It’s New Year’s…Yeah, But…


One big thing that has changed at the school, in those five years, is that every student has a Chromebook that they take home. Our students have changed, our world has changed, our future is changed. So why not work together to create a better future for our students?

6 Edtech New Year’s Resolutions

Tom Murray

From Providence, Rhode Island to Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve had the privilege to travel and work with over 2,300 district leaders from almost 500 school districts over the past year through the Future Ready Initiative. Equity in access, from broadband to devices is a concern and something that districts need to work to meet head on. “ As districts became more in tune with these issues in 2015, the move to Chromebooks continued to grow. This post is sponsored by Samsung.

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3 things schools must know about the rising “phigital” student

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According to the Stillmans, Jonah sees dialing into a meeting via video conferencing as no different than sitting face-to-face in a boardroom. Digital Learning and Tools Featured on eSchool News Future Ready Schools IT Newsletter Thought Leadership

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3 New Tools to Support Your Digital Conversion

Tom Murray

Each January, thousands travel to Orlando, Florida to take part in the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), one of the nation’s best edtech related learning opportunities for educators. In partnering with Neverware, McGraw-Hill Education, and SMART Technologies, Samsung unveiled and showcased new classroom collaboration tools for the Chromebook 3 – a much needed toolset to support 21st century teaching and learning opportunities. This post is sponsored by Samsung.

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School district invents custom charging solution for all schools

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As Denton Independent School District (ISD) prepares for future ready classrooms with technology and builds new schools, the Texas district is partnering with LocknCharge to create a new mobile device charging cabinet – the Carrier 15 Charging Station™.

What Actually Works in EdTech? with Tom Murray

The CoolCatTeacher

We take the worksheets of yesteryear that used to be in the desk, in the folder; we put them on a Chromebook or we put them on an iPad, and all of a sudden we’re celebrating that we’re paperless, we’re celebrating that everything is online.

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How We Empowered and Engaged Latino Parents—by Building a Tech Community


With the support of our administration, we crafted a plan to host monthly parent technology nights tailored to meet the needs of our Latino community (check out a short video we made to see them in action). Initially, it seemed like a fairly easy proposition: We would just pick a date and invite parents to show up and we could talk to them about technology use, communications and what our one-to-one Chromebook distribution meant for their family.

Who Wants a Job

Adam Welcome

Should we really be preparing kids for jobs we THINK will exist in the future? It’s impossible to predict what the future will look like but it IS possible to predict what skills our students will need to be prepared for jobs that might exist someday.