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As a longtime educator and instructional tech coach, I have embraced ePortfolios as a valuable tool for documenting learning over time, self-reflection, goal-setting and growth. ePortfolios are powerful tools for authentic assessment.

PDF FlipBook on a Chromebook.

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I have already written a post about working with PDFs on a Chromebook. I have also written about creating eBooks on Chromebooks. It is a great addition to your classroom Chromebooks or your student owned Chromebooks.

Seesaw: The ultimate ePortfolio for every classroom!

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How to integrate Seesaw into the classroom: We’ve long used Evernote as our eportfolio of choice , because it was a simple (enough) entry point and gave students enough flexibility to show what they were working on.

Chrome Can: Creating eBooks with Chromebooks!

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Chromebooks can do all of these things including creating eBooks. Chromebooks can read and create both of these formats. Chromebooks can create PDF’s in multiple ways. There are several ways Chromebooks can be used to create EPUB eBooks.

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Making Thinking Visible Using Technology

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Chrome Can: QR Codes

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The best QR Code Generator and Scanner available for Chromebooks called The QR Code Generator can be found in the Chrome Web Store. See QR Code scanning on a Chromebook in action! Chromebooks Creation ePortfolios Innovation InTECHgration Idea My Thoughts Uncategorized

Chrome Can: PDFs

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Portable Document Format (PDF), is a widely used file type and, therefore, learning how to work with PDFs on a Chromebook is something every student should learn. The tool I like to use the most on my Chromebook to annotate PDFs is called

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Using Technology to Extend Speaking Practice in a Language Classroom.

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Android BYOD Chrome Can Chromebooks ePortfolios Innovation My Thoughts UncategorizedLearning a foreign language is not an easy task. There are multiple components to learning a language which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking. Often, in a language classroom, students have ample time to do all of these, but at home, work is usually focused on the reading and writing aspect of the language. This is because there is no other person at home to practice the language with.

Technology and Capstone Courses

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These include slide presentations, graphic organizers, infographics, ebooks, video presentations, websites, whiteboard app creations, graphic novels, blog posts, ePortfolios, podcasts, coded applications, digital art, video games, and VR world creations.

Chrome Can: Meme Creation and Educational Use

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Tools to Create Memes on a Chromebook. Chrome Can Chromebooks Creation Creativity ePortfolios InnovationWhat are memes? If you have been on social media, there is a good chance that you have come across a meme.

Chrome Can: Screencasting!

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Chromebooks can be used to create screencasts. In fact, making a screencast on a Chromebook is super easy. There are currently two fantastic tools available on Chromebooks that make screencast creation simple. It is another very easy to use tool for the Chromebook.

Printing Comments Made on a Google Doc

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Docx file; both of these options are troublesome with Chromebooks.” A great tool to add to Chrome and Chromebooks! . Chrome Can Chromebooks ePortfolios Innovation

Unleash The Superhero In You - NYSCATE 2016

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As Chromebooks catch up to (or surpass) iOS devices, the Google Apps For Education ( GAFE ) suite of tools is clearly permeating state-wide districts.

Google Teacher Tribe Podcast | Episode 3 The New Google Sites

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New Chromebooks: [link]. Android apps: Last May , Google announced that Android apps were coming to Chromebooks. In the coming weeks, Chromebook administrators will be able to create a library of approved Android apps and install them on select managed Chromebooks.

Make Reading Relevant with Thematic Units

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I can view the notes and highlights in my teacher dashboard, although I often ask students to take a screenshot of their thoughts and add to their Seesaw eportfolio so their parents can also see their thinking. Students share all of their work with me using the Seesaw eportfolio app. For classrooms with computers or Chromebooks, Google Slides or Explain Everything would be perfect presentation tools.

Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2014

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iPads/Chromebooks). WeLearnedIt - An excellent free iPad for the mobile classroom, ePortfolios, and Project Based Learning. Well, it''s that time of year again for my favorite and most robust list on the top 100 Sites/Apps of the year.

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Make Reading Relevant with Thematic Units

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Students share all their work with me using the Seesaw eportfolio app. For classrooms with computers or Chromebooks, Google Slides or Explain Everything would be perfect presentation tools. With a shift toward cross-curricular topics, essential questions, and project-based learning, my second graders are engaged in carefully structured reading themes or units rather than reading a new stand-alone picture book each week.