Edtech Earnings Roundup: How 2U, Chegg, Instructure and Pluralsight Fared in Q2 2019


Chegg The numbers: For the second quarter, ended June 30, Chegg reported an adjusted EBITDA of $31.1 Later this year, Chegg will start testing a bundled product that includes its Study, Math Solver and EasyBib Plus products for a substantial subscription discount, fully deploying the bundle in 2020. Chegg now has about $1.1 We’re still doing millions and millions of textbooks, but the faster they (publishers) go digital, the better it is for us.”

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With No Study Buddies, More College Students Turn to Cheating


Joseph Ching, a junior at Purdue University, says many of his professors have warned students not to use sites like Chegg, where students are posting homework and quiz questions and getting answers from tutors. I reached out to Chegg, and sure enough, business there is booming.

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Some Professors Fight Study-Help Sites. Other Professors Now Use Them.


At about the same time, though, Rutgers officials sent out an email to all faculty at the university, warning about Course Hero and another service, Chegg, where students were posting faculty tests and exams without permission. “We Rutgers professor Kristen S.

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Course Hero Adds $70 Million to Series B Fundraise


And as college campuses closed and instructors scrambled to facilitate online instruction, digital education providers like Course Hero saw a surge in usage of its services. Education Technology Textbooks and Course Materials Tutoring Financing Digital Learning in Higher Ed

Predictions of Print Textbooks’ Death Remain Greatly Exaggerated


Even as many traditional textbook providers are transitioning to digital formats, paper and ink have proved stubbornly resilient. The nonprofit publisher of K-12 curriculum launched in 2016 expecting an audience for its digital offerings. Digital versions are made available for free. “We Digital-only textbooks accounted for 29 percent, while digital-and-print bundles accounted for 26 percent. By contrast, digital materials have no resale value.

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Top Trends Higher Education Textbook Publishers Must Follow

Kitaboo on EdTech

This has led to higher education textbook publishers facing the brunt as that’s the only area where students and institutes can reduce their spends, by opting for digital textbooks instead. Students have welcomed this change as they now have a multitude of choice in the digital learning space. A few innovative digital publishers are offering eBooks at a fraction of the cost charged by print publishers. Students can buy their digital materials directly from the eStore.

Students, celebrities connect for tutoring

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Students will have the chance to connect directly with celebrities in one-on-one tutoring sessions through Chegg Tutors: VIP Edition. The program allows high school and college students to apply for one-on-one online, video tutoring sessions with one of Chegg’s participating entertainers, athletes, business or political leaders and gives the participating celebrities a powerful outlet to positively influence students. A panel of Chegg employees will select the final winners.

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Duolingo IPO Shows Investors Think Edtech Is Still Growing.


billion—which is a good moment to reflect on how mobile learning has entered classrooms and how the company has expanded from just an app. And it turns out that online language learning is the fastest-growing market segment within the edtech industry.

In Move to ‘Unlimited’ Pricing Model, Cengage Hopes for a Comeback


It’s been about five years since Cengage Learning filed for bankruptcy , stumbling under the weight of shrinking print sales, a rough transition to digital and too much debt. The company reemerged a year later intent on growing its digital offerings and making more strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Faculty have asked us over the years whether we care about the cost of learning materials. Chegg provides, amongst other things, tutoring services.

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How Merger of Two Textbook Giants Could Impact Course Materials


The announced merger this week between two of the world’s largest textbook publishers—McGraw-Hill and Cengage—could mean more students end up buying subscriptions to digital courseware libraries each semester, rather than making a trip to a bookstore. They argue that the digital options will mean lower prices and more predictability for students. He argued that digital tools have the potential to help students learn better and to improve retention in courses. “We’re

Hack Education Weekly News

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The language learning company has raised $12.5 Achieve3000 has acquired Actively Learn. ” It’s 2018 and I find it incredibly depressing that there are still headlines like this : “What Amazon and Netflix can teach us about learning, according to DreamBox Learning CEO.” ” Via EdWeek’s Market Brief : “Education Company Chegg Acknowledges Data Breach , Puts 40 Million Users on Notice.”

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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The implication, according to one NYT article : “the digital gap between rich and poor kids is not what we expected.” The real digital divide, this article contends, is not that affluent children have access to better and faster technologies. (Um,