Chromebooks: The Key to Successful Management


How do you distribute hundreds or even thousands of Chromebooks? Manage the processes surrounding your Chromebooks by using an IT asset management solution, like VIZOR. Distribution of Chromebooks. Some schools get Chromebooks for specific classrooms. Reporting.

Android Apps for Education - work on Chromebooks and Chrome OS Tablets too!

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But, you can also use Android Apps on Chromebooks , including the new Chromebook Tab 10 Chrome OS tablet. And don't forget about all of the Chrome Apps, Extensions and full websites Chromebooks and the Chromebook Tab can access. Finding good apps can be hard, so here is a list of Android apps for Education to use on Chromebooks, Chromebook Tab and other Android devices. Android chromebooks GAFE/Chromebooks tips google Chrome OS Google for Educators

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Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

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Google Apps and Chromebooks App Recommendations and Substitutions Here is a list of Google Apps and Web Apps to use. Suggestions for extensions/apps to be preloaded on Chromebooks Edmodo Google Keep - notes and lists Evernote Web Adblock Plus Evernote Web Clipper WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker GeoGebra math app Read&Write - reading support EasyBib Desmos Graphing Calculator A to Z of Google Services

New generation of Chromebooks designed for millions of students and educators

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[Editor’s Note: At Bett , one of the largest education technology conferences in the world, Google is announcing a new line of Chromebooks for education. At Bett this week we’re introducing a new generation of Chromebooks designed to adapt to the diverse ways students learn.

Lots of great resources and web apps to use with Chromebooks!

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You can do pretty much anything with a Chromebook so the sky's the limit. When reading on a Chromebook, the student can easily search for the definition for an unknown word instead of struggling. Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

Spending on Ed-Tech Hardware Hits $15B Worldwide, Report Finds

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” The researchers found that products chosen for classrooms differ markedly, from Chromebooks’ emergence as the technology of choice in more than half of U.S. These devices take images of documents and project them onto a screen. Chromebooks Thriving in U.S.

23 Gsuite Ideas to Excite Your Kids About Learning #iste19 #notatiste19

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However, an anchor links within the document. I do this an easy way in a long document by making headings. they are a big time saver for students and teaches on long documents, for example, if you’re writing a book.

GradeCam: The Teacher’s Friend for Assessment

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You can link any question to state standards and see standards-based reports as well. You can use the camera on your Chromebook or laptop, mobile phone or tablet, or document camera.

Possible ‘Fraud, Theft, Waste, and Abuse’: Report Questions NYC School Broadband Spending


Scott Stringer These words echo with resonance as a report issued by New York City’s Comptroller Scott Stringer on Sunday notes efforts to wire middle schools (at the cost of hundreds of millions in city funds) has shown negligible results. Stringer’s report also pointed to a scattered paper trail with several missing documents including, “project plans, implementation timelines, progress reports, costs, dates of installation, and all the names of contractors who worked on the project.”

10 Ways to Personalize Learning for Students

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Google Keep : If you’re a Google school or have a Chromebook, this might be for you. Here are a few features of Read&Write from TextHelp: Its text-to-speech tool reads web pages, emails, and documents out loud.

Google I/O 2018 - big announcements from the opening keynote - very cool stuff!

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g suite GAFE/Chromebooks tips google google accessibility Google for EducatorsGoogle kicked off Google I/O 2018 , their developer conference, yesterday, 5/8/18, with a keynote that had some amazing announcements in it. Here is a summary of them with links to more info on each one. I'm pretty excited for these. Many will be great for education, including news, accessibility and more. Google for Education Resources) Google AI is the big topic of the day.

23 GSuite Ideas to Excite Your Students about Learning with Eric Curts

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Google Drawings – [link] ERIC: Most people think of that as Google’s word processing program which obviously it is and that’s a fantastic way for students to write reports and wrote stories on all the normal things.

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The Case for PDFs in Class

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The biggest reason teachers report for NOT liking cloud accounts has nothing to do with money, security, or privacy. In particular, in the area of files and documents, there’s a rebirth in the popularity of Portable Document Formatted books and resources, commonly referred to as PDFs.

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12 Tech Tasks To End the School Year

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If you have a Chromebook or an iPad, don’t even worry about this. Clean out your documents. Sort through the documents you collected this year and get rid of those you don’t need anymore. If you get reports on Twitter usage or Google Adwords, schedule those weekly.

An Easy, Reliable Way to Check for Plagiarism

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34% self-reported doing it more than twice. It’s an online tool that analyzes submittals using a sophisticated algorithm that searches the Internet, compares what it finds to what has been submitted, and provides a report on how likely it is that the document includes plagiarism.

Innovative Uses of G Suite Edu in Medfield Public Schools


Through the development of their 1:1, BYOD and Chromebook cart model, Medfield has increased their adoption of G Suite in a variety of both practical and creative ways. Finally, students create appropriate graphs and charts which become a component of their lab report.

What is Kiddom? Why is it right for you? And free resources to inform your teaching

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The ideal would be to have all assignments, assessment, and submittals for each student curated in one spot that automatically updates as the year progresses–and provides actionable reports. Report cards can be automatically created based on student work.

