Chegg to Buy Coding Bootcamp Thinkful for $80 Million


Chegg , a Santa Clara, Calif.-based The acquisition will cost Chegg about $80 million in cash for Thinkful, with possible additional payments of up to $20 million in cash or stock based on performance, according to a statement Wednesday. Chegg had been holding onto $1.1 For Chegg, founded in 2005, this latest acquisition will expand its direct-to-student learning platform and add more technology career courses.

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Chegg Prep

Technology Tidbits

Chegg has long be one of my favorite sites for buying, selling, or renting textbooks/eBooks as well as finding homework help. Chegg has acquired StudyBlue which was one of the world's leading flashcard creators for education. I highly recommend checking out Chegg Prep by clicking here !!! educational resources flashcardsRecently, they just announced the launch of their new site Cheg Prep, which is fantastic for creating and finding flashcards.

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Education Company Chegg Acknowledges Data Breach, Puts 40 Million Users on Notice

Marketplace K-12

The post Education Company Chegg Acknowledges Data Breach, Puts 40 Million Users on Notice appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Business Strategy Chegg Data PrivacyThe online textbook and tutoring company said it was notifying users, and regulators, of a massive data breach.

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Chegg Ditches Ingram for FedEx and Eyes International Growth


A switch in distributors for Chegg’s legacy textbook sales and rentals business reflects, in a way, how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Back in 2014, more competition from Amazon had led the Santa Clara, Calif-based Chegg to a deal with book distributor Ingram Content Group. Ingram bought Chegg’s textbook inventory to sell and distribute, and the companies shared the revenues. million, with most of the growth in Chegg’s digital services business.

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Chegg Expands Student Debt Relief Benefit for Employees—Up to $5,000 More a Year


Now, a publicly-traded education company that serves millions of college students has ramped up student debt relief services for its own employees. Chegg , based in Santa Clara, Calif., To be clear, this is not a new perk for Chegg employees. Since 2015, Chegg has offered $1,000 in cash to employees to use toward student debt, according to Jenny Braundemuehl, the company’s chief people officer. Education Technology Future of Work

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Now With a ‘Sizable Cash Hoard’ of $1 Billion, What Might Chegg Buy?


Chegg , a publicly-traded provider of textbook rentals and online student services, has closed a $700 million convertible note offering that, after taking expenses into consideration, should give the company an additional $682.7 A Chegg spokesman declined to comment or share additional details. LLC, Barrington Research and Northland Capital Markets were initial purchasers of the Chegg notes. Chegg also bought math software developer, Math 42 ($15 million.)

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K-12 Dealmaking: Chegg, Boxlight Make Education-Related Acquisitions

Marketplace K-12

A handful of education companies, including Chegg and Boxlight. The post K-12 Dealmaking: Chegg, Boxlight Make Education-Related Acquisitions appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Educational Technology/Ed-Tech K-12 Dealmaking Mergers and Acquisitions Startupsannounced acquisitions this week.

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Edtech Earnings Roundup: How 2U, Chegg, Instructure and Pluralsight Fared in Q2 2019


The latest quarterly earnings for publicly traded education technology companies was especially rough for 2U , which revised its loss guidance for the year and stated that it expected enrollment challenges to its core business of running online graduate programs with universities. Chegg The numbers: For the second quarter, ended June 30, Chegg reported an adjusted EBITDA of $31.1 Chegg now has about $1.1

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K-12 Dealmaking: Follett, Chegg, Golden Gate Capital Make Acquisitions

Marketplace K-12

In this week’s dealmaking news, a handful of education companies were acquired; Follett acquired adaptive learning platform Fishtree and Chegg acquired online studying platform StudyBlue. The post K-12 Dealmaking: Follett, Chegg, Golden Gate Capital Make Acquisitions appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Educational Technology/Ed-Tech Investment / Venture Capital K-12 Dealmaking Mergers and Acquisitions study platforms

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Chegg, Fuel Education Announce Acquisitions; Owl Raises $185M

Marketplace K-12

Learning platform provider Chegg announced its acquisition of Cogeon, and ed-tech investor Owl Ventures closed an $185 million funding round. The post Chegg, Fuel Education Announce Acquisitions; Owl Raises $185M appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Educational Technology/Ed-Tech Games / Apps International / Global Markets Investment / Venture Capital K-12 Dealmaking Online / Virtual Learning Software / Hardware Startups

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Chegg Cuts $15 Million Check to Buy AI-Feedback Tool, WriteLab


Chegg announced today that it bought the Berkeley-based startup for about $15 million in an all-cash transaction. Educators have appreciated their work. What made the offer from Chegg appealing, Ramirez said, “is the opportunity not just to be an isolated component of students’ work, but to simplify the student experience and provide them with more of what they need to succeed in college.” Prior to buying WriteLab, in October 2017 Chegg paid €12.5

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Another problem with shifting education online: cheating

