Meeting Organization with Evernote

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Meetings, meetings, meetings. For meetings, it is indispensable. Here''s how: I clip the meeting/appointment slot from Outlook into Evernote. This way, everything related to the meeting is in one place. I use a template for meeting notes (see below) and copy it into this note. I will add questions I have before the meeting and then use it for the meeting itself. I tag the meeting note for easy searching later.

100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

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The post 100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Did I actually title this 100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom? 100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom. What is the Chromebook App Hub?

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Otus–Exciting Free LMS You Want to Meet

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works across all platforms–iPads, web, Chromebooks. I’ve been on the hunt for a good– scratch that : excellent –Learning Management System for several months.

LMS 410

Writing Scaffolds to Meet Diverse Learning Needs

A Principal's Reflections

For example, Mrs. Montecuollo and Mrs. Westbrook could read student responses and be clear about what each writer needed to add or change in order to meet standard. English 9 Class Blog English 9 students blogging using a combination of their own devices, Chromebooks, and MacBooks.

New tablets for Education - comparing the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10 and the new Apple iPad

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Last week had two interesting announcements for EDU - a new iPad and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet. There have been a lot of different reactions from the two, but most reactions were very positive towards the Chromebook Tab and very "meh" to the new iPad.

The Alphabet of Chromebook Tools for Teachers and Students

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For a full-size PDF poster version to print out for your school, click here: Alphabet of Chromebook Tools.pdf. Note: The above PDF also has links to each of the tools when they are clicked.

Project wirelessly from your Chromebook to Epson projectors with iProjection App

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Epson announced the availability of the Epson iProjection™ App for Chromebooks , enabling students and teachers to wirelessly display content from Chromebooks on Epson BrightLink ® interactive projectors and most PowerLite® projectors. Imaging being able to move around the classroom, projecting from your Chromebook, or having your students share their work with the class, all wirelessly! chromebooks epson GAFE/Chromebooks tips multimedia projector wireless

Epson 139

New Chromebook App Easily Records and Automatically Uploads Classroom Video


While some Flip Video cameras are still in use (and still will work with Edthena), two new device platforms are becoming standard-issue in districts across the country: iPads and Chromebooks. Today we’re announcing the launch of the Edthena Chromebook app for video recording and upload.

Chromebook or Tablet for the Classroom? Finding the Best of Both Worlds


Whether game based learning is a regular part of your class time, or a good option for early finishers and free time, it is growing in popularity as more and more apps and software rush to meet the demand. Want to learn more about using Chromebooks in the Classroom ?

If you give a kindergartner a Chromebook…

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The thought of giving 30 kindergarten students their own Chromebooks might be daunting. Chromebooks made it really, really easy to differentiate instruction–I can’t imagine doing the differentiation that needed to be done without having the Chromebooks,” she said.

A Tale of Two Meetings


The first meeting was a 62 mile drive from work. I wasn't familiar with the meeting location and had never met the other individual before. I arrived and waited just a short time for the meeting to begin. Perhaps, relieved THAT meeting was over?

3 Strategies to Organize Google Drive and Meet the Needs of ALL Learners


Chromebooks also have emoji keyboards, and the process for utilizing it is outlined in the video tutorial at the end of this post. The post 3 Strategies to Organize Google Drive and Meet the Needs of ALL Learners appeared first on EdTechTeacher.

HP launches new education Chromebook

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As the Chromebook’s classroom popularity grows, its features expand. HP Inc.has launched the HP Chromebook 11 G4 Education Edition (EE) — a durable, lightweight Chromebook designed to meet the needs of students and educators.

3 Musts-Haves During Virtual Meetings and Calls


You do not want your meetings or calls to look like this: When you do, there are some protocols to put in place. Whether you are an innovative educator or a student, in the 21st century, we’re all global learners who make global collaborations.

CDI’s Chromebook Division Reaches Milestone by Supporting more than 2,000 School and District Initiatives


Chicago IL –March 26, 2018 – Chromebooks are an affordable and popular solution for schools adopting 1:1 programs. CDI Computer Dealers is a one-stop-shop for schools’ Chromebook initiatives. Chromebook The Wire

Creating and Collaborating in The Cloud with Chromebooks

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Chromebooks have taken the education world by storm over the last few years. What can students actually do on a Chromebook? Chromebooks are made for this. If your school district is already using Google Apps for Education, the integration of Chromebooks is seamless.

8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year

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Richard Byrne on episode 532 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Innovate and try some new apps. Today, Richard Byrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, talks about eight edtech apps that you should try. (He

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The Chromebook Crusades: How to Win the War Against Technology


Our 1200+ students would begin the 2016-2017 school year armed with a fleet of shiny new Chromebooks. The fear did not dissipate after the first meeting or the second. I always knew there was a place for technology in my classroom—and not just for typing papers. Yet when my school district began to push for integrating more technology into lessons, I initially refused; I dug my heels in and said no.

