The Problem With Expecting Student Access


Birthplace of Apple, Facebook, and everyone’s favorite edtech company, Google. When flipping the classroom , for example, students gain knowledge away from the classroom through video, text selections, podcasts, etc.,

Why I Use Edpuzzle: An Edpuzzle Review

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Edpuzzle solves so many of my flipped classroom problems. But I’ve had several big problems with flipped classroom techniques: Just as some students “tune out” a teacher, some would fast forward or skip parts of the videos. Why Edpuzzle Is an Essential Classroom Tool.

How To 344

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Hyperdocs: How to’s and Tips for Teachers

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Sometimes in the Hyperdoc then, you can do like a flipped classroom type of thing, where they can access the Hyperdoc. So is it almost like somebody’s in Google Classroom, and the doc is like a page or a webpage you would have in your LMS?

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Flipping Awesome Science

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Marc Seigel, a contributing author to Flipping 2.0 , talks about an innovative flipped science classroom. Flipping Awesome Science. Vicki: Hey, let’s do some flipping awesome science with Marc Seigel @DaretoChem. Marc: So I run a flipped classroom.

Can blended learning be culturally responsive?

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In today’s classrooms, students are no longer considered “empty vessels.” Moreover, many see the classroom technology component of blended learning as prohibitively expensive and out-of-reach for schools with limited resources and which serve the neediest children. We have some students, particularly our homeless ones, who have WiFi challenges, and we partnered with a company called Kajeet. Some schools I know who are doing a similar model use Chromebooks.

Learn why Synth is the Perfect FREE Application for Teachers who want to bring Audio and Video Podcasting into their Classrooms.


What if there was a way that you could combine traditional writing assignments with the popularity of audio/video podcasts in a format that was accessible to any mobile device, Chromebook or desktop available to your students? This is a great feature for creating classroom discussions.

Before going one-to-one, this district is helping every kid get home wi-fi

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Add concepts like blended and flipped learning to the equation and you come up with yet another to-do list item: Make sure students can actually use their devices when they aren’t physically on campus and within wi-fi range.

#FETC 2015 Recap

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The vendor hall was filled with products and companies supporting and connected with the maker movement. The blending of the digital and physical world is very cool and powerful for classrooms, especially those like science that study the physical world.

Has Online Learning Really Disrupted K-12 Education in the U.S.? The Answer Is Yes — and No

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Mainstream news outlets highlighted the promise of Khan Academy and flipped classrooms. Meanwhile, schools and districts across the country committed to 1:1 initiatives that would put Chromebooks or iPads in the hands of every student.

2013 miGoogle Conference Wrap Up

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Sessions on project based learning, the flipped classroom, Google Drive, Chromebooks, and more were offered. Planned by Michigan organizations, sessions led by Michigan teachers, and even many of the sponsors are Michigan based companies. I had the opportunity to delivery the keynote address to open day 2 of the conference and made a case that we, as classroom teachers, should be training "dot connectors" instead of encouraging students to be "dot collectors."

It’s About the Learning, Not the Technology … Until It Breaks

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Data is automatically written to servers that are physically locked away in a protected network operations center and in the hands of very skilled and well-staffed companies, and typically offered to schools at no cost. Laptops, Tablets, and Chromebooks? Blended learning, hybrid learning, digital learning, flipped classrooms, and project-based learning -- jargon overload!

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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Without revenue the company will go away. Or the company will have to start charging for the software. Or it will raise a bunch of venture capital to support its “free” offering for a while, and then the company will get acquired and the product will go away. (It’s