to a post that recognizes that the Arts must be in STEM! Booking Info – It is time to think about your school or conference needs. Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference?

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Building STEM Communities at ISTE

MIND Research Institute

I’m back from a whirlwind trip to the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference and Expo! Building a Community of STEM Champions. 1 in 3 elementary teachers have math anxiety. As adults, our interaction with STEM matters.


35 Resources for the STEAM Classroom: Putting the Arts in STEM


It actually is quite obvious that the Arts should be included in STEM education. The very first time I heard the idea of integrating the Arts into STEM education was while watching a keynote made by Daniel Pink at the NECC Conference in Washington DC… yes prior to ISTE Conferences!

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C-STEM Studio — A Great Way to Blend Math and Robotics

Ask a Tech Teacher

C-STEM Studio is a California A-G approved curriculum and turn-key solution for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics through computing and robotics. ” In fact, the C-STEM Studio algebra curriculum is fully aligned with Common Core state standards in mathematics.

California’s Beaumont Unified School District Selects Discovery Education to Support STEM Teaching and Learning in District Elementary School


- Discovery Education´s Digital Resources and Comprehensive Professional Development System to Create Authentic STEM Teaching and Learning Environments for Elementary Students- Silver Spring, Md. The Science Techbooks series also includes valuable STEM/STEAM resources.

Got humor? It might be the key to STEM engagement

eSchool News

Real-world relevance and a little dash of humor are two ingredients that might increase STEM engagement and make learning fun for high school students, according to a new survey. on how to increase student interest, understanding, and performance in math and STEM subjects.

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LA’s First Public All-Girls STEM School Goes Global


In August 2016, the Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA) opened within the Los Angeles Unified School District with much fanfare as California’s first all-girls public STEM school. She has served as an instructional specialist, literacy coach and classroom teacher.

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20 Tech Tips to Shake Up Learning

The CoolCatTeacher

Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching. Author of The Teacher’s Guide to Google Classroom.

Hyperdocs Literacy Task Boards and Flipgrid Reading Circles

The CoolCatTeacher

Learn more about how Laura’s classroom has become more modern and simplified with these valuable tools. Then I actually have Google Classroom, which is where I put it so it’s a little bit easier for them to access. It’s been a fantastic tool to use in the classroom.

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Part 2: STEM, STEAM, Makers: Over 40 Amazing STEM Resources

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to this second post in a series that brings STEM, STEAM, and Maker Space together with Project Based Learning and proper technology integration in the classroom. Booking Info – It is time to think about your school or conference needs. Science – STEM Resources.

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From Breadcrumbs to Breadboards: How to Spearhead Effective STEM/STEAM Initiatives


Today’s forward-thinking educator is asking herself how to infuse coding, STEM, and STEAM into the classroom. How to spearhead effective STEM/STEAM initiatives was a hot topic during the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit in Redwood City, California.


Google Masters For Kids of All Ages: Badges, Skills and More

The CoolCatTeacher

I had a special education classroom, and I was the Gen Ed teacher. So once we had our feet wet a little bit, and we got a taste of how that was curbing some of the behaviors in our classroom, we just started branching out and giving them more tastes of the G-suite apps.

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Effective Digital Citizenship Education

The CoolCatTeacher

There are lots of ideas and tools in the book about how you can set up those digital spaces with your kids, show them, help them create norms for those spaces, practice all the things that we’re hoping will transfer outside of the classroom. We use Google Classroom a lot.

Iditarod Teacher: How to Connect and Learn from the Iditarod Race

The CoolCatTeacher

Every year I have incorporated the race into my classroom for a long time, and it just builds engagement and motivation with the kids. I do a STEM project where the kids have to come up with a little dog house that has a certain amount of volume in it, using crackers and frosting.

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Edtech and Social Emotional Learning #sel

The CoolCatTeacher

Her original research went into the design of Renton Preparatory in Seattle, which was a 2016 Top Three STEM School in the nation. In my own classroom, I have my students run Hour of Code each December for the whole school – grades K5- sixth grade.