Digital Literacy–What is it?

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As a teacher, you’ll want to provide the following: digital devices–such as laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, or desktops, for daily use. Today’s classwork means starting a report at school and finishing it at home.

Beyond Assessment: 3 Other Uses for Socrative – From Beth Holland


Upon completion, the spreadsheet report could then be shared with the students so that they can analyze not only their observations and data collection but also that of the entire class. This post first appeared on Free Technology for Teachers and featured as a #TechTipTuesday.

Google Classroom Updates K–12 Teachers Should Know

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Earlier this summer, at the annual ISTE conference , Google announced it would be launching a slew of new applications and updates to the company’s premiere education web service, Google Classroom, alongside the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Google Classroom Updates K–12 Teachers Should Know.

Grammar Check Websites and Apps That Save Your Writing

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No login is required and there are no document length restrictions. When the analysis is completed, it shares results as graphs and reports. Reports can be saved to your desktop as a.txt file for later review.

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4 Great Alternatives to Google Classroom

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You will find yourself most comfortable in the Google Classroom environment if the tools you use are aligned with Google Drive, your browser of choice is Chrome, and your digital device is a Chromebook. What no one argues is that it works better with Office documents.

The learning experience is different in schools that assign laptops, a survey finds

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High schoolers assigned a laptop or a Chromebook were more likely to take notes in class, do internet research, create documents to share, collaborate with their peers on projects, check their grades and get reminders about tests or homework due dates.

This College Program Wants to Help Schools Use Technology With Intention


But just as owning a bicycle does not imbue a child with the ability to ride a bike, using a Chromebook to complete assignments will not by itself improve a child’s learning outcomes. Teachers themselves report a lack of confidence using technology tools in the classroom.

Google Sites as Digital Portfolios


Put an end to messy backpacks and binders and document learning with digital portfolios A scene all too familiar for educators: the teacher asks the class to get out an assignment to turn in for grading and at least one student pulls out a binder that looks like it got hit by a tornado.

Student Safety and SEL

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Access to Chromebooks has increased 52% for students in grades 6-8 and 100% in high schools nationwide over the past two years, according to Project Tomorrow Speak Up 2016. Take, for instance, the number of cyberbullying incidents within school-provided email and documents shared in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. During the 2016-17 school year, we identified more than 10,000 threats to student safety or inappropriate content in email messages and shared documents.

Great Tips, Resources and Ideas for Going Paperless in the New Year

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I use my Android smartphone , Nexus 7 tablet , Chromebook and desktop computers, along with apps like Evernote (essential to going paperless), email, online faxing and signing, Google Docs and Drive , Dropbox and Sugarsync and PDF tools , a Boogie Board electronic notepad , a Livescribe Sky Smartpen , and a scanner (Fujitsu Scansnap) to go as paperless as possible. Try it free 4) Sign documents using an e-signatures: Just as legal and super easy HelloSign: eSign contracts for free.

Educator Perspectives: Best Practices and Planning for Effective Implementations

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To reinforce her involvement, in the first couple of years of ST Math, Regina reviewed the weekly reports and shared them with the whole faculty. Now when I get the weekly reports, I share it with my ST Math-ers.” The weekly SPR report is also used to check-in on teacher readiness.

25 Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom (with examples!)


Image-based Technology Quiz - This quiz uses images to test basic Chromebook literacy. Book report generator - Writing reflectively is a key component of the common core standards. These documents are named, organized, and accessible in Google Drive.

The messy reality of personalized learning

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Tammy Kim, for The Hechinger Report. Teachers project lesson plans onto interactive screens, and little hands reach for black Chromebook laptops, which are stacked like cafeteria trays in a large box called a Chromecart. Tammy Kim, for The Hechinger Report.

Research Reveals Factors That Help Students Achieve Learning Gains with Education Apps; Findings Outlined in New Research Brief from SmartEdTech


March 20, 2018 — Schools are spending billions of dollars on Chromebooks, tablets, and other digital devices to support the delivery of personalized learning opportunities for students based on assessment data and analytics, but are they achieving a learning return on this investment?

What’s New


Faria will deliver a new and improved version of Atlas, combining its curriculum planning functions with ManageBac’s learning management functions including assessment and reporting, service learning, and project-based learning.

CoSN 2019: K–12 Schools Address Digital Equity with Curriculum Framework

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In addition, curricula must include elements such as guidance documents, formative assessments at the lesson and unit level, annotated unit outlines and supplemental resources. . CoSN 2019: K–12 Schools Address Digital Equity with Curriculum Framework. eli.zimmerman_9856.

Teachers need lots of training to do online learning well. Coronavirus closures gave many just days.

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Photo: Alexandria Neason for The Hechinger Report. Families who needed devices for their kids also picked up Chromebooks. Photo: Alexandria Neason for The Hechinger Report. They created a shared document so others could see the solutions.

Adobe Spark — All-purpose Desktop Publishing Tool for the Classroom

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Project templates include social memes, mini websites, narrated tutorials, presentations, reports, posters, how-to videos, and more. It works equally well on your desktop, laptop, Chromebook, Mac, iOS device, and mobile device and syncs between all with ease. Book report.

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