Interesting idea - Chromebook + Nexus 7 instead of just an iPad

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Instead of a school purchasing an iPad and keyboard for all the students, what about a Chromebook and Nexus 7 for each student? A Chromebook starts at $300 and the Nexus 7 starts at $200. I would have the Chromebooks stay at school.

How to Maximize the EdCamp Experience: 6 Tips! [infographic]

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How to Maximize the EdCamp Experience (Click to view full size image) 6 Tips to Maximize the EdCamp Experience There are so many wonderful reasons that I love EdCamps! Below are some tips for new and experienced EdCampers! What is EdCamp?

Paperless Please

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Easy answer(s) is to contact your building/district coach, talk to your PLN, connect with a G+ Community, lurk or join Twitter Chat, attend a conference or edcamp. Assistive Tech Chromebook Cloud Google Apps for Education Google Classroom Internet PD Schoology Social Networking Web 2.0

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EdCamp CT is Aug 10th. New Chromebook, Chromebox and updated Chrome OS - look awesome, great for education Don''t forget to check out the permanent pages at the top of the site too! Seniors are done. They have completed their final projects (rockets) and their final exams. Next stop, graduation practice and then graduation. Next week we have some new silly standardized testing the district came up with for grades 3-11 and then the following week are final exams for grades 9-11.

"I Used to be Sitting in Seat 17D" - How I Rejuvenated My Teaching Career

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I’ve completed, and won, grants to get 2 carts of Chromebooks for our building. Since this change, I have… attended #edcamps. taken veteran teachers, administrators, board members and preservice teachers to #edcamps.

24 Pickup Lines for Every Stage of Your Relationship With Edtech


EdCamps. Is that a Chromebook in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Hackathons. Platforms. Startups. Bootcamps. Pitchfests. What binds these and countless other education ideas, events, words and buzzwords together? Why, love, of course. A love for learning, teaching, education, a better tomorrow—and the role that technology could play.

Today’s Classrooms Should Be About Flexible Teaching—Not Furniture


At the end of June a group of passionate, dedicated educators gathered for one of New Jersey’s last EdCamps of the 2017 school year. That EdCamp session ended up covering something more important than how many scoop chairs you have in your classroom: finding more meaningful ways to reach our students by being flexible as a teacher. If they would rather curl up on the windowsill with their writing notebook, instead of sitting at a desk with a Chromebook, why not let them be?

Off to #CUE15

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As a huge #edcamp fan, I’m down for some self directed PD as a break from the overwhelmingness that can be CUE. IT stuff like wireless access, chromebooks and Google Apps domains come to mind. And I’m off. Heading to the Airport. Soon to be at CUE15. I can’t believe it’s CUE time again. As a CUE Board Member , we receive status updates throughout the year about conference preparations, but it’s actually here!

2016 EdTechTeam Impact Report


Meanwhile, the Student Device Grant has continued to award one or more class sets of Chromebooks each quarter. EdTechTeam, a California Benefit Corporation , is a global network of educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering other educators.

Enter the #squadgoals Challenge


This past spring our District made the commitment to purchase Chromebooks for my site and we began to explore professional development for our staff. By our second year, we were in year one of a district wide 1:1 Chromebook deployment beginning with 9th graders.

Disintermediating IT: The Secret Sauce To Small School EdTech Success

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Of course chromebooks and iPads (or android tablets) are out there. Branching out in to non-tradtional (like edCamps) is better. My first job in education was at a small rural high school district.