The Hechinger Report

Ninety-three percent of instructors think students are more likely to cheat online than in person , according to a survey conducted in May by the publishing and digital education company Wiley. Chegg did, and furnished a report of users who had either posted or accessed the exam materials. “I

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K-12 Dealmaking: Chegg Acquires Easy Solutions; Age of Learning Raises $150 Million

Marketplace K-12

The month of May kicked off with a significant number of deals in the ed-tech sector, including acquisitions by Chegg and ACT, Inc. Chegg Acquires Imagine Easy Solutions: The learning platform provider has acquired Imagine Easy Solutions , the provider of and other writing tools, for approximately $42 million in an all-cash transaction, Santa Clara, Calif.-based based Chegg said in a statement.

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Platzi Raises $6 Million to Bring More Online Education to Latin America


Gonzalez’s firm last invested in student services provider Chegg, but hadn’t found another education company that piqued his interest until his firm started talks with Platzi. Education Technology Edtech Business Coding Adult Learning FinancingBefore they founded a company together, Freddy Vega and Christian Van Der Henst were rivals.

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With No Study Buddies, More College Students Turn to Cheating


Joseph Ching, a junior at Purdue University, says many of his professors have warned students not to use sites like Chegg, where students are posting homework and quiz questions and getting answers from tutors. I reached out to Chegg, and sure enough, business there is booming.

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That’s a Rap! Nearpod Buys Educational Hip Hop Creator, Flocabulary


The Brooklyn-based company best known for fusing hip hop with educational content in music videos and instructional activities, has been acquired by Nearpod , which helps educators beam digital content to students’ devices. Through this deal, Nearpod will add one of the more unique, coveted collections of online educational resources to its library. And his conversations with educators revealed to him that “the education market is hungry for efficiency,” he recalls. “We’ve

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Top Trends Higher Education Textbook Publishers Must Follow

Kitaboo on EdTech

The state of the US higher education market looks slightly subdued on account of the fact that the government has reduced funding for higher education. billion cut in funding for the education department, compared to a 10% decrease in 2019. This has led to higher education textbook publishers facing the brunt as that’s the only area where students and institutes can reduce their spends, by opting for digital textbooks instead.

EdSurge HigherEd Year in Review: Our Top Higher Education Stories of 2018


While not quite the “Year of the MOOC,” 2018 saw a resurgence in interest around the ways these massive open online courses are delivering free (and more often these days, not free) online education around the world, and how these providers are increasingly turning to traditional institutions of learning. 4 Augmented and Virtual Reality Projects That Point to the Future of Education. Cheating on Chegg? Here’s a look at how the education company is responding.

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Education Technology’s Machine Learning Problem—and Responsibility


But how is machine learning playing out in education—and how does it impact not just students, educators and parents, but also the businesses building technology tools to support teaching and learning? The speakers were Carlos Escapa (Senior Principal, AI/ML Business Development, Amazon Web Services), Vivienne Ming (Founder and CEO, Socos Labs), Matthew Ramirez (Director of Product Management, AI Writing Tools, Chegg) and Andrew Sutherland (CTO and co-founder, Quizlet).

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Earnings Roundup: How Public Edtech Companies Fared Following the Outbreak


It’s often said that education is counter-cyclical to the market, especially during times of economic downturns. But not all sectors of the market follow that rule, says Jeff Silber, a managing director at BMO Capital Markets who follows the education industry. For instance, education companies that rely on corporate customers may take a hit, as those clients look to cut costs. I do think the outbreak has increased the appreciation for quality online education,” says Silber.

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Reach Capital’s Newest Education Technology Investment Fund Closes at $82 Million


And now that Reach Capital is done fundraising, it will return its focus to evaluating pitches from education entrepreneurs, all vying for a piece of Reach’s new $82 million fund. based firm has established itself as a familiar name within the education technology industry. Since then, Reach’s focus has broadened, investing in early-stage companies building tools to support early-childhood education, postsecondary institutions and adult professional development.

Where in the World Is Planet3? An Educational Gaming CEO Seeks His Second Act


He envisioned a game-based educational platform used by teachers and students to learn about science and the environment. And he had interest from educators who wanted to try Planet3 in schools that included the Las Vegas area. He based the content on the Next Generation Science Standards , a multi-state effort at K-12 science education content completed in 2013. A Most Difficult Game The struggles of Planet3 are not unique to the educational game industry.

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Some Professors Fight Study-Help Sites. Other Professors Now Use Them.


She followed Course Hero on Twitter, where its feed is full of advice and inspirational quotes for educators. At about the same time, though, Rutgers officials sent out an email to all faculty at the university, warning about Course Hero and another service, Chegg, where students were posting faculty tests and exams without permission. “We We have tens of thousands of educators that are verified on our platform that are using the platform for its intended purpose.”

