3 things schools must know about the rising “phigital” student

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And more schools are incorporating mobile tablets and smartphones into their curriculum [read about the staggering growth of Chromebook implementation here ]. Digital Learning and Tools Featured on eSchool News Future Ready Schools IT Newsletter Thought Leadership

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Textbooks optional: What unbundling and BYOD mean for learning technology

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Today’s educators are looking to Chromebooks , smartphones and maker spaces to enhance their teaching. eClassroom News eSchool Media Future Ready Schools Thought LeadershipThe days of overhead projectors and chalkboards are behind us.

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Why Talking About 'Screen Time' is the Wrong Conversation


That can leave parents and educators feeling a sense of anxiety about technology and kids, even as more schools use iPads and Chromebooks and other tech in classrooms. Just about every week new articles warn about the dangers of excessive screen time for childhood development.