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California’s Fallbrook Union Elementary School District Broadens Partnership with Discovery Education Transforming Instruction Districtwide


­ - District Chooses Discovery Education’s STEM Connect to Bring STEM Lessons to Life for Students Districtwide - Silver Spring, Md. classrooms, 50 percent of all primary schools in the UK, and more than 50 countries around the globe. The Wire k12 education STEM K-12 Education

4 Geeky Gifts for Teachers

The CoolCatTeacher

To find out why read or go to to get started setting up your school or classroom now! So if you told me I had to get one thing for a classroom, I would say Osmo. It can work in anything from classroom speakers all the way up to P.A.

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5 Ideas to Change Teaching with Digital Tools

The CoolCatTeacher

They are practical courses that have teachers developing tangible resources to use in their classrooms immediately. The high school students walked down the street, and they did an afternoon STEM collaboration. How many poster boards must die from these elementary years?

ACE Mentor Relationship Building with Google Drive and Google Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

Stephanie Goldman and her first-year mentee Lindsay George have used Google Drive and Google Classroom to supercharge their mentor/mentee relationship. Stephanie Golden: ACE Mentor Relationship Building with Google Drive and Google Classroom.

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Over 40 STEAM Resources… Creative Thinking, STEM, and PBL at FETC 2020

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

In regard to Creativity, check out my last post, which covers facilitating and assessing Creativity in the classroom. If you are at the conference, feel free to look me up with a PM at Twitter ( @mjgormans ) or email ( This is a great place to Make STEM happen!


Part 1: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Science

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to another STEM related series of four posts bringing you over 150 amazing resources. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts of STEM being a Verb in the last post. In this series of posts my goal is to provide you with practical resources in each of the STEM areas.

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Are classroom robots the NextGen of learning?


It shows that clearly, EdTech is becoming an integral part of our classroom learning. Read more: How can teachers use VR in the classroom? Technology has the potential to further transform the way we learn, as is apparent by the advancements in robotics and its use in classrooms.

Motivation to Thrive Your First Few Years of Teaching

The CoolCatTeacher

Being an urban student once myself and had spent the majority of my Prek-12 school years in Philadelphia, I know many of the hardships my students may come to my classroom. I want to them to know that our classroom is a safe place and that I will always care for them.

Wonderful Word Problem Breakthroughs

The CoolCatTeacher

Listen to Felicia Casto talk about her awesome elementary math classroom. Webb Elementary in Navasota, Texas and works with teachers in her school and educators across the nation on how to best to embrace digital learning across a variety of platforms.

Part 3: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Engineering

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to number Three in a series of four posts bringing you over 150 amazing resources for STEM education. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts of STEM being a Verb a few posts back, along with the 40 resources geared toward STEM Science and 35 resources geared toward STEM Technology.

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5 Ideas for Technology Stations

The CoolCatTeacher

Leslie Swanson-Anaya @InspiredLeslie elementary teacher of the year for Texas region 15 has ideas for awesome technology stations. Leslie: Well, my first idea – and one I have used in my classroom at the teacher-led station – is the interactive PBS LearningMedia.

5 Ways NOT to Implement Next Generation Science Standards

The CoolCatTeacher

I’ve been saying this about STEM for years, too, right? STEM is more about how we teach than it is what we teach. You don’t have to re-create your entire classroom tomorrow. A lot of folks are going to conferences, and they’re trying to understand the most they can.

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5 Googley Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month

The CoolCatTeacher

Eric: You could definitely use these with your elementary students without a doubt. You could definitely use this with your lower elementary students. So it definitely scales up for upper elementary and for middle school kids as well. I know he is for me in my classroom.

Vernier, NSTA announce 2015 STEM award winners

eSchool News

Seven STEM educators awarded prizes valued at $5,500 each for their innovative use of data-collection technology in the classroom. Funding News STEM Top News