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Mark Cuban, ECMC Lead $1.8M Round for Cluster to Develop Industrial Tech Talent


million in a seed round led by Mark Cuban and ECMC Group, an education nonprofit. Other investors include education technology executives, like Penn Foster CEO Frank Britt and Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig, along with Zynga founder Mark Pincus and Flatiron Health CEO, Nat Turner. If you look at our investors, it’s clear that online education is on our roadmap, and corporate learning and development are there as well,” says Taylor.

The Post-Pandemic Outlook for Edtech


The sudden shift gave leaders at DreamBox Learning, a math education company headquartered nearby, an early glimpse at the upheaval to come and an inkling that digital teaching tools would soon be in high demand around the country. The federal government promised more than $30 billion in relief support for education, but school and college leaders say that won’t be enough to make up for decreased funding from local and state governments and lost tuition revenue.

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Course Hero Adds $70 Million to Series B Fundraise


And as college campuses closed and instructors scrambled to facilitate online instruction, digital education providers like Course Hero saw a surge in usage of its services. So far there are 45,000 verified educators on the platform, up from 20,000 in August 2019, according to Grauer.

10 Sites for Online Tutoring/Teaching


Also, online tutoring/teaching is a nice way for educators to earn some extra money doing what they love from the comfort of their own home, setting their own schedule. 25 Social Networks/Media Sites for Education ] *This list is in alphabetical order. Chegg Tutors - A fantastic site for students to find a tutor in any subject. Sophia - A great site with a very polished look where educators can share what they know via different teaching strategies (i.e.,

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GSV Adds Three New Letters to Its Portfolio: MBA


GSV is making a new investment in education. Over the years, GSV has invested in the likes of Facebook, Spotify and Twitter alongside education companies including Chegg and Coursera. Parrot has “been at the university for over 20 years and is a very strong leader, somebody who is really thinking about the future of education and the future of universities,” Moe says. “He’s Education Technology Higher Education Investors

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Byju’s Becomes an Edtech ‘Decacorn’ After Fundraise from Mary Meeker’s Bond Capital


Indian online education startup Byju’s, which already reached the billion-dollar valuation from private investors in 2018, can now claim a new distinction: “decacorn.” Byju’s recent investors are among a growing number of “very large investors who are coming into education,” says Patrick Brothers, co-founder of education investment research firm HolonIQ. based developer of educational games for the iPad. Education Technology Global Education Financing

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2U Defends Trilogy Bootcamp Purchase


We need to offer students options to further their educational goals whether they're looking for skills attainment from something like a short course to learn how to use AI in their job or something like a doctor of physical therapy which is like a three-year life changer.” A fellow publicly traded education technology company, Chegg, has promised low-cost courses with its own bootcamp acquisition, Thinkful. Education Technology Bootcamps Online Program Management

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In Move to ‘Unlimited’ Pricing Model, Cengage Hopes for a Comeback


Tell me a little bit about some of your recent partnerships with companies such as Chegg. Chegg provides, amongst other things, tutoring services. I think Chegg is doing well in that. Education Technology Market Trends Edtech BusinessIt’s been about five years since Cengage Learning filed for bankruptcy , stumbling under the weight of shrinking print sales, a rough transition to digital and too much debt.

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Gig’s Up: CreatorUp Raises $1 Million to Train and Match Creative Professionals for Work


CreatorUp is a digital media studio and training company with an educational program to train aspiring creative professionals in business and digital production. Part of the new capital it’s raised will help flesh out its educational training programs to cover more production skills, says co-founder and CEO Mike Tringe. A sizable portion of CreatorUp’s clients come from the education industry, including Cengage and Chegg, as well as community colleges and universities.

Predictions of Print Textbooks’ Death Remain Greatly Exaggerated


Not so fast, say education publishers and retailers. Instead, educators asked how quickly it could print out materials. higher education courseware in 2015, down from 50 percent the year before, according to a 2018 report from Macquarie, an investment bank and financial services company. higher education courseware business despite gains in digital—all because of secondary textbook market’s impact. Education Technology Digital Learning in Higher Ed Market Trends

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How Merger of Two Textbook Giants Could Impact Course Materials


But educators and industry watchers have plenty of questions about the marriage of these long-time rivals, and about what it will mean for professors and students. Merger Will Mean More Tech Push Both CEOs said they agree strongly on the need to move to a digital line of products, which they couched in terms of an urgent need to modernize education. Education Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Higher Education

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The 2019 EdSurde Annual Special: Edtech April Fool’s News That Should Stay Fake


Chegg’s chalked up an excuse-generator to help you weasel out of doing homework, taking tests—just about anything. WONDERFUL WORLD OF CURRICULUM: Somehow still hungry for more content after acquiring 21st Century Fox, Disney has stooped to gobbling educational publishers to add to its ever-expanding empire Magic Kingdom. Still unsatisfied, someone else demanded an ‘R,’ giving us STREAM education: science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math.

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