Got Chromebooks? Student Help Desk Support


In the spring of 2016, our district decided it was ready to go 1:1 with Chromebooks district-wide during the next school year. With that decision, I threw out a crazy idea to my principal and superintendent: “What if we created a student help desk to repair the Chromebooks?” The students would then research for those teachers solutions/ideas and then create a blog response to meet those teachers needs. The post Got Chromebooks?

How to Roll Out Chromebooks for Your District in a Jiffy

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How to Roll Out Chromebooks for Your District in a Jiffy. In August 2016, the tech team at the East Baton Rouge Parish School System in Louisiana was loading up new Acer Chromebooks to be delivered to the district’s 87 schools when the area was hit with a catastrophic storm. . The storm even ruined hundreds of the Chromebooks themselves. Still, the district needed to roll out 14,000 Chromebooks before the new online state test in March.

Meet Our Ambassadors: Jennifer Liang

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I oversee our 1-to-1 Chromebook initiative and train teachers on how to use them in the classroom. How great is it that they can use an app on their Chromebooks to record a lecture instead of a bulky tape recorder?

6 tips for making the most of your Chromebooks

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Before my second year of teaching, my principal suggested that I pilot a class set of 35 Chromebooks in my ninth- and 11th-grade English classes. With no other teachers on campus using either Chromebooks or the Google for Education platform, I found myself a paperless pioneer.

Chromebooks, Chrome Web Store, and Add-Ons


There''s a lot more to Chromebooks and Google than meets the eye! How are Chromebooks different? Chromebooks have a web based management council. What do we need to know about the Chromebook hardware? There are different types of Chromebooks.

K-12 Google Chromebooks Get a Facelift With Styluses, Cameras and Android Apps


Back in of spring of 2016, Futuresource Marketing reported that Chromebooks were the most popular K-12 device out there, with Chrome OS accounting for more than 50% of the market. Around that same time, the Google Education team announced that Android apps would eventually be coming to Chromebooks for Education. Well, that sometime is now, and Google is hoping the update will contribute to Chromebooks capturing even more of the market. The Acer Chromebook Spin 11 with stylus.

3 Problems with Chromebooks

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Google''s Chromebooks have some great features: Near-instant start-up time. Virtual meeting (webinar) solution Printing Google Chrome does not support device drivers therefore a student will be unable to connect their Chromebook to a printer.

This software turns old laptops into new Chromebooks

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After years of using Chromebooks alongside its traditional laptops, school leaders were anticipating lightning-fast boot up times from their new investments. Until recently, the district fielded a number of complaints about the small screen size of students’ 11-inch Chromebooks.

Meet Caliper, the Data Standard That May Help Us (Finally) Measure Edtech Efficacy


Over 500 education technologists from companies and districts gathered last week in Denver for the IMS Learning Impact meeting , hosted by the IMS Global Consortium. However, with the recent proliferation of Chromebooks and iPads into classrooms, there is more student activity in the classroom that has moved online. This annual event aims to accelerate the development and adoption of data standards that allow technologies used in schools to “talk” to one another.

10 Ways to Use Screencasting for Formative Assessment

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Specifically, I’ll mention features of Screencastify , the tool I recommend for students to use for Google Chrome or Chromebooks. (If This is great for math teachers and can turn your Chromebook into a very simple way of ensuring that you understand how students are working problems.

Establishing A Cloud Based Classroom- Simple Ways to Integrate with Intel-Powered Chromebooks


Many school districts are turning to Chromebooks as a practical option for 1:1 technology initiatives. Intel-Powered Chromebooks are an easy to use, and affordable option for getting technology in the hands of students and teachers.

Eduprotocols for Littles with Jon Corippo #kinderchat

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Finally, we get the feedback that we need on apps for young children and meet content standards. Jon Corippo on episode 375 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Math instruction meets a personalized approach

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One school is using a personalized and blended math curriculum to help students meet learning goals. von Waldner’s students all have Chromebooks for use during class.

Meet Our Ambassadors: Jeff Richardson

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In our 1-to-1 Chromebook environment, I have the awesome responsibility of building relationships with the teachers and empowering them to utilize technology as a tool in instructional design and planning, student learning, and their own professional growth. The Common Sense Ambassadors are an exceptional group of Common Sense Certified education leaders who share their passion and inspiration about our mission with others. Today we're spotlighting Ambassador Jeff Richardson.

3 Musts-Haves During Virtual Meetings, Hangouts,, Chats, or Conference Calls

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You do not want your meetings or calls to look like this: When you do, there are some protocols to put in place. Whether you are an innovative educator or a student, in the 21st century, we’re all global learners who make global collaborations.

Meet Your Staff Where They Are: Streamlining with Google Classroom

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I can cover those questions during our first staff meeting, so send those questions my way! The second task was the face-to-face follow-up during the first staff meeting for the school year. Information is sent to educators daily through email.

Annotating on a Chromebook? Check out what I've found!

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As our fifth grade has moved away from iPads to the Acer R11 Chromebook as our device of choice this school year I have been searching for and researching annotation options as we move forward. The chromebooks we have chosen are touchscreen and android app ready.